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Greys Anatomy: 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Maggie Pierce

Maggie Pierce—the current Co-Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Grey’s Anatomy—has had some flattering character arcs during her time on the show. These include the discovery that Richard is her father and Meredith is her half-sister. She’s also a proud member of the “Lady Chief Trifecta.”

Like most of the main characters, Maggie’s story has been told in an open and direct manner. The smooth-flowing narrative hasn’t prevented some details from going unnoticed. After all, the show has a lot of ground to cover and as it jumps from character to character, fans might miss a thing or two.

Her Salary

Shortly after Richard confessed to Maggie that he was her biological father, Alex, who had appointed himself “Meredith’s person” sneaked to check up the hospital files in order to find out her birthday. Maggie’s file showed her base salary to be $126,000.

This might or might not put her on the list of the wealthiest characters on the show depending on whether it’s an annual or monthly figure. According to, Cardiothrocacic surgeons earn between $380,000 to $650,000 per annum. The detail was revealed in Season 11, so her salary definitely improved with time, given that she also rose to the rank of Co-Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

She Has A Genetic Predisposition Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Richard Webber saw two people he really loved—Adele and Ellis—die of Alzheimer’s. He was thus always emotional around Alzheimer’s patients. When Maggie found him watching Sally and Martin, she comforted him and informed him that when she was 12, a genetic history was done on her, which indicated she was likely to develop the disease.

The news was a big blow to Richard since it meant he might lose a daughter too. Fans might have noticed that he warmed up to her a lot more after the news. While Richard might feel concerned about Maggie’s future health, it isn’t a certainty that she’ll suffer from the disease like Adele and Ellis. A couple of moments on the show have also proved that people with a genetic predisposition can still live healthy lives until their deaths.

Her Favorite Movie

Maggie is a big fan of the 2001 French romantic comedy Amelie. This detail emerged during the LA Surgical Innovation Conference right where she ran into her former colleague and future husband Winston Ndugu, a moment that led to one of the most wholesome first dates on the show.

The revelation was an important one as it came during one of the best ever bonding and flirtatious moments in Grey’s Anatomy. Winston had previously been skeptical about flirting with her because he was her senior. This time, he had no problem confessing how he felt with her. Their similar tastes in movies also proved that they’d make a good couple, and they did.

She Was A Registered Babysitter As A Teen

There was a lot Meredith never knew about Maggie and one of those things was that she was registered with a babysitting agency when she was a teen. Meredith learned this while she was looking for a babysitter to take care of her things so that she could go to D.C. to visit Derek.

The bit of history made sense since Maggie was always a driven person who learned to do most things early, including reading. She graduated early from both high school and college hence it wasn’t surprising that she learned how to make money early too. She has always been portrayed as someone who adores kids as well.

Her Birthday

Maggie was born on September 22, 1983. When she told Richard that she had been adopted and that her mother was Ellis, he recalled 1983 as the same year Ellis Grey was nominated for a Harper Avery Award then tried to take her own life. Shortly after that, Maggie was put up for adoption.

The cardiothoracic surgeon’s age makes her one of the youngest doctors. Of the main characters, only Andrew DeLuca and Lexie Grey are younger than her. Andrew was born in 1987 while Lexie was born in 1984. Even though she is younger, Maggie is as confident as the older surgeons. She is often willing to take on patients that other doctors are skeptical about.

A Record For Solving Puzzles

At 11 minutes, Maggie holds the record for solving the Friday New York Times crossword puzzle. This is a detail she mentioned to Richard as they argued about whether she should get closer to her half-sister Meredith or not. At that moment, Maggie also gave Richard an answer to a crossword puzzle that he had taken days to figure out.

Maggie’s intelligence has been emphasized several times and this was yet another example of it. It was also a perfect bonding moment for father and daughter, over a shared interest. By doing something Richard had been unable to, Maggie hinted at being smarter than him. And being smarter than Webber is a big deal.

Employee Details

Other details spotted when Alex accessed Maggie’s file were her start date, ID number, and work email address. Maggie began working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on December 18, 2013. Her employee ID number was seen as 6654 while her work email address was mpierce@greysloan.

In most cases, the only employee details that fans have gotten to know about the doctors were their ID numbers. This was because, in some seasons, the numbers were displayed on the lab coats. Maggie’s start date makes her one of the newest Grey Sloan surgeons that are also main characters.

She Hates Camping

Maggie and Jackson’s breakup happened shortly after they had gone camping. And when Winston surprised her with a tent in the backyard of Meredith’s house, she described it as sexier than camping. One of the best Maggie Pierce moments involved a virtual date with Winston in which she revealed that she never had an interest in going for summer camp either.

Jackson never understood Maggie, as well as Winston, does.  Jackson’s decision to take Maggie camping was a misinformed one though he can’t be blamed entirely for him. It wasn’t something she had made clear before they went on the trip. He was trying to turn Maggie into a more outgoing person too, which was yet another mistake.

A Special Set Of Skills

One evening at Joe’s aka Emerald City Bar, Maggie and Jackson decided to open on unique things about each of them. Maggie mentioned that she was proficient in sign language and had crammed the entire storylines of Harry Potter books. She was also ordained to perform at weddings.

While Maggie’s skills inside the OR were well known, fans were never exactly familiar with all the other things she could do when she was not wearing her lab coat. And since she’s still around, Maggie should be expected to boast of more of her skills in line with her character development.

She Is Lowkey Accomplished

Prior to joining Grey Sloan, Maggie had been head of Cardio for two years. She had also been board-certified, as well as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. She also has privileges in all of Seattle’s prominent hospitals. Apart from working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, she can access the facilities at Pacific Northwest General Hospital and Seattle Presbyterian Hospital.

Grey’s Anatomy is full of super doctors and Maggie has constantly been painted as one, albeit in a low-key manner. She doesn’t have Catherine Fox awards or a hospital of her own like Cristina but she is formidable in her own way.

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