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Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Best Student-Mentor Relationships (According To Reddit)

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy has introduced a new set of interns and that means there’ll be more interesting student-mentor relationships in the episodes and seasons to come. By introducing 5 new interns, the show borrows the template used at the start of the series where 5 new learners were also brought in and placed under Bailey’s tutelage.

As fans wait to see how things turn out, they can look back at some student-mentor relationships that existed in the past. Several duos stand out, but, for some fans on Reddit, there are a few student-mentor relationships that have felt more wholesome and stood out more.

Jackson Avery & Mark Sloan

There are many lovable duos on the show, but for Redditor akkanbaby, they make their choice known when they say “Plastics Posse for the win.” They are referring to Jackson and Mark, who began a mentor/student relationship shortly after the former started dating Lexie.

Jackson and Mark’s relationship is a satisfying one because it mostly goes beyond medicine. More than wanting to see him become a better doctor, Mark truly cares about Jackson as a person, something he demonstrates by his caring about the younger doctor’s relationship and financial status. At one point, he even hands Jackson a stack of cash without being asked for it. Moreover, there are many occasions when the two are constantly mocked about their bromance, but they never seem to mind.

Cristina Yang & Craig Thomas

Cristina becomes close to the cardio surgeon after she leaves Seattle to work at the Mayo Clinic. Redditor seajungle confesses that they “got super emotional when he died after telling her she was the surgeon of her generation.”

Having a couple of things in common helps in solidifying bonds and such is the case with Cristina and Thomas. Two of the best cardio surgeons in Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina and Thomas’ relationship germinate from animosity as she first sees his methods as old-fashioned; however, she eventually comes to understand them. As time goes by, it becomes euphoric watching them develop a father-daughter bond, so much so that he is willing to show up for her when she once gets stuck in the snow.

Heather Brooks (Mousey) & Derek Shepherd

Cargeek3 argues that the relationship of “Shepherd and Brooks was far superior.” And it all begins when she replaces Shane Ross in Derek’s team.

The relationship works so well before Derek treats Mousey differently from everyone else. While everyone else appears to be bothered by Mousey’s overenthusiasm, Derek always understands her and lets her be herself. He is also one of the few people that’s willing to listen to her weird stories. Additionally, he is the only one that appears concerned about her whereabouts after the storm. It’s just a shame that she was killed off since she had the potential to become one of the best neurosurgeons.

Arizona Robbins & Nicole Herman

Lilcoln9 mentions that their favorite pairings are Dr. Herman and one of the most featured Grey’s Anatomy characters, Arizona, stating that the two “had a more personal connection.”

The beauty of Arizona and Herman’s relationship is the fact that fans got to see a fascinating progression. Although the Head of Fetal Surgery never gives the student a pass just because she likes her, fans know that Herman pushed Arizona so much because she saw what great potential she had. Their relationship was also full of humorous and light-hearted moments too, especially after Herman and Arizona opened up to one another about several personal issues they were experiencing as well. It seemed extremely fitting that they were part of each other’s exit storylines.

Cristina Yang & Teddy Altman

For Redditor archerocoop says “Teddy is the best teacher in Grey’s. So Teddy-Cristina.” Apart from their working relationship, the two also find themselves in a love triangle.

True to the Redditor’s words, Teddy is indeed one of the most skilled teachers in Grey’s Anatomy and that’s evident from how she handles the dilemma moments, especially when Cristina forgets what to do while performing an appendectomy. There’s a strong level of understanding between the two too. Owen’s presence never ruins their relationship and neither does the fact that Henry dies while being operated on by Cristina.

Alex Karev & Arizona Robbins

Kind-Cupcake names the duo because of “how much she taught him, not only about surgery but about overall patient care.”

Apart from the tutelage, the relationship is a healthy one because Arizona always understands Karev decisions, even when they cost her (as is the case with the plane crash). There are several scenes that show just how much she cares about him and the first one can be seen when Arizona becomes angry after Karev signs up for a fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. But it isn’t all one-sided since Karev always makes an effort to explain everything he does to her.

George O’Malley & Miranda Bailey

George endears himself to Bailey when he helps her deliver a baby, resulting in one of the funniest Grey’s Anatomy scenes where she orders him to “stop looking at her vajayjay.” About Bailey, Wisdomometer admits they were touched “when she finally admitted that George was her favorite.”

Nothing screams “I adore you” better than naming your child after someone you aren’t related to, and that’s what Bailey does. Bailey and George’s relationship is beautiful because she mostly tries to keep her feelings to herself. However, when it comes to him, she shows genuine concern, even persuading him not to sign up as an army doctor because she sees it as too risky. And when he dies, she not only admits that he was a favorite but also makes sure his mother gets well taken care of at the hospital.

Stephanie Edwards & Amelia Shepherd

Stephanie and Amelia don’t get to be around each other for long, but they have a couple of memorable moments. PrincessJasmineEmily admits they “love how close they grew to be and the ‘only freakin superheroes’ speech.”

It’s a perfect relationship between a junior and a superior because the benefit comes in the opposite direction to what’s expected. Ideally, Amelia should be the one offering guidance and support to Stephanie since she is more established, but it’s Stephanie that helps her deal with her relationship ad personal struggles. And as the Redditor mentions, the superhero pose is one of the cutest moments on the show.

Penelope “Penny” Blake & Meredith Grey

A deleted user says “Meredith impressed the hell out of me with Penny.” The two start off on the wrong foot, but Meredith grows to like her.

It’s always satisfying to see hate morph into love. And all that stems from Penny standing up for herself and Meredith realizing she was wrong. The reconciliation is a good move for both parties since they both benefit greatly from each other. Penny learns a lot from Meredith whereas Meredith gets some of the best medical care from Penny after she gets attacked by Lou.

Izzie Stevens & Addison Montgomery

Redditor myrrhl mentions a brief relationship too. They admit that they “loved Addison and Izzie despite how short their time was.”

The beauty of a relationship/friendship isn’t determined by the quantity of time together but by the quality of time together. Even though Addison and Izzie don’t get to spend much time together, he teaches her a valuable lesson: never get too attached to patients. It’s a rule that she breaks with Denny but one that she mostly adheres to, hence becoming a better surgeon in the process.

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