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Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Favorite Sibling Duos, According To Reddit

Some of the best relationships of the drama aren’t the romantic ones, but the familial relationships and Grey Sloan is no stranger to having siblings work together. Whether related by blood, through marriage, or by choice, these sibling duos are fan favorites.

Heidi & Haylee Peterson

Heidi and Haylee Peterson, played by Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano respectively, only appear in one episode, but it left a mark for viewers who are also fans of Charmed. The duo appears as sisters once more in season 16, episode 3 when their sister, Heather, falls into a construction site and is declared brain-dead.

Redditor minnesotagal writes, “It did strike a nostalgic chord seeing them together.” Combs and Milano may not have been playing their magical characters from Charmed, but they did bring the crystals to control bad vibes in a case of mistaken identity.

Andrew & Carina

Andrew and Carina have an interesting relationship. She lied to him about their mother dying because she didn’t want to break his heart until he arrived in Italy. As the older sibling, Carina tries to protect him, especially when ex-girlfriends are concerned, and was the first to notice him potentially having bipolar disorder.

Tequila-la thinks they’re “definitely the most realistic sibling duo.” Carina was the only one to believe Andrew when he believed Opal was involved with human trafficking. She is his stable foundation who takes care of him and makes sure he’s taking his medication. Before his untimely death, Andrew’s relationship with Carina was perhaps the most important in his life.

Meredith & Amelia

Meredith and Amelia have a special relationship. Though things were rocky from the beginning, Amelia grew closer to Meredith than to her own sisters, as shown when Meredith remained by her side as she recovered from her brain tumor and Amelia watching over Meredith after their falling out.

Redditor mooodymia explains their growth being interesting by “watching them go from heated debates and harsh words…to mutual tolerance, sharing vulnerabilities, and becoming as close they are now.” Derek’s death brought them closer, making Amelia a perfect candidate for Meredith’s new “person.” Their relationship has its ups and downs, but family is forever.

April & Her Sisters

As the second oldest of four sisters, April had the unfortunate nickname of “Duckie” growing up, thanks to her braces, acne, and glasses until she blossomed in college. Kimmie, Libby, and Alice only appear in season 10, but they’re memorable. They fawn over Jackson and tease April in true sibling fashion.

Redditor Full-Surround explains, “As annoying as they were, April’s sisters are underrated.” April was becoming successful and wanted to be taken seriously and not be reminded of her “ugly duckling” childhood every five minutes. Their glares from the audience when fired as April’s bridesmaids is a hilarious moment for their relationship.

Addison & Amelia

Addison and Amelia are former sisters-in-law, but their bond remains strong, having known each other for years. Amelia even kept Addison’s affair with Mark Sloan a secret because of her loyalty to Addison over her brother. Baykahn explains, “For some reason addison and shepard just hit different.”

There’s a sisterly love and protectiveness between the women that’s portrayed between Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Addison doesn’t want to see Amelia backslide into drugs, and they consistently support one another in times of stress like when Amelia gives birth to her “unicorn baby.” Addison and Amelia’s sibling relationship is a beautiful depiction of in-laws remaining close after divorce.

Owen & Megan


None of Owen’s coworkers knew he had a sister until Nathan Riggs appeared. Prior to her disappearance, Owen and Megan were close siblings as she did everything he did and looked up to her older brother. His perception of her changes after he learns Nathan was not the first to cheat in their relationship.

Fan AkashaRulesYou writes, “They have the healthiest sibling relationship IMO.” Owen is a normal, protective older brother trying to look out for his younger sister. He wants what is best for her even if it causes conflict. Owen even admits Megan is a better person than him.

Derek & His Sisters

Derek doesn’t have the best relationship with his four sisters, Nancy, Kathleen, Liz, and Amelia. Though Kathleen isn’t involved with the show, Nancy dislikes his behavior with Meredith as his intern. He struggles to disregard Amelia’s history with drugs and begrudgingly accepts help from Liz when he needs a donor nerve to repair his hand.

However, some fans find the Shepherd’s family dynamic relatable. Redditor thebballplayer10 explains, “I come from a large family, and I can relate to Derek not having the best relationship with family.” Derek is an important Grey’s Anatomy character and the dynamic with his sisters reveals how important his work and friendships are to him.

Maggie & Amelia

Maggie and Amelia are only related through Derek and Meredith’s marriage, but they have a beautiful friendship that’s akin to siblings. Amelia supports Maggie through her mother’s cancer treatment and Maggie is the first to refer to Derek as the “other Shepherd.” They bond early on over their romantic lives, and it only grows from there.

Redditor otterpop1991 writes, “I feel like with all of Amelia’s struggles in the past, she needs someone who shows up for her consistently.” Maggie is that rock for her, especially as the first person Amelia tells about her brain tumor. She is a constant staple in Amelia’s life, giving her the support she needs.

Meredith & Cristina

They may not be blood relatives, but the “Twisted Sisters” remain in the hearts of Grey’s Anatomy fans years after Cristina leaves Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Grey’s Anatomy has plenty of underrated friendships, but Meredith and Cristina’s friendship is perfect. They have fights and always manage to forgive one another and dance it out.

Meredith and Cristina are wholeheartedly each other’s “person” with Derek even being unable to get between the two women. Redditor petaline reminisces of them “having sleepovers in Derek’s bed with Derek in it.” They have no formal relation, but the Twisted Sisters chose each other as family.

Meredith & Lexie

Thanks to her strained relationship with their father, Meredith had no desire to get to know Lexie. When Lexie showed up at the hospital, Meredith immediately shunned her and complained about her mere presence. However, as thegurlearl notes, “She was just starting to get good at being a sister” to Lexie when the plane crashed.

Meredith was able to grow her relationship with her half-sister, even donating part of her liver to help save Thatcher because she didn’t want Lexie to be without her dad even if Meredith had no relationship with him. Their bond grew was able to change significantly before Lexie’s death.

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