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9 Sweetest Sibling Moments On Grey’s Anatomy

The popular perception of Grey’s Anatomy is that it’s a series revolving around the romantic relationships of the doctors at Grey-Sloan Memorial. That’s definitely true, but it would be incorrect to claim that familial relationships took a backseat in importance, as there have been some siblings established who are quite close.

Meredith, Derek, George, and Owen are the original characters whose family background has been explored, with some siblings going on to become part of the main cast. From Meredith’s interactions with Maggie and Lexie to Derek with his sisters, there are plenty of moments where Grey’s Anatomy has represented the kind of loving sibling relationship that everyone wants.

Owen And Megan’s Reunion (S14 Ep1)

Upon being reunited with his sister, Owen was in tears at realizing his sibling was alive the whole time. When she saw Owen, Megan claimed she had no idea who he was, before laughing and revealing she was just pulling his leg.

Despite having been separated for so long, the fact that the pair had it in them to laugh at such a juvenile joke in a moment that didn’t call for it showed just how close they were, with Owen crying again upon realizing his sister was alive and well.

Meredith, Maggie, And Amelia Dance It Out (S13 Ep19)

In one of their best friendship moments on Grey’s Anatomy, Amelia and Maggie sought comfort in each other as they had a hard day. After seeing how upset they were, Meredith forced the other two to dance the sadness out with her. This was Meredith’s way of looking out for both her sister and sister-in-law, as the latter two felt their spirits get raised when swaying along with Meredith to the song “Trudy.”

More importantly, Meredith had just rejected Nathan Riggs’ proposal to go on a date as she knew Maggie wasn’t in the best mood. The sisters were more than happy to be in each other’s company at this moment, as they regained their smiles along with Amelia purely through this dance.

Derek Handing Over The Kids To Amelia Upon Her Impromptu Arrival (S10 Ep21)

Amelia arrived at Derek and Meredith’s after not having been in contact for two months, revealing to Derek that she was engaged and wanted to see what family life is like, given Derek was now the father of two children. Despite initially being sour at her for not sharing her engagement news earlier, Derek quickly introduced his children to their aunt.

As siblings go, he took this as the opportunity to go to work for an important matter, giving Amelia a chance to bond with his children. Leaving his children in her care showed the level of trust he had in her, and their earlier banter highlighted how quickly the two fell at ease.

George’s Brother Letting It Rip To Take The Pressure Off Their Father’s Surgery (S3 Ep12)

Small moments can very well bring a little smile back to people’s faces, and George’s brother, Jerry, took the edge off an intense moment through a juvenile act. When the family was waiting by as doctors checked up on George’s father, Jerry saw this as the chance to fart.

This was in great contrast to the nervousness George and his family felt moments earlier, as they laughed at Jerry’s claims that he was just nervous. For George, who always felt out of place with his brothers, this was a rare moment that showed he did have a kind of openness with his siblings that they could make him laugh.

Maggie Telling Meredith She Truly Loves Her Kids (S12 Ep20)

There are plenty of hidden details Grey’s Anatomy has revealed about Maggie, with her attachment to children shown through her interactions with Meredith’s children. After spending time with them by herself for the first time, Maggie was brought to tears when she met Meredith later that night.

She claimed she was scared about being responsible for the children she loved so much, prompting Meredith to give her a hug in appreciation for how much Maggie cared. It went to show that Maggie would do anything to see her sister’s children be happy, with Meredith understanding her fears in return.

Megan Telling Owen That He Needs To Work On Himself (S15 Ep20)

The good thing about Megan and Owen’s relationship is that they can call each other out when they’re not being entirely genuine. Megan saw that Owen was messing around with Amelia and Teddy, all the while ignoring that he had some unresolved issues and needed help himself.

To this, she cornered Owen at a stairway and pleaded with her brother to get help from a therapist to deal with his issues. As his sister, this came from a place of love, with Megan wanting to support her brother and help him find happiness.

George’s Family Surprising Him For Thanksgiving (S2 Ep9)

George was the shy character in the series, who was also the odd one out of his brothers. Yet, they did value him as one of their own, as the brothers and their father showed up at the house to take George to the annual Thanksgiving Turkey hunt.

Although George was embarrassed, it was a sweet moment where his brothers messed around with him to include George in their tradition. Later on, their father revealed to him that his brothers really tried to make feel George one of them even though they were aware he felt out of place as they just wanted to be a family together.

Derek Telling Amelia About Her Strength Of Character (S7 Ep3)

While some of the fans do have unpopular opinions about Derek’s time in Grey’s Anatomy, most appreciate him taking the big brother role with Amelia. After she was hurt at Derek not telling her he’d gotten shot, he revealed how he’d felt protecting her when they were children as their father was shot to death in front of them.

Derek claimed he didn’t want to see Amelia ever feel concerned for him as he wanted to see her as she was as a child and that he could still protect her. While Amelia made him realize she’d grown up, it was also a nice moment between the siblings where Derek showed his big brother instinct and she appreciated it.

Meredith And Lexie Reuniting At The Beach (S17 Ep10)

There were many of Meredith’s dreams scenes that fans loved in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, but a favorite was the reunion with Lexie. Imagining her sister alive once again, Meredith celebrated her return by revealing to Lexie all that had happened ever since she’d been gone, with the two even playing on the swings like kids.

It was a tender moment that portrayed how Meredith inwardly wished she’d spent her childhood with Lexie, along with considering her sister to be her safe place. The image of Lexie smiling in Meredith’s company and listening to her stories was how Meredith remembered her, and even spending an imaginary moment with Lexie was enough to make Meredith happy.

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