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Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Ways That Meredith And Alex Were Friendship Goals

From the very beginning of Grey’s Anatomy, Alex Karev and Meredith Grey shared a weird and twisted connection, which eventually evolved into a healthy and affectionate friendship. Of the first set of interns, Meredith had initially gravitated towards Cristina but had a good dynamic with Alex as well. Fans soon saw their friendship blossom further as they grew older and wiser, now having more responsibilities, troubles, and achievements to celebrate.

They also had their own highs and lows, but at the end of the day, they had each other’s backs. So is anyone really surprised that they have one of the best friendships on the show? Here are just some reasons why they were the ultimate friendship goals.

Alex Becoming Meredith’s Person After Cristina Left

Alex and Meredith were friends right from the beginning but after Cristina left, Alex stepped up to be Meredith’s person and she did the same for him. From being each other’s drinking partner to being a shoulder to lean on, Alex and Meredith made sure they were available to each other more than most friends.

They both knew the trauma the other had gone through, and so knew exactly how to help the other person out, and that’s what made them perfect friends for each other.

Following Cristina’s Tradition Of Getting Into Bed

As many fans know, Cristina used to walk into Meredith’s bedroom while the couple was sleeping. When Cristina left, the tables turned and Meredith continued the Twisted Sisters ritual. She walks into Alex’s bedroom when Jo is there and practically kicks her out.

They assume a level of comfort with each other and will drop whatever it is they are doing to help the other person. It just proves how strong and deep their friendship truly ran.

No Privacy

Meredith doesn’t care if Alex is in the bathroom, or if he’s taking a shower. She is quite comfortable with just barging in and continuing her rant or conversation as though there was practically nothing wrong with the same.

It was incredibly funny how it plays out. Even though Alex complains about it, he’s still willing to listen to whatever it is that Meredith is worried about. The fact that Meredith also feels comfortable talking to Alex while he is in the shower proves the level amount of trust she has in him.

Meredith Stuck By Alex Even Through DeLuca’s Assault

Sometimes people do things that are terrible and don’t make sense to anybody else. When Alex comes to the hospital with an injured DeLuca and a bleeding fist, Meredith doesn’t immediately go tell on him. Even though she realizes that it’s wrong what he’s done and that she needs to tell someone, she sticks around long enough to make sure that he is okay.

When Alex tells her things from his perspective, Meredith makes him understand that they both have to say something. And even when she does tell Bailey, Meredith is immediately out there bailing Alex out of jail.

Alex Was Her Emergency Contact

After Derek’s death, Meredith completely disappears without a trace. She leaves behind a threadbare letter that tells everyone that she and her kids are safe and nothing else. Even though Alex makes many efforts to reach out to her, Meredith makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be contacted.

But when she has her baby and she’s taken to the hospital, they contact Alex because he’s her emergency contact. And their reunion after all the pain of the past is quite uneventful but warm. It’s so evident how glad they are to see each other again.

Alex And Meredith Lasted Through The Fights

They disagreed on many things, they fought ugly fights, they went for days and weeks without talking to each other. But they lasted through all that. From the failed Alzheimer’s trial to other medical conflicts, they didn’t allow their personal grudges to put a strain on their relationship.

Even when they were going through some of their darkest moments, they were able to make it through unscathed because they knew what the other person needed. It was nice to see them become mature over the years .

Alex Helped With Making Sure Zola Went To Meredith

While Alex did make a few mistakes here and there with regard to their friendship, Alex moved heaven and earth to make sure Zola went to Meredith and Derek.

He worked very hard and even lied for their sake because he knew how much Zola meant to them, and especially to Meredith. He was willing to put his career on the line and even risk going to jail for her sake.

They Celebrated Their Victories Together

There is a really nice scene after Meredith wins her Catherine Fox award where he shoos away the interns from their spot and they pop champagne and toast to her victory. There is genuine happiness from Alex as he commemorates her success.

This is one of the examples of the times they celebrated their wins together. It goes to show that they were friends not just in bad times, but they were friends in the best of times too.

They Were The Two Interns Who Lasted

From the first crop of interns that the viewers of the show were introduced to, it was Meredith and Alex who lasted the longest in the hospital. Webber in his first speech said that only two people would last, and it was unexpected and bittersweet that it was the both of them who had made it.

It was also a toast to their longstanding friendship that it was the two of them who made it to the finishing line together.

The Heartbreak That Followed Alex Leaving

Alex leaving Meredith at the end of season 16 was heartbreaking because they had come to love the really close friendship between the two of them. However, they were about to get even more emotional when they discovered that Alex had left Meredith a letter.

While most would have been angry at his ‘ghosting,’ the opposite happened with Meredith. The viewers could see the genuine joy on her face as she read about his new life. His letter was so full of love, it just epitomized the affection they had for each other.

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