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Grey’s anatomy season 06 episode 20:” Hook, Line and Sinner”

Callie finds it weird that Arizona doesn’t want kids, as normally everybody wants kids. Arizona is offended and thinks Callie is calling her “cold and heartless”. Callie says she wasn’t saying that and asks Arizona to close her eyes and imagine their life with a baby in it. Callie melts just thinking about it, but Arizona is not melted at all. What melts her is the thought of them on a Spanish beach together, thinking a baby would ruin things like that. The doorbell rings and Mark comes in as Cristina opens the door. He asks for a suture kit. He yells for Arizona. He says the baby’s coming as they hear Sloan screaming from across the hall.

They rush back to Mark’s apartment, only to find that Teddy has delivered the baby. She cuts the umbilical cord and hands off the baby to Arizona. He hasn’t made a sound yet. Arizona takes him aside and gets him to cry. Callie appears in the doorway just as Arizona hands the baby to his grandfather. He and Callie are delighted.

Meredith meets Cristina on the bridge and asks her about Sloan’s baby as Derek is having a meeting in his office. Cristina doesn’t want to talk right now as Derek is having a meeting with Tom Evans. Cristina urges her to try and be cool. Teddy walks by and greets them. Cristina tells her about Tom Evans, who’s going to do a bloodless CABG on a beating heart in one of their ORs. Teddy sneezes as she says she didn’t know about that. Teddy gets a page and walks off. Only seconds later, Derek introduces Tom to Cristina, who starts acting like a groupie. Tom likes her. Then Derek introduces him to Meredith. Cristina takes Tom to go see their patient as Derek walks off too. April and Jackson walk up to Meredith. They saw Tom too, but Meredith tells them he’s only here for one case. April’s not too sure about that, as she heard from Derek that Altman doesn’t have a permanent contract, so it’d be a smart move from the Chief to hire him. Jackson tells Meredith that April really admires her husband. April is embarrassed and makes it even worse for herself.

Mark and Derek are watching Sloan’s baby. Mark already sees the resemblance, but Derek doesn’t. Mark then shows Derek the baby’s penis to offer him irrefutable proof. Derek says a lot of the swelling will go down, but Mark happily declares that the baby is “definitely a Sloan”.

Alex is in on-call room bed with Lexie. Their pagers go off for a trauma and he’s out of the room before Lexie can even ask him to hand her her shirt.

Teddy finds Derek, who’s on his way to the roof for the trauma chopper and happy to be practicing medicine again, and asks if Tom Evans is interviewing for her job, because she’s been waiting to hear about a permanent contract from him. Derek thought she was still looking elsewhere, but she says she stopped doing that. Derek says he’d be happy to consider her for the position. Derek says he had to run a search as he can’t get caught without a head of cardio, but he’ll definitely throw her in the mix.

Mark finds Arizona in Sloan’s room and thanks her for her help. Sloan wakes up and Mark tells her the baby is doing great. She asks Arizona for her bag and empties it. It’s all toys for boys, but none if it is baby-proof. Sloan then gives Mark the number of the people that are going to adopt the baby. She wants him to call them. He doesn’t seem too happy about it, but says he’ll make the call.

On the elevator to the roof, April tells the doctors that their patient had a fishing accident, and she was told something about a hook being stuck somewhere. Derek wonders why they’d send a chopper for that. The elevator arrives and Derek and April run to the chopper. Jackson mocks April’s behavior around Derek and then follows them with a very annoyed Meredith. Lexie, Alex, and Bailey are already on the roof to take care of the kid, and the dad’s right behind. The dad’s taken out of the chopper and it’s revealed he’s got a big hook in his chest.

Teddy and Cristina watch Tom Evans talk to his patient in a charming way. Teddy rolls her eyes, whereas Cristina is amazed. Teddy sneezes again and Cristina asks her to come in, but she declines and walk off.

Teddy walks into the trauma just as a piece of the hook is cut off. The other doctors working on Walter inform her it’s a fishing boat accident. Something fell on him, and then he fell on the hook. Doug appears in the doorway as Walter crashes. Owen urges Lexie to get Doug out of there. Doug apologizes and says it’s his fault. The doctors say it’s not, but Walter sits up a little and says it actually is. He was thrown on top of the shark hook because Doug let go of a rope. Owen says they’ll have to leave the hook in until they get to an OR as Lexie and Alex take Doug with them. April says she feels a depressed skull fracture. Derek tells her to order a head CT.

In another trauma room, Bailey, Lexie, and Alex are examining Doug. Doug says the thing about the rope is the first thing his dad taught him when he joined the crew. He learned how to tie knots ever since he was child. Bailey says it was an accident, but Doug says it maybe wasn’t. He’s sometimes thought about hitting and hurting his dad because he pisses him off sometimes. However, he didn’t do this on purpose. He suddenly says he doesn’t feel so good and throws up all over Lexie. Bailey orders a head CT too and an angio. Alex sees the vomit and rushes off to get the tests.

Mark is in Sloan’s room with the baby. Sloan is surprised she’s getting discharged already. Mark says that means she’s doing great. Sloan says she has no idea where to stay, because she has no money, nor a job. Mark offers to let her stay with him until she figures things out. Sloans are tough, so she’s gonna figure things out. Sloan suddenly suggests that they keep the baby. She maybe thinks she could. Mark hands over the baby to his daughter, who tells him it’s up to him. If he thinks they can raise the baby together, she’s up for it. Arizona overhears this and comes in, saying the baby needs to get back to the nursery. Mark says he did all the necessary exams and the baby’s all good. Arizona asks for a quick word.

Derek is in the CT booth with Richard. Walter’s got a small hematoma. Derek asks Richard why he hired Altman. Richard asks him what he sees in her. Derek sees she works hard and good. He feels bad looking for someone else, but he’d feel worse letting a better candidate pass by. Richard knows it’s not a feel good job. Richard doesn’t want to help him out, as he wants Derek to figure out how to do the job by himself.

Bailey, Alex, and Lexie are in the cath lab, doing a procedure on Doug. Bailey doesn’t understand why one would choose the life of a fisherman, and Lexie gives them some facts about that type of life. Bailey, who thinks it’s not a kind of life for a 15 year old, and Alex think the kid messed up the knot 30% on purpose, as too much nature can make people crazy. Bailey offers to let Lexie embolize the tear, but as she’s doubting if she should do it, Alex takes over, saying she shouldn’t analyze everything. Just do it.

Arizona asks Mark if he’s called the parents that Sloan picked out, but Mark says Sloan’s having second thoughts, so no. Besides, she’s got 48 hours before the court terminates her parental right. Callie comes over, having heard Sloan’s changed her mind, which she thinks is great. Arizona says the kid needs parents, not an 18-year-old girl and a father she met 5 minutes ago. Mark tells her to shut up. He appreciates the help, but she doesn’t get a say in this. His mother’s dead and he’s got no other family. This is his grandson, so he’s not gonna turn him over to strangers when he might have a chance at having a family.

Lexie and Alex are in Doug’s room. Doug’s temperature is high and Lexie can’t figure out why. Lexie asks Doug if he wants to see his father before he goes in for surgery, adding his father’s probably calmed down by now. Doug says his father’s always hated him, and now he’s practically killed him, so he’s sure his father doesn’t want to see him. Lexie and Alex tell Doug some anecdotes about times they wanted to kill one of their parents, which is normal. Doug says his father’s never gonna let him near the boat again and then says his head is pounding. Lexie tells Alex they should find out why Doug’s burning up, but Alex tells her to figure it out while he goes to watch the surgery where they remove the hook.

Callie finds Arizona in the nursery and talks about Mark and the baby. Arizona is thinking about the baby’s real parents, that are waiting to hear from Sloan and eager to welcome the baby into their lives. These are the parents, not Mr. Midlife Crisis and his daughter. Callie says Sloan’s still got a lot to learn, but she believes she’s gonna get there. Arizona says Sloan made the one sound parenting decision she had to make. She found a lovely couple to raise the baby when she had the time to think about what would be best for her and the baby. Arizona would love it if they were to respect it. Arizona then gets a page about Sloan.

Arizona and Callie rush into Sloan’s room. Sloan says she doesn’t know what’s wrong, but he won’t stop crying. Mark comes back in with a bottle for the baby. They say he’s just hungry and want her to feed the baby, but Sloan doesn’t want to feed him and lets Arizona do it. Arizona looks at Callie meaningfully before starting to feed the baby. Sloan doesn’t feel too good. Mark says she’s been up all night, so it’s normal.

Derek and April walk into the OR where Jackson, Meredith, Owen, and Teddy are almost ready to remove the hook. Derek makes a joke about the hook and throwing the patient back into the water and April laughs way too hard. They get entangled in a debate about whether or not the kid should have been on the boat or not. Teddy understands that he was there as it’s a family business, but Derek says you put people in a job like that because they have the skills that are needed, not because they’re family. Teddy asks if he’s intentionally equating her to Walter, or if that’s just a coincidence. He doesn’t respond and Owen says he’s ready to remove the hook, so no one’s allowed to move. As he starts pulling it out, Teddy sneezes again, making matter worse. “God bless you,” Derek says ironically.

As Teddy and Owen are scrubbing out, Derek walks into the scrub room to scrub in. Teddy says Walter’s stabilized and ready for Shepherd’s surgery. She apologizes. Derek says that if she doesn’t get the job, he doesn’t want her to take it personally. He sees that she’s an incredible surgeon. It’s just that Evans has published more and won more awards. Owen asks if Teddy’s bronze star for service to the country doesn’t count. Derek doesn’t respond and walks into the OR.

Tom finishes up doing his anastomosis, for which he has developed a very special technique. Cristina is amazed and observes sharply. Evans says he forgot she’s only a third year resident, because it feels like he’s working with a fellow. She smiles and thanks him. She wants to cut the last suture, but he’s got it. Cristina says the chest almost looks like he didn’t operate at all, which Tom says is the goal. Cristina enthusiastically looks up to Teddy in the gallery.

Meredith and Alex are having lunch. She says the hook guy is stable and asks about the kid. Alex says there’s nothing left to do now that the angio is done, and that Lexie is babysitting. Cristina sits down with them, still enthusiastic about Evans. Meredith thought that Teddy was the love of her life is. Cristina says she is, but Evans is so brilliant. She loves them both. She’s a cardiothoracic whore. They discuss April and her attitude around Derek. Alex says powerful guys liking adoring girls is a thing. Meredith seems to be a little alarmed.

Callie and Mark are watching the baby. Mark wants to take paternity leave for a couple of weeks to help Sloan to get the hang of things. Callie says a couple of weeks may not be enough. Mark says Sloan’s got good instincts, but Callie reminds him that her instincts led her to put the baby up for adoption. She doesn’t know if Sloan would be a good mother. Mark doesn’t know either. They discuss why Arizona wouldn’t want kids and her brother comes up. Callie says she’s an idiot for not realizing that sooner. She walks off as Mark continues to watch the baby.

Owen ends up on an elevator with Teddy. Tears well up in her eyes when Owen says it could’ve happened to anybody, as she just has a cold. Yet, it happened to her, on the day that Shepherd is interviewing Evans for her job and even Yang is in love with Evans. She sneezes again and starts crying. Owen comforts her. They almost kiss, but it’s interrupted when they both get paged. The elevator arrives and they get off.

They rush into Watler’s ICU room and Meredith informs them that there’s a massive hemothorax where they took out the hook. Teddy says the repair mustn’t have held and says they have to go back in right away to repair it. Derek says they should get a CT to confirm before cutting into an unstable patient. Teddy says there’s not time for her and says she needs him to trust that she knows what she’s doing. Derek decides to trust her.

Lexie is examining Doug as Alex and Bailey come in to answer her page. She tells them that Doug has fever and rigors, and he’s starting to get a productive cough. Alex tells her to deal with it, as Hook Guy is coughing up blood and he wants in on the surgery. Lexie asks if the blood looked like currant jelly and asks some more about the patient’s condition, but Alex snaps he didn’t memorize the chart. Bailey tells Lexie to let Alex go, as he wants to go see another surgery. Alex thanks her and walks off. Lexie tells Bailey that both patients have productive coughs and signs and symptoms of sepsis. She’s probably wrong, but she thinks it’s infectious. Bailey says she’s probably right and asks why Lexie would want to hand her big save over to Karev, who’d then march around the hospital like he came up with it. She’s giving her power over to a boy because he’s giving her sex. Lexie tries to deny it, but Bailey says she knows everything. That memory of Lexie’s is a superpower and on top of it, Lexie’s a good doctor. Yet, she’s letting Alex Karev treat her like a scut monkey. Bailey doesn’t care how good the sex is, if that’s what it cost, Lexie’s paying too much. The nurse comes in and gives her Doug’s test results, which prove that Lexie is right. Bailey asks what Lexie’s going to do about it now.

Alex is in the OR where Walter is being operated on and tells Owen that Doug is doing fine aside from a temperature spike. With Derek observing from the gallery, Lexie comes barging in and informs Teddy that Doug’s got klebsiella pneumonia and she guesses Walter does, too. Lexie informs Teddy on what klebsiella, which is highly contagious in close quarters, like living on a crab boat for months at a time. She thinks the hemothorax is a mixture of blood and an empyema. Alex sarcastically thanks Lexie for the heads up, but she replies he was busy. Teddy admits to Owen that she may have been wrong as Derek instructs them from the gallery to get the patient back to the ICU. Teddy thinks she’s doomed.

Mark is in Derek’s office, ranting about the day’s events. Derek was supposed to watch Evans operate, but instead he spent the day in the OR watching Altman decompose right in front of him. Mark asks why Evans is here, as he’s got Altman. Derek says he doesn’t need Altman if he’s got Evans. Mark says he can’t because he’s kind of seeing her, and Derek replies he can’t staff the hospital based on relationships between the surgeons. Derek sighs that this job is exhausting. Mark can’t believe he’s complaining about that, as he himself is losing everything today. He destroys a couple of things to express his anger and then asks himself how he could call a couple of strangers and asks them to come pick up his kid. Derek says that Sloan is his kid, not the baby. They’re taking the baby, not Sloan.

Cristina asks Teddy if she saw her in the OR. Teddy tells her she’s an idiot. She doesn’t believe Evans will take Cristina under his award-winning wing. He doesn’t need Cristina and doesn’t care about Cristina as he’s a rock star. Cristina says he is one, and recalls Evans doing a million things all at once in the OR. Teddy says letting Cristina hold the instruments doesn’t exactly make her faster in the OR, but she does it so that Cristina can learn. She asks if Cristina noticed she never even touched the patient. Cristina says it’s just one surgery. Teddy doesn’t understand that Cristina doesn’t get that if Evans is in, she’s out. Teddy wishes her good luck with her new attending.

Callie finds Arizona in a lounge. She now gets why Arizona doesn’t want children. She watches parents go through unimaginable pain every day, and she went through that when she lost her brother. Her parents never got over that, but their baby wouldn’t be one of the babies in the NICU. Their baby won’t be her brother. Callie thinks their baby would be really happy. Arizona replies that she’s only gonna say this once. Arizona is not broken, she’s not a psychodrama. Her lack of interest in having a child is not some pathology that Callie can pat herself on the back for having diagnosed. Arizona likes her life the way it is and she doesn’t want it to change. She thought she liked it with Callie in it and she hopes she’s not wrong. She walks out.

Mark tells Sloan that he called her mother. She’s on her way and she misses Sloan. She’s worried about her, and so is Mark. Sloan thinks that her mother convinced Mark that she wouldn’t be a good mother, but that’s not what they talked about. Sloan then thinks he thought it through and doesn’t want to raise the kid anymore, so she decides to handle it on her own. Mark says she can’t do that. Having a kid is hard, and she is young and irresponsible. Keeping the baby is probably a bad decision, but if she’s willing to take that risk, he’s in with her. He sits down on her bed and tells her not to keep the baby for him. She’ll always have him, and he’ll always want her. That’s true no matter what she decides. She’s his kid and he’s so happy he gets to know her. She gets emotional.

Cristina finds Owen and tells him to go talk to Derek about Teddy and why replacing her with Evans would be a huge mistake.

Outside the conference room where Derek and Evans shake hands, Cristina is instructing Owen on what to tell Derek. Evans comes out and compliments Cristina on her work today. She tells Owen this is important, and he goes in.

Owen gets inside and Derek tells him that he gets that Teddy is a fine surgeon. Owen asks if Evans is interested. Derek thinks so. Owen says Evans is really good, and he’d be good for the hospital. Derek is glad he feels that way. Owen says Teddy’s got a lot of connections, mainly on the East Coast, so she’d be fine if that’s what Derek decides. Derek gets what he’s saying.

Owen walks out and Cristina kisses him and thanks him, not knowing what really happened in there.

Derek is examining Walter. It’s not bad, all things considered. Derek asks him if he likes being captain. Walter doesn’t, and neither does Derek. However, it beats not being captain. Lexie rolls in Doug in a wheelchair. Walter says this was his fault and he apologizes. They hold hands and Doug thanks him.

Mark is talking to the baby in private. He says Sloans bloom early, so he shouldn’t be shy when he starts to grow hair on his face. He should live it up and make the other guys a little jealous. He shouldn’t be too full of himself though, because no one likes a vain guy in the locker room. Callie interrupts the moment by opening the door. Keith and Trish, the parents Sloan picked out, enter the room. They are delighted to see their baby. Mark gives them the baby and all of his stuff. Trish thanks him and Mark walks up to Callie. They hold hands as they watch the parents cherish their son.

Meredith walks into the conference room where Derek is still stuck with paperwork. She cheers him up with a make out session.

Alex is drinking beer in the kitchen as Lexie walks in. She asks for a beer, but since he finds that she screwed him over today, he tells her to get her own beer. Lexie says he can’t be an ass to her all day and then expect her to respect him or to give him sex. He can stop with the patronizing nicknames, because she’s a nice person. She’s nice to him, so whatever his damage his, he better starts being nice to her too because otherwise, she won’t spread her legs for him anymore, no matter how much she may want to. He gives her a beer and she sits down with him.

Arizona is lying awake in bed as Callie lies down too. Arizona turns her back towards her. She says her cousin’s baby punched her cousin in the eye, so she had a black eye from a 1 year old. As her voice breaks, Callie says she doesn’t need that. She lists negative aspects and starts crying. Arizona turns towards her and tells her not to do that. They kiss.

Mark is watching Sloan from outside her room. Teddy comes over. He wants to hear that she’s staying. He begs her. She smilingly says she’s staying. He’s happy to hear that.

Derek leaves the hospital and Richard catches up with him. He heard Derek offered Teddy a contract. Richard says it was the right move, because loyalty is powerful thing and it makes for a great Chief. Derek then admits he offered the contract to Evans, but he declined. Derek walks off and Richard stares after him.

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