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Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Times Cristina Was Meredith’s Best Friend (& 5 Times It Was Alex)

Having gone through nearly everything together, never was there a concern that any lines would permanently split Meredith from either one of them.

Anyone would be lucky to have one good friend, while Meredith may not have much luck in other aspects of her life, she has thrived with two of her closest friends, Cristina Yang and Alex Karev. All as interns together, they grew as people, doctors, and friends over the years.

Meredith has had ups and downs with both Alex and Cristina. However, the three of them were always there for each other when it counted. Having gone through nearly everything together, never was there a concern that any lines would permanently split Meredith from either one of them. Instead, they only ever proved how strong they were together.


After learning of her pregnancy, Cristina knew there was only one option for her to do, refusing to have the baby. Cristina tells Meredith she plans to have an abortion, however, it is recommended that she not show up alone, so Cristina asks Meredith to accompany her, and be there for the emotional and physical aftermath, referring to Meredith as her person.

While their relationship would have its occasional problems, the two would always come back together, latching on to each other tightly. That one line would tie them together for years and would infuse itself in the backbone of the series.


“Jump Into the Fog” shares a similar moment to season two’s “Losing My Religion.” Richard and Alex refuse to let Meredith go down for insurance fraud alone and admit to knowing about the act as well. It is a nice acknowledgment of Alex’s growth as a character, as in “Losing My Religion,” he did not admit to cutting the LVAD wire. However, years later, he is willing to step up for Meredith.

Although Bailey feels she has no choice but to fire all three of them, neither Alex nor Richard hold a grudge against Meredith. Alex even goes beyond confessing, informing Bailey and Catherine that DeLuca was innocent.


Before leaving for Zurich, Cristina and Meredith have one last moment before Cristina moves on from Grey Sloan Memorial. Right before departing, knowing that Meredith and Derek are going through problems, Cristina’s parting words for Meredith inform her that she is significant and that, “He is very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are.”

It is an extraordinary moment for the two of them considering Cristina does not ask Meredith for a response, and wants her just to let Cristina go. As a fun closure to their time on screen together, they also dance it out one last time.


Meredith is less than thrilled when Callie shows up with her new girlfriend, Penny. While everyone else happily welcomes Penny, Meredith remembers her for one surprising reason: Penny had been one of the doctors on Derek’s case when he died. Meredith is uncomfortable during the dinner and eventually separates herself, but not before outing Penny as the person who killed Derek.

Through dinner, Alex notices Meredith’s odd behavior and follows her upstairs. Rather than saying anything, he sits silently with her, being there without pushing Meredith to say or do anything.


“Death and All His Friends” is a traumatic episode for everyone involved, and causes various characters to step up in ways they had not been ready for. After Gary Clark shoots Derek to avenge his late wife, Cristina and Jackson do all they can to save Derek.

The circumstances are not in anyone’s favor as Gary Clark is in the operating room with Cristina and Jackson holding a gun to Cristina’s head. However, Cristina refuses to stop, and when Meredith barges in, demanding she be shot instead, Cristina quickly mentions that Meredith is pregnant to save her.


After Derek died, Meredith did something very similar to what her mother, Elis Grey, had done to her. Meredith grabbed her children and left the house, leaving behind only a note. Meredith’s disappearance sent her friends on edge, and while some were convinced she was fine and were content to let her do the exploring she needed, Alex was not as willing to let it be.

Instead, he consistently called her, trying to get in touch or at least narrow down where Meredith was. When Meredith was finally ready to see Alex, it was after she had given birth to her third child, and Alex was Meredith’s emergency contact.


An average flight turns deadly when Meredith, Cristina, and their fellow doctors wake up to realize their plane crashed in the middle of the woods. With their friends scrambled around, Meredith and Cristina wander around searching for Derek. As Meredith panics over her missing husband, Cristina is still in a state of shock beside her.

Even though Cristina is facing her own trauma, she always finds a way to tune into Meredith’s worries and attempt to console her. Although Meredith shouts that they will all die out there, Cristina reinforces Meredith to keep it together anyway.


Alex and Jo finally get to walk down the aisle in “All Of Me.” Except, it would not be Grey’s Anatomy if everything went according to plan. Alex and Jo’s wedding ends up taking place on a boat instead of their originally scheduled venue. Meredith officiates their marriage, but only after she and Alex have a short talk.

Jo’s employment offer takes her away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, making Meredith scared at the thought of losing Alex. Wanting to keep them around, Meredith offers Jo positions that tempt her to stay in Seattle. Before the ceremony, Alex assures Meredith that even if he leaves Seattle, he is never leaving her.


Having spent the last few years in Zurich, Cristina has communicated with Meredith mostly through text messages and phone calls. The references to Cristina directly have occasionally come and gone since she left at the end of the tenth season. However, Cristina does make a big comeback during “My Shot.”

Although Cristina does not physically appear at the hearing, she had sent a letter of support. The letter informed the board that to take away Meredith’s medical license would be a mistake. Even though she could not be there, Cristina still found a way to be useful in one of the most critical moments of Meredith’s life.


“The Sound Of Silence” is one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most emotional episodes. After getting assaulted by a patient, not in his right mind, Meredith is surrounded by her friends as they frantically attempt to help her. Of everyone surrounding Meredith, Alex is the one who gets the most focus.

Barely keeping himself together, he is the one to figure out that Meredith cannot hear them. After surgery, Alex spends nearly every moment with Meredith and bringing her children to visit her. He is thrilled when realizing that Meredith can hear him, and does not leave her side until she is safely home and telling Alex to go.

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