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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Have Proof That Maggie and Jackson Dating Was Definitely Weird

Grey’s Anatomy is known for having couples that we either love or hate. One great example of a couple that we wish we could have avoided seeing is the whole Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) relationship. They are a couple that most people say was definitely weird — and with good reason — and fans have proof of exactly how awkward it was.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans were annoyed by what constitutes as ‘family’ on the show

Maggie and Jackson on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Maggie and Jackson on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

When you look at Meredith, Amelia, and Maggie, the relationship is a sisterhood of sorts. However, they are not actually full sisters. Meredith and Maggie are half-sisters, but Amelia is only Derek’s sister. According to some Reddit users, the “sisterhood” feels forced because they were “thrown together.”

If this isn’t complex enough, we take it one step further by including Jackson as a love interest for Maggie. As one Reddit user points out, “Maggie and Amelia are ‘sisters,’ but Maggie and Jackson are not step-siblings??”

This is further commented on by one person stating that “Everyone is ‘related’ until the plot calls for them not to be.”

The fact that Jackson and Maggie became step-siblings was too weird for most fans

Jackson is the son of Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen), who fell in love with and subsequently married Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.). Webber, as luck would have it, is the biological father of Maggie.

Although Richard and Catherine’s relationship was far from perfect, fans were taken aback by the Jaggie relationship because once the wedding took place between Catherine and Richard, Maggie and Jackson became step-siblings. Fans feel that this relationship was much more substantial than the “sisterhood” of Maggie, Amelia, and Meredith. Some were even sickened by the thought of step-siblings becoming a romantic couple. Therefore, they were happy to see it end.

Jackson and Maggie’s breakup came as a relief

Although not everyone agrees that Jackson and Maggie’s pairing was weird, it is a popular opinion. We learned early on that Jackson was raised differently than Maggie; he had everything he could want thanks to his family’s money. This allowed him to have plenty of free time, and he used it to embrace camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. For many viewers, this made him seem overly mean at times. He lacked respect for her.

Maggie was different. She didn’t want to go camping. Jackson’s insistence that she give it a try is ultimately what led to their separation. In season 16, Jackson connected with a new woman named Vic (Barrett Doss).

Not to be left as the only person without a partner, Maggie traveled to the Surgical Innovation Conference in Los Angeles. While there, she met up with Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill), who had trained under Maggie in Boston six years earlier. They had never dated in Boston since Maggie moved before he became an attending. Ultimately, the two had a very steamy, intimate encounter for the rest of the conference.

Winston returned to Boston and Maggie returned to Seattle, but their relationship continued with video chats as the pandemic took hold. Eventually, after Meredith (Pompeo) wakes up, Maggie was alone in her hotel room when suddenly, there was a knock at the door. She opened to find Winston saying that distance doesn’t work for him anymore. They embraced, spent the night together, and the next morning found out that Meredith had taken a turn for the worse.

In August 2020, the two attempted to get married. It was in April 2021, however, when the wedding bells actually did ring for them at an event that was befitting of them as a couple. It was a large wedding, complete with a reception and plenty of dancing — activities that would have been denied to them had they married in August.

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