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10 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Romances Fans Weren’t Rooting For

Although Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama, a huge portion of the show focuses on the characters’ personal lives, and the show continually incorporates romantic storylines of both the doctors and patients at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Most viewers are invested in seeing which romantic relationships will last and which will dissipate. As we can see from ship names like MerDer and Japril, it’s clear that fans are strongly rooting for some couples. However, there are some romances that fans not only didn’t expect, but straight-up hated. These are the top contenders for Grey’s Anatomy couples who most viewers can agree didn’t make sense.

10.Izzie Stevens & George O’Malley

Played by T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl

Despite being the best of friends, George O’Malley (T.R. Knight) and Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) didn’t work as a romantic couple. While most fans agree it was both an unexpected and unnecessary storyline, this relationship also came at the expense of George’s marriage to Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez).

Throughout the disappointing adultery plotline, Izzie is selfish and immature, dismissing Callie’s feelings, disrespecting her and George’s relationship, and often ridiculing their marriage. George and Izzie’s selfish attempt to start a romance was clearly rushed, as they ended their relationship shortly afterward, citing a lack of chemistry.

9.Arizona Robbins & Leah Murphy

Played by Jessica Capshaw and Tessa Ferrer

Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) becomes romantically involved with intern Leah Murphy (Tessa Ferrer) following one drunken evening. Although Arizona was still legally married to Callie, she continued to pursue a sexual relationship with Leah. Beyond the fact that Arizona continued cheating on her wife, it was clear that there was never any real future. Not only was it clear that Arizona treated Leah as nothing more than a temporary distraction from her failing marriage, but Leah was excessively clingy to an almost obsessive degree. Their relationship never reached a healthy stage, and fortunately ended before things got too disastrous.

8.Alex Karev & Rebecca Pope

Played by Justin Chambers and Elizabeth Reaser

Rebecca Pope (Elizabeth Reaser), also known as Ava, was first introduced as a patient who was severely injured and lost her memory after the devastating ferryboat accident. She grew closer to Alex (Justin Chambers) as he supported Rebecca in her initial recovery. Although this relationship showcased Alex’s softer, more compassionate, and caring side, their bond evolved into an inappropriate doctor-patient relationship.

Not only was their relationship unethical in the workplace, but superiors turned a blind eye to what was going on. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), for example, addressed it only to encourage Alex to go for it later. Rebecca was later diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, leaving Alex heartbroken when he realized he couldn’t take care of her in the way she needed. Even before Rebecca’s diagnosis, however, the couple lacked chemistry, and their relationship never really extended past a caretaker-patient dynamic.

7.Cristina Yang & Shane Ross

Played by Sandra Oh and Gaius Charles

Shane Ross (Gaius Charles) was Cristina Yang’s (Sandra Oh) intern, putting Cristina in a position of power. They soon formed a sexual relationship after Shane offered to ‘service’ her, leading to an evidently inappropriate dynamic.

Not only was there an abuse of power, as Shane took advantage of Cristina, often overstepping and using his personal relationship to gain favors, but they had little in common, often bringing out the worst in each other. Most viewers would agree that Cristina and Shane’s relationship could and should have remained as a teacher-student mentorship.

6.Miranda Bailey & Eli Lloyd

Played by Chandra Wilson and Daniel Sunjata

Following her breakup with Ben in the aftermath of the traumatic shooting, Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) had a fling with Eli. Eli (Daniel Sunjata) was a nurse who also worked at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Often, Eli was overbearing, pushy, and overstepped boundaries at times in both their professional and personal relationships.

Eli also made Miranda uncomfortable by pushing her to let him become more involved in her life. Miranda made it clear early on that she didn’t want to enter a serious relationship, and yet, he insisted on meeting her son and establishing a personal relationship in the workplace. Similarly, he overstepped at work, ignoring doctor’s orders, and intruding into doctor-patient conversations.

5.George O’Malley & Callie Torres

Played by T.R. Knight and Sara Ramirez

George and Callie first meet in the hospital and start dating at warp speed. While they had a good understanding and obviously cared for one another, their romantic relationship was inherently problematic. Callie was insecure, often pressuring George to take serious relationship steps too soon when he wasn’t ready, while George often didn’t treat her with the respect she deserved.

Viewers were surprised to see a hastened wedding as the couple eloped and got married shortly after George was left reeling by his father’s (George Dzundza) death. While their relationship wasn’t meant to be a grand love story, both weren’t ready for a serious relationship and their marriage ultimately ended when George cheated on her.

4.Maggie Pierce & Jackson Avery

Played by Jesse Williams and Kelly McCreary

Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) shared a close bond in the workplace. Similarly, as their respective parents got married, they spent time together in the form of family gatherings. They soon realize that they have feelings for each other, pursuing a romantic relationship.

Most fans would agree their relationship didn’t make sense to begin with. Arguably, Jackson and Maggie had a good understanding, but their romantic chemistry was virtually non-existent. Irrespective of why it didn’t work out, the romantic dynamic between step-siblings simply felt wrong for most viewers.

3.Callie Torres & Penelope Blake

Played by Sara Ramirez and Samantha Sloyan

While most viewers weren’t rooting for Penny (Samantha Sloyan) to become a regular on the show given that she was one of the doctors who failed to save Derek Shepherd’s (Patrick Dempsey) life, her entry onto the show as Callie’s love interest also felt forced.

Callie’s relationship with Penny led to behavior that was completely out of character for her. When Penny got a job in New York and planned to relocate, Callie turned her life upside down to be at her side. In doing so, she completely dismissed Arizona’s role as a mother in their daughter’s life, which had to be painfully resolved in their custody battle.

2.Owen Hunt & Amelia Shepard

Played by Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone

Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) start dating following a fling. As they enter a romantic relationship, they continue dating on and off until Amelia proposes, and they get married soon after, not wanting to waste another minute. Although Owen and Amelia had good romantic chemistry, their rushed marriage was problematic as it would soon prove they weren’t truly compatible.

Although Amelia initially desired a family with Owen, she soon realized that wasn’t what she wanted. This revelation was a breaking point in their marriage, as Owen always wanted to have children. Overall, their relationship was never right, and their storyline together was frustrating for most viewers.

1.Jo Wilson and Jason Myers

Played by Camilla Luddington and Charles Michael Davis

Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) was first introduced as a surgical intern in Season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy. Jo and Alex form a close friendship and while Alex develops feelings for her, she starts seeing Jason Myers (Charles Michael Davis), another resident at the hospital nicknamed “Chest Peckwell” by Jo’s friends.

As Jason’s on-screen presence was limited to the love triangle between him, Alex, and Jo, viewers weren’t rooting for Jason. Not only did his snide comments justify Alex’s disdain for him, but the circumstances under which Jason and Jo’s relationship came to an end revealed his true colors. Although it was unclear who initiated the physical fight, the bruises on Jo were evidence enough that he was a violent man.

Grey’s Anatomy is available to stream on Hulu in the U.S.

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