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Grey’s anatomy season 08 episode 12:” Hope for the Hopeless”

Derek is looking at scans of a patient who has a tumor that was deemed inoperable by 8 surgeons already. He can see why. He throws a coin at Lexie: heads they do it, tails they don’t. She calls him insane, but he wants her to do it anyway.

Jackson sits down at the table in the kitchen. Meredith is decorating a cake for Zola’s birthday. He reads it as Gag Zola instead of Yay Zola. She couldn’t fit Happy Birthday on it. April comes in asking who used the last of her deodorant. A girl who’s looking in the fridge says that might’ve been her. Alex comes in. Hillary was his one night stand. The girl wanted to leave, but then she saw how cute Zola was. Meredith says they don’t the touch the baby, because they don’t know where her hands have been. April says Alex does. Meredith leaves for a meeting with Owen and reminds them that the party is at 8 o’clock tonight. Alex and the girl go upstairs to have another round. April tells Jackson they need to move. Jackson asks “Do we?”

Julia has just cut Arizona’s hair. She and Callie love it. Callie wants to be next, but Julia will do her tomorrow, as she has a surgery now. She kisses Mark goodbye, tells him she loves him and tells Sofia she’ll see her tonight at Zola’s party. After she’s gone, Callie and Arizona ask Mark why he responded “see ya” instead of “I love you too”. Mark says they’ve only been dating for three months, so he thinks it’s way too early for that. Callie thinks he’s having cold feet because he found out about Lexie breaking up with Jackson, so she reminds him he and Lexie are over. He denies the cold feet. Arizona takes Sofia from him to leave for work and drop her off at daycare. “I love you too,” Callie says, showing Mark how he should’ve done it.

Richard enters the hospital. Several staff members and Bailey greet him on this special day. He knows it is, but doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Although he does expect Bailey to do something, as it’ll be his 10,000th surgery today. She tells him every little detail about the party she organized, taking the fun out of it.

Meredith meets Owen in a conference room. She knows she hasn’t logged much OR time lately, but she’s finally got the Zola routine down now, so that’ll get better. The meeting is not about that. He wants to talk about her specialty. She has been thinking about it. He says she’s the only fifth year who has no idea yet and he suggests general. She’s been helping Bailey and Richard’s been her mentor, not to mention she’d be a natural as her mother was one of the best general surgeons in the country. She seems skeptical about this.

Cristina and Teddy are talking about an amazing surgery they had. Two nurses come over and offer Teddy two dishes. She thanks them, but she asks Cristina what’s up with the widow food. Cristina takes the dishes to put them with the others. Owen runs into them and asks them how the surgery went, but Teddy walks off to the ER. He talks a little with his wife then, and because she’s done 8 surgeries in the past 72 hours, he tells her to go home. She distract him by asking about the page he got and then dumps the dishes in his arms to run away. He hands the dishes to a nurse and rushes after her.

Dr. McQueen and Alex are treating a patient who has been impaled in the chest by a metal bar. Teddy and Cristina want to take over the case, but Owen came in too and stops their bickering. He decides McQueen and Karev get the case, as McQueen is on call. He orders Teddy to take her hands off the patients, as she and Cristina have been working for more than 48 hours straight. “Enjoy your nap,” Alex tells Cristina. Cristina gives Owen an angry look and leaves after her mentor.

Derek is talking to the mother of the boy with the inoperable neuroblastoma. She knows all the risks, but wants him to operate because her son will die in three months anyway. She needs to know if he will operate, or if she has to take her kid somewhere else. He says there’s, at best, a 5% chance he’ll succeed, but if she’s willing to go for it, he’ll try. The mother hugs him in gratitude. Derek wants to go and tell Wes, but the mother than reveals he doesn’t know. He’s only 11, and knowing he’ll die soon won’t do him any good. Wes thinks he’s here for a very bad backache.

Meredith finds Dr. Bailey and tells her Owen wants her to pick a specialty, and that he suggested general. Meredith is still on the fence about it, but Bailey says it’s in her genes, so it makes perfect sense. They walk into a patient’s room where Richard tells the patients, Karen and Marcy, that these two doctors will perform their liver transplant with him today. The donor, Marcy, is really worried that she may die due to an infection of her IV, but her sister, Karen, reminds her she’s the one dying of liver failure. Marcy keeps rubbing it in that Karen is very lucky that she agreed to the transplant. Richard says everything is looking good, so they can relax until they have to go into the OR. Marcy jokes she can’t relax in a hospital, causing Karen to promise she’ll reimburse her for the trip she had to miss out on.

While Derek is doing neuro exams, Wes is talking enthusiastically to Lexie about battlefields. They have visited 18 battlefields in the past year. His mother says they had to home school because of his back pain. Wes says he always gets to decide what they do that day. The mother says they may have to postpone their trip to Hawaii next week, because Dr. Shepherd may be able to fix his back.

Meredith is rejecting every specialty that Cristina suggests. Alex comes over and shows them his patient’s scans. He promises Yang to send pics from the OR and walks off. Meredith asks if it’s too late for her to pick cardio. It is, because that’s already Cristina’s.

Hiding behind a monitor, Teddy and Cristina are watching Alex and his patient from the hallway. They’re up to something. As soon as Alex leaves, Cristina goes into the room and says she’s sorry about the accident. The wife asks if she’s one of the doctors. She isn’t, but she’s familiar with the case. Cristina assures her that they will do everything they can and assemble the best team possible, as Dr. Altman is the best there is. The wife says no Altman was mentioned, only a McQueen. She asks if he’s as good. Cristina replies he’s… fine. He’s experienced, but not the department head like Dr. Altman is. Cristina says that she assumed Altman would be on the case given the extend of her husband’s injuries, but Cristina assures her that everything will be okay. However, her plan has succeeded, as the wife seems to doubt McQueen anyway.

Marcy is on the phone with her daughter, who has swum with dolphins. She hangs up the phone by saying she needs to go save aunt Karen’s life now. While Meredith is drawing some blood, Karen says she’s never going to ask Marcy for anything ever again because she knows Marcy will bring this up until one of them dies. Marcy objects that she’s done a lot for Karen already and never asked anything in return. “Oh no, just my lips glued to your ass 24/7,” Karen replies while Meredith is finishing up. She says Marcy can keep her liver and while she keeps on ranting, she starts experiencing pain in the abdomen. While Marcy claims it’s normal Karen doesn’t feel good at the end of a fight, Karen suddenly throws up blood. Meredith immediately calls for meds.

Richard explains to Karen that there’s a bleeding in the veins at the end of her esophagus. It’s a symptom of the late stage liver failure. Bailey tells her she has surgery in a few hours, and she must try not to get worked up between now and then. Karen says she doesn’t want the surgery, she’ll go back on the transplant list. Meredith explains they can’t wait any longer, and Marcy tells her not to be stupid as she’ll die. This makes Karen agree, after which Marcy immediately starts needling Marcy again.

Lexie and Wes have just finished the MRI. He asks if the tumor grew more. This surprised Lexie and he reveals he knows about the tumor, as he overheard some doctors talking at the last hospital they were. His mother doesn’t know he knows, because it would make her freak out. Lexie says she needs to know, but Wes says that his mother cries all the time when she thinks he doesn’t notice; all that makes her happy is to think that he doesn’t know, so she can’t tell his mother. She promises not to. He asks if she thinks he’s gonna die. She kneels in front of him and says that she’s worked with Dr. Shepherd for a while now, and he’s the best.

In a lounge, April is comparing houses out loud so Jackson can hear it. She wants to move, because Meredith and Derek have Zola now and because he’s living with his ex. Alex comes in and overhears them, and says he wants to move out too. April says she’s trying to get away from him, so no. Alex then proposes he and Jackson find something together, but Jackson wants to stick with April as she cooks and cleans. Meredith comes in and grabs some of Teddy’s widow casseroles for Zola’s party tonight, as she has no time to go to the store due to her surgery. Cristina comes in as well and gives Meredith another casserole. She then asks Alex if he and McQueen have found a patient that will allow them to operate. After Cristina brought up Meredith’s specialty again, April, Jackson, and Alex all agree she should pick general due to her mother’s legacy.

Callie and Arizona approach Mark. They’re gonna do a little roleplay, with Callie being Mark and Mark being Julia. Callie shows how he should talk to Julia. He tells them to get out of his relationship, but they keep on naming advantages that his relationships with Julia can have for their shared parenting. Teddy comes over and wants to join in on the conversation, but Callie and Arizona act very enthusiastically to make her, being a widow, feel good. However, Mark leaves. Teddy thinks it’s because of her, but Arizona and Callie say it’s not. They then go back to acting very enthusiastically.

In Richard’s OR, a lot of staff has lined up to see him starting his 10,000th surgery. He acts like it’s nothing and starts cutting as soon as a picture’s been taken. Everyone applauds and he tells them all to get out. He gets a page that says that he’s needed in the lobby, but he sends April to handle it.

While Owen is handling something with a nurse, Cristina tries to sneak past him, but he sees her and asks what she’s still doing here. She says she’s going to watch Derek’s neurosurgery, which is almost like sleeping. Owen asks how Teddy is taking things and even though he knows Cristina doesn’t want to talk about it, he asks her how he can get past all of this with Teddy. Cristina says Teddy is taking the death of her husband out on him, so he’ll just have to deal with it. He then realizes he should be talking to Teddy instead of her. He says he’ll see her at the party before walking off.

April arrives in the lobby and a nurse points her towards Adele, who immediately starts asking her where her husband is. There’s a woman with Adele. She found her on the street, trying to walk to the hospital, which is 7 miles away from their home. Adele urges April to find her husband. April promises she will and asks her to wait here. Taking the woman aside, April asks her to stay with Adele, but Adele has already disappeared behind their backs.

April finds Adele in Richard’s former office, but the room is not used anymore. Adele thinks that Richard’s stuff being gone means he’s left her. As April tries to explain he’s in surgery, Adele says he’s finally left her. She thinks he never loved her, but always Ellis. As Adele continues to freak out, April tries to calm her down.

In surgery, Bailey compliments Meredith’s technique and says she has her mother’s hands. Meredith says she hasn’t declared anything yet, but Bailey asks if she really wants to waste all her talent on only one predictable organ. She herself enjoys leaping from one abdominal organ to the other. She’s taken out the liver, which can now go to Richard’s OR.

Lexie comes in to tell Wes and his mother that they’re ready for the surgery. The mother says he’ll be okay and starts crying. He tells her not to cry as Dr. Shepherd’s the best. They hug, which is an emotional moment for all of them.

Owen finds Teddy. He tries to get through to her and convince her to talk, but she doesn’t want to, at all. She walks off.

Derek and Lexie have started the surgery. In order to teach her, he asks Lexie to talk him through the surgery as he does it. He has to correct her.

As Richard is operating with Meredith, April enters the gallery with Adele to show her that Richard is working and that he hasn’t left her. However, Adele sees Ellis in Meredith and April puts on the intercom. Adele yells that he promised her that he wouldn’t work with Ellis anymore. April doesn’t know what to do as Adele yells at Meredith to let him go. Richard instructs April to keep the line open. He tries to calm down Adele, but she keeps on screaming about him and Ellis. Meredith can’t scrub out, as he needs her hands. She advises him to talk to her about a happy memory, as it worked for her mother. He then starts singing My Funny Valentine, which indeed makes Adele calm down. She starts singing along while he continues operating. After she finishes the song, he starts talking about their wedding, for which that song was used as the first song. This makes her realize that he still loves her. Richard then tells Meredith to have Bailey cancel the party she planned for his 10,000th surgery.

Lexie still hasn’t come up with a good surgical plan. He dishes off on every approach she suggests. She tells him they promised him they’d try, but he says they have to close up as the surgery will kill him. She refuses to accept this and says they at least have to try. Derek says there’s no longer a 5% chance and gets ready to close, but Lexie covers Wes’ head with her hands and reveals Wes knows about the tumor. She told him they’d try and that he’s the best. She begs him, but he tells her to leave the OR right now. She has to obey as Derek gets ready to close.

Owen enters the conference room, where the party is being cancelled. April tells him he can help himself to cake. He then sees Alex eating cake and asks him why he isn’t with McQueen in the OR. Alex reveals Yang and Altman took that. Owen rushes off.

Lexie meets Derek in the scrub room and tells him that he has to tell Wes about the tumor, as his mother will lie and say it all went great. He’s gonna go home thinking he won’t die in three months. Derek apologizes, but it’s not their call as they’re not the parents. They can’t tell him anything.

Cristina and Teddy are in surgery. Cristina freezes as she sees Owen in the scrub room. He comes in and asks what’s going on. Teddy tells him McQueen wasn’t qualified, and she took over as head of the department. They continue operating. He says they should’ve told him, but Teddy says they had no time. However, Owen recalls he talked to both of them earlier today, but Teddy claims they didn’t know they’d be doing the surgery back then. Owen wants to yell at them for lying, but Cristina asks him to get into it later as this is a complicated procedure. He says they will after they’re done and leaves, but hears them laughing as soon as he’s left, angering him even more.

Lexie is right: Wes’s mother is lying and telling him all the medical stuff is done now. She promises him they can do all the trips. Wes turns to Derek and says that Derek didn’t do it, as he told him before the surgery that he’d be stuck in the hospital for a few weeks after the surgery. Derek says he’s right and that sometimes when they get in, things change. That’s why he gets to go home. His mother promises that everything will be fine and that he doesn’t have to worry as she tries to hold back her tears. He says she’ll be okay too, she doesn’t have to worry about him either. He’ll be in heaven with his dad. Both Lexie and Derek get emotional as they witness the moment.

Meredith tells Karen in post-op that everything went great. “Thank God,” Karen says. However, Marcy yells from the room next door to thank her instead. She starts complaining about the scar as Karen says she already thanked Marcy about a million times. It doesn’t seem to make a difference, so Karen says she’s done thanking her. She won’t allow Marcy to mention her generosity anymore, except for on Thanksgiving. Meredith urges them to stop as they could hurt themselves, but Karen now threatens Marcy that she’ll reveal all secrets she knows about Marcy’s life if she doesn’t stop, until Meredith yells they need to shut up.

In post-op, Cristina is telling her patient and his wife that she’ll be staying tonight to monitor. However, Teddy comes in and says she’ll do it. The wife is extremely happy that the department head is willing to do such a thing. Cristina offers to stay with Teddy, but she says Cristina has to go to Zola’s party as she’s her godmother. Besides, she’s just going to eat widow casserole and feel sorry for herself. Cristina still hesitates, but Teddy tells her to go.

Meredith’s house is crowded for the party. She brings in Zola, who’s wearing a cute little pink dress. Even Richard made it, as Adele insisted he wouldn’t miss the party. Adele is doing better; the night nurse is with her. He then offers Zola a present. Watching him, Meredith seems to get an idea.

April talks to Alex. Even though she has a hundred reasons why she doesn’t want him to live with her, she needs his money so they can rent a really nice place, which has more to offer than the place she and Jackson could afford on their own.

In the kitchen, after agreeing that Zola won’t remember, and having taken a picture, Meredith scrapes the Zola frosting off of the cake.

She, Derek, and Zola walk into the living room with the cake. With everyone watching, they present it to Richard. The cake now only reads Yay, and they say it’s to celebrate his 10,000th surgery. He blows out the candle as everyone applauds.

Callie and Arizona compliment Mark and Julia on the dress they bought Zola. Julia is flattered, but admits she has great taste. While Julia goes to get a refill, Mark tells the two ladies that even though they love Julia already, he’s not there yet. She’s great and he’s happy they get along, but he doesn’t want to rush it as that was always the mistake in his previous relationships. Callie and Arizona agree this is very adult of him.

Owen enters the house now too and watches how Cristina is playfully talking to Zola about how big the heart that she operated on was. After sharing a look, Owen disappears.

Derek sits down with Lexie. He explains lost causes are not fun, but she doesn’t need them to be fun; she needs them to be not like today. He throws up another coin: heads she continues with the lost causes, tails she does the fun stuff. However, she catches the coin and says she’s in either way. He then tells her to come join the party.

Owen is pouring himself a drink in the kitchen. Cristina comes in and says she’s sorry. He asks if she’s sorry that she did or because he’s mad. He then says he’s taking Cristina off of Teddy’s service, curious to find out what she’ll do without Cristina as her security blanket. Cristina firmly disagrees, but he says she should thank him as he could’ve fired both of them. She calls he has no idea what is going on. He has a very good idea. Cristina says Teddy now gets whatever she wants from her, as she operated on her husband and he is now dead.

Meredith is putting the casseroles down on a table. Richard joins her and says Bailey told him the good news. Meredith is declaring general. Actually, Meredith says, she’s not sure anymore. Richard is a little disappointed and brings up her mother, but that is exactly why Meredith isn’t sure yet. She doesn’t want to be like her mother. Richard tells her to look at everything she did today. That’s nothing like her mother. She has a gift, and he tells her not to waste it.

Owen recalls it was an impossible situation. It was, Cristina, says, but it was his call. He put Henry on her table and had her lie to Teddy, just like he did. Those were his decisions, so he has to accept the consequences. He doesn’t want her to talk about consequences, as she can’t even accept a simple punishment for what she did today. She yells he doesn’t get to punish her. It’s not her fault that Teddy hates him, so she doesn’t want him to take out his guilt on her. He thinks he has nothing to feel guilty about, this is about her. It’s always been about her, it’s always what she wants. That’s always been her position, he says, she lives like and how she wants, she gets whatever she wants, all the time.

In the living room, Richard starts telling everyone about his first surgery. They all try to concentrate, but they all hear Owen screaming from the kitchen that Cristina does whatever works for her. Meredith heads to the kitchen.

Cristina reminds him they’re fighting over one surgery. He’s not only talking about the surgery, but he also yells, he’s talking about all their decisions. It’s about this life he envisioned for himself. Cristina realizes it all comes back to her abortion. Owen says he’s indeed bringing it up again. She yells that it was a horrible situation, but it’s over now, so she wants him to forget it. “You killed our baby! You don’t ever forget that!” he yells.

Cristina is shocked, and so is Meredith, standing in the doorway, and everyone else in the living room.

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