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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: A Definitive Ranking of Meredith’s Relationships

While some of the characters on Grey’s Anatomy have zoomed through relationships, Meredith Grey has never been that person. In fact, she was in a relationship with Derek Shepherd for practically 11 seasons, with just a few little hiccups along the way. But, since Derek’s passing, Meredith jumped back into the dating game and found herself in a few new relationships.

We’ve ranked all of Meredith’s relationships, from worst to best. Check out the list below and see if you agree with us!

5. Meredith and William Thorpe

This relationship — if we can even call it that — was doomed from the start. William (Scott Eldrod) was a surgical oncologist at Baur Army Medical Center and was the first person Meredith was intimate with following Derek’s passing. They had a nice flirtation and Meredith agreed to go out with him, but she literally screamed and kicked him out of the house after they slept together for the first time. Yeah, it was never going to work.

4. Meredith and Nathan Riggs

Grey's Anatomy

Nathan (Martin Henderson) seemed like a good idea for Meredith right after Derek’s passing because he was stable and interested in her, but now it’s clear they should’ve never jumped into a relationship in the first place. Not only was Meredith caught in an awkward love triangle because her sister Maggie also liked Nathan, he ultimately left her the second Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) came back into the picture.

3. Meredith and Andrew DeLuca

We’re not saying DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) is the next McDreamy, but he definitely has a chance at being Meredith’s next big love. While their relationship is still in the early stages, Meredith hasn’t been this excited about a guy since Derek’s passing. Plus, we love seeing Meredith get it on with a young guy!

2. Meredith and Finn Dandridge

Ah, the hot vet. Finn (Chris O’Donnell) entered the picture back in Season 2 and really caused drama between Meredith and Derek. It was clear Meredith was never going to end up with Finn — he was just a veterinarian after all — but he was a nice guy and he treated her well. We wouldn’t mind if he somehow came back into the picture!

1. Meredith and Derek Shepherd


Meredith and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) were always end game…until they weren’t. Though their relationship had many ups and downs, the show wouldn’t be what it is today without their love story. From their first hookup in Episode 1 of Season 1 to their sweet proposal in Season 5 to Derek’s tragic death in Season 11, there’s really nothing these two haven’t been through. Derek’s gone now, but he will always be Meredith’s one true love.

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