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Grey’s Anatomy recap: ‘Put Me In, Coach!’


I can safely say that I’m glad the doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West decided to pursue a career in medicine and not one in athletics. In an effort to stress the importance of teamwork, Dr. Hunt signed his doctors up for a hospital softball league. He even enlisted the help of Henry who was briefly hired as Hunt’s administrative assistant solely to play for their team. Their competition would be Seattle Presbyterian — a hospital whose staff doesn’t do as many groundbreaking procedures, but also doesn’t suck at softball.

Seattle Grace’s opening-sequence practice quickly proved that their on-field competition probably wouldn’t go over so well. As Meredith and Cristina chilled out in the outfield, not even attempting to care about the practice going on around them, they discussed their ongoing problems and ultimately decided that “keeping the faith” was the best solution. It was a surprisingly optimistic conclusion from my favorite Grey’s couple.

Because the staff was busy with the impending softball game, they were spared the typical traumatic event that often plagues the hospital’s halls. But a sanitation worker sustained major injuries after he fell off the back of his garbage truck and was then run over by a car. The most significant of his wounds was the damage done to his hand. Essentially, it was beyond repair. That is until Callie learned of his wood-carving abilities. Keeping the faith, and having faith in her own “artistic” abilities, she took it upon herself to fix the unfixable. And she did. She built the guy a hand from scratch.

But he wasn’t out of the woods yet. During the surgery, he had a cardio emergency — a leftover injury from his earlier accident. Cristina, who had been busy performing a marathon angioplasty for Dr. Teddy “I Can Pitch” Altman, swooped in. But instead of saving the day, she stepped back and let Kepner finish out the procedure. Wait…what? Yes, you read that right. Cristina turned down a chance to operate because Kepner had it covered.

Cristina learned a lesson, guys! And I think it was as rewarding for me as it was for her. After Yang stepped back in the OR and put the patient before herself, Teddy decided that she was done putting her through the slew of remedial tasks and procedures. “You’ve graduated,” Teddy told her. “This is your present.” Teddy rewarded Cristina by telling her to make a bucket list of every surgery she’s ever wanted to perform. And Teddy’s going to help her cross them off the list.

Meanwhile, a mother flew in her ailing daughter from San Francisco to ask Dr. Shepherd to remove the young girl’s brain tumor. Unfortunately, Derek would not take on the case unless the mom agreed to a never-been-done-before procedure. And just as I was about to write Derek off as being a cocky, whiny surgeon, he admitted to Owen that his desire to take a big surgical risk was because of having Zola taken away from him. Derek was tired of the “wait and see, and hope for the best” mentality. So before sending the patient back to San Fran sans surgery, he convinced her mother to agree to the risky procedure. (It must be noted that it took a batting lesson from Lexie for Derek to figure out how to complete the operation successfully. Nice tie-in, Grey’s writers!) And as proof of Derek’s talent, he removed all of the girl’s tumor, not just a portion of it like the mother anticipated.

Alex busied himself with a baby Zola mission. After Arizona received a subpoena for Zola’s medical records so that her primary care could be transferred to Seattle Pres, Alex took it upon himself to get things moving on her adoption hearing. Alex’s idea of keeping the faith quickly turned into breaking the law. He bartered medical care for information about Zola’s trial, and even spoke with the judge assigned to her case. Karev was warned that attempting to influence a judge is a federal offense, but by the end of the episode we learned that Zola’s hearing did get a date. Let’s just hope his good intentions don’t blow up in his face. (See: Meredith messing with Not The Chief’s diabetes trial.)

Speaking of the diabetes trial, Meredith continued to work on (and problem solve) the now Bailey-run study. This proved complicated because Bailey was still holding Meredith’s mistakes against her. The tension between the two finally came to a head right in the middle of the softball game. A full-fledged shouting match started in the outfield and continued until Not The Chief stepped in to stop it. Not The Chief explained that Bailey needs Meredith on the trial — and Meredith needs to start fixing her own mistakes — while Cristina watched and made funny drunk faces. Not The Chief essentially ordered them to work out their issues in the lab the next morning. I’m guessing we’ll either see this or the aftermath of this in the next episode. Either way, now that Teddy and Cristina are on good terms, I hope that Meredith and Bailey follow suit.

And so it was back to the softball game where Seattle Grace Mercy West was losing pretty emphatically to Seattle Pres. Little Grey stepped in to replace Teddy as pitcher, and it was there she decided she’d had enough of hearing about Mark and his new girlfriend, a doctor at Seattle Pres. Lexie has been missing from a lot of the season, so she came back in full force hanging on to last season’s story line. She made it clear throughout the episode that she’s definitely not over Mark. And in easily the best moment of the episode, Lexie reached her breaking point and chucked the ball at Mark’s lady, hitting her right in the boobs. The boob injury put an early end to the game. Lexie explained that she “thought she was trying to steal second,” but it clearly wasn’t enough to convince Jackson. Her relationship with Avery is just a ticking time bomb.

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