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Grey’s Anatomy: Callie & Arizona Relationship Timeline, Explained

Grey’s Anatomy has had many epic romances throughout its 19 (and counting) seasons, including the up-and-down relationship between Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins, played by Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw. The two doctors met in season 5, when Arizona’s character was first introduced on the ABC medical drama television series, and the rest is history. Well, it was ten seasons of dating, breaking up, getting married, having a child together, breaking up again, and so on before they finally got their happy ending (the show isn’t over yet, though).

Following the Grey’s Anatomy season 14 finale, Ramirez and Capshaw were no longer on the show and have yet to return. However, their characters had ten seasons worth of stories to tell, and those episodes were full of drama that could last hundreds of lifetimes. The good news for fans of Callie and Arizona was that their story ended with them together, but it took a while for them to get to a (conclusive) happy place.

Season 5, Episode 14 – Episode 19: After Callie & Arizona Meet & Begin Dating

Callie showed up in Grey’s Anatomy season 2, episode 19, while Arizona’s first appearance was in Grey’s Anatomy season 5, episode 11. But their meeting didn’t come until a few episodes later — “Beat Your Heart Out.” Arizona comforted Callie in the bathroom at Emerald City Bar and surprisingly kissed her. However, Arizona ignored her at work since she believed Callie was inexperienced regarding relationships with women and was still figuring out her sexuality. They could not deny their attraction to one another for very long, though, and the two doctors began dating in episode 17 when Arizona asked Callie out on a date.

Season 5, Episode 20 – Season 6, Episode 3: Arizona Meets Callie’s Father & They Make Their Relationship Official

Callie’s father, Carlos Torres, visited her at the hospital in Grey’s Anatomy season 5, episode 20, and she told him that she was dating Arizona, essentially coming out to him. He reacted harshly to the news and refused to accept his daughter as she was. Carlos cut Callie off financially (by taking away her trust fund) and personally, which strained her relationship with Arizona. Thankfully, they came out on the other side stronger than ever. Arizona was there for Callie when George died in the season 6 premiere, and they became an official couple a few episodes later.

Season 6, Episode 4 – Episode 21: Callie & Arizona’s Relationship Grows But Faces Their First Obstacle When They Disagree About Having Children

Once Callie and Arizona became official at the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy season 6, their relationship continued to get stronger. Unfortunately, they hit a rough patch when the topic of having children came up. Callie wanted to have kids, while Arizona was not interested in raising any little ones. The couple fought over their differing desires and ultimately broke up in episode 21 since they wanted different things.

Season 6, Episode 22 – Season 7, Episode 6: Callie & Arizona’s Breakup Is Short-Lived

Although Callie and Arizona were broken up toward the end of Grey’s Anatomy season 6, it was clear that they still had feelings for one another, which was understandable, given how close they had become. The season 6 finale, which revolved around the notorious shooting at the hospital, featured Callie and Arizona getting back together. Going through a tragedy together made them closer, and Arizona realized that being with Callie was the most important thing to her, so she reversed her stance on having children. Although Arizona was initially hesitant about having kids, she decided she would want that with Callie. They later moved in together.

Season 7, Episode 7 – Episode 12: Callie Breaks Up With Arizona & Gets Pregnant With Mark’s Child

As mentioned above, Callie and Arizona’s relationship over the course of the ABC medical drama series was akin to a rollercoaster, and sadly, they broke up again in Grey’s Anatomy season 7, episode 7. Arizona received a grant to open a clinic in Africa, and Callie originally decided to join her abroad. However, Callie seemed to be going back and forth regarding the decision, so when they went to the airport, Arizona insisted she not come with her. Callie broke up with Arizona, who left for Africa.

While Arizona was gone, Callie was distraught over the breakup and slept with Mark Sloan. Arizona returned a few episodes later, but Callie wanted nothing to do with her. In Grey’s Anatomy season 7, episode 12, Callie revealed to her ex-girlfriend that she was pregnant with Mark’s baby, which surprised Arizona, to say the least.

Season 7, Episode 13 – Season 8, Episode 23: Callie & Arizona Reconcile & Get Married

After getting over the initial shock of Callie’s pregnancy, Arizona committed herself to Callie and the unborn baby. They got back together in Grey’s Anatomy season 7, episode 13, and decided to raise the baby together. While Callie and Arizona were in the car in episode 17, they got into a small fight about Mark and the baby, but the tension culminated in Arizona asking Callie to marry her. Before she could answer, a truck ran into their car, and Callie flew through the windshield.

The following hour, which was a musical episode, featured Callie fighting for her life. Thankfully, she survived following two major surgeries, but her baby had to be delivered prematurely. The episode had a happy ending, though, and Callie woke up to her daughter, Sofia, and told Arizona she would marry her. Callie and Arizona married in Grey’s Anatomy season 7, episode 20, in a ceremony officiated by Miranda Bailey, and Callie’s father finally accepted her when they danced together during the father-daughter dance at the reception.

Season 8, Episode 24 – Season 9, Episode 22: Callie Goes Against Arizona’s Wishes & Amputates Her Leg After The Plane Crash

After a full season of being married (and without any accidents), Arizona was involved in a tragic plane crash in the Grey’s Anatomy season 8 finale. Mark and Lexie died, while Arizona survived but suffered a horrific leg injury. In season 9, viewers learned that Callie made the tough decision to amputate Arizona’s leg after she arrived at the hospital because of an infection, which was against her wishes. Arizona resented Callie for the loss of her leg, and the married couple went through another rough patch because of it. However, they were able to overcome this hurdle during season 9.

Season 9, Episode 23 – Season 10, Episode 8: Arizona Cheats On Callie & Their Marriage Becomes Strained

Unfortunately for Callie and Arizona, their problems kept on coming when Arizona cheated on her wife with Lauren Boswell in Grey’s Anatomy season 9, episode 23, which Callie found out about an episode later. Following the infidelity, their marriage obviously became strained. Arizona was still bitter about Callie deciding to amputate her leg, and Callie was just trying to save her marriage, so they tried therapy. Callie ended up kicking Arizona out of their place in Grey’s Anatomy season 10, episode 5.

Season 10, Episode 9 – Season 11, Episode 5: Arizona Moves Back Home But Callie Later Asks For A Divorce

After learning that her father cheated on her mother and they worked out their differences, Callie decided to give Arizona a second chance and told her to come back home in Grey’s Anatomy season 10, episode 9. But their relationship was an endless cycle of ups and downs, and they ran into trouble again in later episodes. They had difficulty having a second child, and the tension reached an all-time high in season 11, so they tried marriage counseling once again.

Callie and Arizona’s therapist recommended they go 30 days living separate lives (while still residing in the same house, of course). By the end of the month, Arizona was ready to reconnect with her wife, while Callie realized she was better off alone. Callie asked for a divorce in Grey’s Anatomy season 11, episode 5, effectively ending their relationship after multiple seasons of back and forth

Season 11, Episode 6 – Season 12, Episode 18: Callie Starts Dating Penny Blake

Following their divorce, Callie started dating Penny Blake in season 12, the doctor who didn’t order a CT for Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy season 11, which ultimately led to his death. This caused some tension between Callie and Meredith Grey, but Callie and Penny continued to date. Callie was able to get over this bump in their relationship, which grew stronger throughout season 12.

Season 12, Episode 19 – Season 12, Episode 24: Callie & Arizona Engage In A Custody Battle Over Sofia Before Callie Moves To New York

Penny received a job offer in New York, which she intended to take near the end of Grey’s Anatomy season 12. Callie decided she wanted to join her girlfriend across the country, but that became complicated because of Sofia. Of course, Callie wanted to take Sofia to New York, while Arizona wanted to keep their daughter in Seattle with her. As a result, the divorced couple hired lawyers and battled for custody of Sofia. They went to court, and the judge ruled in Arizona’s favor. Feeling bad for Callie, Arizona agreed to share custody of Sofia, and Callie moved to New York in Grey’s Anatomy season 12, episode 24.RELATED:10 Shows To Watch If You Love Grey’s Anatomy

Season 13, Episode 1 – Season 14, Episode 24: Callie Leaves & Arizona Decides To Join Her In New York To Rekindle Their Relationship

Since Sara Ramirez’s last Grey’s Anatomy appearance was in the season 12 finale, there was little to no movement in her and Arizona’s relationship in season 13. However, when Jessica Capshaw decided to leave the ABC medical drama show in season 14, the writers decided to give the couple a happy ending. During the Grey’s Anatomy season 14 finale, Arizona moved to New York to be closer to Callie and Sofia, and it was implied that Callie and Penny broke up, which opened the door for Callie and Arizona to reconcile.

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