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Grey’s anatomy season 08 episode 19:” Support System”

During the voice over, there are flashbacks to moments from Cristina and Owen’s relationship.

Owen is having a drink with a blonde woman at Joe’s. She’s amazed by what he did at work and they chat a little about it. He wants to go, but she begs him to have one more, as it’s the least she can do.


“And then what happened?” Cristina asks, lying in bed. Owen doesn’t know what good could come out of it, but there isn’t any good, she replies. He wants to talk to her about it, but she snaps at him to stop saying her name. He wants to fix this and do whatever she wants him to in order to do so. But asking to tell the story is asking him to hurt and torture her with the details. “Of you having sex with another woman,” she completes. Nevertheless, she wants to know every detail. He wants to fix this, then she needs to know how this happened.


While walking through the park with Sofia, Callie is quizzing Meredith. She tries to psych Meredith out, but it doesn’t work. This means she’s ready for the boards. The Torres method is inside her. Now Callie’s going home because she’s sick of pushing Sofia through this park at the crack of dawn, which means Meredith is free to go do whatever she does.

Meredith and Derek are laughing and kissing in an on-call room. Derek loves this, but this is Meredith’s time to drink coffee with Cristina and gripe about the world, so he asks what’s going on. Nothing’s wrong, she says, so they continue. However, he soon gets paged.


Jackson is present at the staff meeting, handing out sheets to the attendings. He has no idea why he’s there, but he rather be studying for his boards or practicing medicine. Arizona is enjoying a doughnut. Mark comes and says that as the Chief, he believes a nice variety of baked goods is the right way to start any meeting. “As the Chief?” Bailey asks, and none of the other attendings understand either. Mark explains Hunt and Yang are down with the flu, and he will be interim Chief in Hunt’s absence. Bailey can’t believe Owen specifically asked Mark to take over, but Mark says he did and he starts the meeting.

As they leave the conference room, Teddy tells Callie and Arizona that she made reservations at Jane’s for ladies’ night. She knows that restaurant is kind of romantic and that ladies’ night is different than date night, but Teddy felt the need to go somewhere beautiful. She’s really excited about ladies’ night. She walks off and Callie explains she suggested it last week. Not like at a girl bar as Arizona is thinking, but just a night out for Teddy. Arizona asks if they have another lady or if it will just be two lesbian moms and a widow at Seattle’s most romantic restaurant. Callie walks over to Bailey and says poor sad widow Teddy wants to have a ladies’ night, which is enough for Bailey to shoot it down already. However, Arizona brings up this would make Teddy feel like a third wheel at the restaurant. Bailey agrees, but only if they’re buying.

Webber has good news for his yellow patient Neil Sheridan: they found a donor. Neil recalls Webber has stood him up at this dance before, but Richard jokes he now has a new corsage. Meredith presents the case, which has a long history. Richard says he’s scheduled for surgery today, but Neil will only believe that when he sees it. Bailey and Webber leave. Meredith asks if she needs to call his family, but he says they already came to say their goodbyes the first two times. It was sweet, but he’s heard it. If he changes his mind, he can always let her know.

April is hitting Alex with questions from study cards. She asks Jackson to join in, but he explains Sloan took over as Chief and he’s the Chief’s bitch now. Jackson and Alex are struggling to come up with an answer, so Meredith gives it. Alex objects she doesn’t even need to know advanced urology for her boards, but Meredith does anyway because the Torres method is inside her. Alex is jealous of her. Jackson says he’s screwed because all these hypothetical cases make him forget which cases are real. Alex says Yang is the one that’s screwed, because no one has seen her study and now she’s out sick. April agrees you can’t pass the boards on raw talent. However, Meredith insists Cristina is fine.

Owen asks Cristina what the point of this is. She replies the point is that she wants to know and has the right to. As his wife, she has the right to know what he did. He doesn’t want to do this. He did a horrible thing, but he’s not willing to play a movie of all his crimes so she can decide he’s a monster. She tells him to get out then. As he asks if she wants him to leave, the phone rings. He can’t believe she’s going to pick up, but she says it’s Meredith for the fifth time. She knows Meredith will come over if she doesn’t answer. She picks up and assures Meredith she and Owen both have the flu. She then hangs up. Owen asks if he should stay or go. That’s up to him, she says. He puts down his jacket and says it happened the day after they quit therapy. He met the woman at the hospital.

More flashbacks of Cristina and Owen’s relationship, now their therapy session is included.

In a flashback, the paramedic brings in patient. After directing her to a trauma room, he asks if anybody is with the patient. “I am,” the blonde woman says as she enters the ER.

Cristina is making tea while he cleans up. She asks what the woman’s name was, but he honestly doesn’t remember.

Jackson gives Mark his schedule. Mark is disappointed he didn’t name lunch “beef with the Chief” as he instructed. Mark says you need to let people get little things off their chest before they get big. He’s serious about the Chief thing, as it’s his shot and he wants to do it right.

Jackson and Mark join Ben and Derek in Mr. Cooper’s room. Mr. Cooper has advanced juvenile arthritis, causing extensive fusion of the jaw and fusion of C-2, C-3, and C-4. He hasn’t had solid food for the past eight months, but Mark says that will no longer be the case after the surgery, in which they’ll place the titanium hinges he made. Derek asks Mark to speak with him outside.

Outside the room, Derek and Ben tell Mark they don’t think they should do the surgery, because with his condition, lying him down on the OR table will put pressure on the bottom of his spine and orotracheal intubation is impossible. He can do nasotracheal intubation, but there’s no guarantee that’ll work as any comprise of the tube cannot be fixed. They suggest to postpone the surgery until other plans can be made. Mark asks Jackson what’s in favor of doing the surgery today. Mr. Cooper has a major abscess in his mouth, which puts him at risk for sepsis and endocarditis. Since infection’s a killer, so Mark decides this can’t wait. They have to figure out a way to make him fit the schedule, but Derek has no idea what he can do now before 3 in the afternoon. Mark reminds him of his lost causes, where he makes the impossible possible. “Rise to the challenge, Shepherd. I believe in you,” Mark says. Derek smiles as he realizes he takes orders from Sloan now.

Alex tries to sneak a pile of archived charts out of the library, but the librarian stops him. The charts are private, so they do not leave the room, nor do they get copied. He says he needs real cases to study for his boards, but the librarian says the cases only leave the room in his brain. This gives him an idea.

Alex finds Lexie and asks about her schedule. She thinks he wants her to scrub in, but he asks about her photographic memory.

Lexie is in the library with Alex and April. They need her to memorize two piles of charts. Lexie says she has rounds and post-ops, but April says that when she and Alex are attendings next year, they will assign surgeries and put in recommendations for Chief Resident. She asks if Lexie really wants to get off on the wrong foot with them. Lexie doesn’t, so she sits down and starts reading. April says it’ll be so much fun to study with them.

Bailey tells Ben she can’t watch the game with him, because of the ladies’ night. Ben says that they’ve been on opposite schedules for two weeks and Tuck’s at his father, so he wasn’t planning on watching the game tonight. He would tell her what he was planning to do, but since it would be inappropriate in the workplace, he’s just gonna think it, while giving her a smoldering look. She says she’ll get out of ladies’ night.

Bailey comes in with Neil’s donor’s scans. All organs look good, except for a tumor on the liver. Mark says this makes him an unsuitable donor, but Richard says the tumor could be benign. He says the patient has had two transplant fall through already and that he won’t live much longer without a transplant. They could resect the tumor. It’s a little unconventional to operate on a donor, but there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work. Mark can’t believe they want to put compromised organs into their recipient’s body and give him cancer on top of it. Richard says he at least owes it to Neil to excise the tumor and test it, but Mark doesn’t agree. Bailey asks if he’s arguing surgical protocol with Dr. Webber, but he asks if she’s arguing protocol with the Chief. He orders them to call UNOS, call the donor unsuitable and put Neil back on the list.

Richard tells Neil he’s back on the list. Neil says they both know he won’t make it to the moment another set of organs becomes available. Meredith again asks if they can call someone, but Neil says that would kill his family worse than the first two times they came to say goodbye. Neil says everyone’s alone in this world. He also tells Richard he’s the best doctor he’s ever had, so he doesn’t want Richard to beat himself up over it. It’s over for him, and they did everything they could. Richard disagrees there and brings up the resection plan again. Bailey says the donor is still on life support and resection of heart and lungs isn’t scheduled until this afternoon. Meredith brings up Sloan’s objections, but Richard will take care of that.

In the cafeteria, Mark tells Jackson that Webber understands that you have to make hard decisions as the Chief. He asks who’s up for the first appointment, but there’s no one. Mark claims people would’ve showed up if he’d called it “Beef with the Chief”. Jackson has no beef, he’d rather go study for his boards, but Mark doesn’t allow him to. Derek comes over, saying he knows he doesn’t have an appointment, but he wants to talk about Jason Cooper. Jackson offers him his seat and quickly leaves. Derek says he can carve a cradle out of foam that would hold Jason’s head and neck during the surgery, reducing the chance of respiratory complication. Mark says it’s a good idea, but he says Derek can do better, because the cradle won’t be flexible enough if they have to adjust Jason mid-surgery. He again tells Derek to rise.

Bailey tells Arizona and Callie that she can’t do ladies’ night because she and Ben are taking salsa lessons tonight. Callie doesn’t buy and knows that Bailey just wants to get laid. Bailey insists it’s a long-standing salsa appointment and leaves. “I bet it’s going to be long,” Arizona comments.

April and Alex are fighting over which chart Lexie will read next. Jackson comes over, asking if she can look at some of his charts too. She’s overwhelmed and agrees to. Meredith comes over and dumps a pile of “priority” charts in front of Lexie, who sighs. The charts are for Cristina, who needs help because she’s not here herself. They continue arguing until the librarian shuts them up.

Again, flashbacks of Cristina and Owen’s history. After those, we see Owen leaving Joe’s with the blonde woman. None of them realized how late it has gotten. They shake hands and wish each other a good night. The woman thanks him again for having saved her friend’s life. They laugh and she asks him to kiss her. He says he’s drunk and married, but she wants him to kiss her anyway. She insists he can, making him say she’s trouble. “Kiss me anyway,” she repeats. They kiss.

Cristina is crying hysterically in bed after hearing this, with a guilty Owen sitting on the side. He lies down and wants to take her into his arms, but she shrugs him away. He does manage to do it anyway, and she calms down for a second until she frees herself to run into the bathroom.

In daycare, Derek tells Meredith she has to fix this thing with Yang and Hunt, because Yang has never missed a day of work because she’s sick and Sloan as Chief is driving him crazy. Meredith says she can’t fix this and says Owen cheated on Cristina. She doesn’t know the whole story. Derek is surprised to hear Owen told her, but Meredith says he didn’t really know he was telling her. Meredith knows Cristina knows that she knows. They can’t talk about it, because then they would be talking about. Derek can’t follow his wife’s explanation, but he hopes they figure it out. As he picks up his daughter and lies her down in a bean bag, he realizes Sloan does have a point about stabilizing Jason Cooper’s spine.

Arizona answers Mark page by meeting him at the OR board. He says she and Callie have to take Sofia tonight, but Arizona says they have ladies’ night tonight with Teddy, and not in a girl bar kind of way. However, Mark says they have to, because he doesn’t know when he’ll be home with all this Chief stuff, and they still owe him for Valentine’s Day. Arizona walks off. Mark then asks April how long an appy takes. An hour and 15 minutes tops, she says. He asks why Grey and Bailey are blocking an OR for 8 hours then. He kind of realizes what’s going on, and since April can’t lie, he has his suspicion confirmed.

Mark walks into Bailey’s OR and yells at them not to touch the patient. Bailey asks him to let them please do their jobs, but Mark is doing his job as well, which is being the Chief today, and as the Chief, he told them not to perform the procedure. He orders to have Neil taken back to his room and have him back on the transplant list. Neil tells Meredith he knew this plan would never work.

Mark walks into Richard’s OR and asks if he wasn’t clear this morning. Richard shows him the benign tumor he just took out of the donor. He’s been a general surgeon for more than 30 years, he knows a benign adenoma when he sees it. Mark says that organs are compromised when there’s a tumor on them, Richard knows the rules. Richard says he’s a good doctor, and maybe even a great Chief one day, but he is after all a plastic surgeon, which means he’s a perfectionist who wants everything by the rules so it’ll end up pretty. Richard doesn’t need pretty or perfect. He does need to make this work, and he needs to take out the tumor and put the healthy organs inside his very sick patient to do so. It won’t be pretty, but it’ll keep his patient alive. “Stand down, Chief Sloan,” Richard says. As Mark leaves, Richard continues operating.

Owen is trying to get in the bathroom, but Cristina locked the door and won’t open it. He thinks she’s hurting herself in there, but she’s crying, leaning against the door. He doesn’t know what to do and says he’ll have to break in the door. He asks her to open it if she’s out of the way, but gets no response. As he gets ready to break in the door, she opens it and moves out the way. He runs and crashes on the bathroom floor. As he’s in pain, she starts laughing. He laughs with her, but when she starts laughing hysterically, he gets worried. While laughing, she says she has an M.D. and a Ph.D.. She’s a freaking cardiothoracic surgeon. She’s supposed to study for her boards, the most important exam of her life, but she’s locked in a bathroom, crying, because of a boy! She continues laughing, but eventually stops. Things get serious again.

They’re lying in bed together. Cristina thinks it would be easier if he had fallen in love with the woman, because then it would be clear and clean. He’d be leaving Cristina for her. He’d have fallen out of love with her, and fallen in love with the woman. He would’ve slept with her because he couldn’t control himself because of all the love. He insists it wouldn’t have been easier. He once again says it was just sex, and just once. Cristina doesn’t understand why he would sleep with another woman. He says he was lonely because they were fighting and he was afraid of what was happening to them. He got drunk, and he did an incredibly stupid thing. People make mistakes, he says. He does, but so does she. Cristina thinks he’s bringing up the abortion again and asks if he had sex because of the abortion. He screams he had sex with someone because he was hurt. “And you wanted to hurt me back?” she asks. She watches him and realizes that is the actual truth.

Arizona tells Callie Mark can’t have Sofia tonight, so they’ll have to have ladies’ night at their place. Callie is not looking forward to the two of them alone with Teddy. Arizona hates ladies’ night, but Callie says it would be great if they could ditch Teddy. Arizona says that’s horrible, but Callie proposes they do some salsa dancing too. Arizona is up for that, but asks if Teddy will understand, and Callie is sure she will: they’re rescheduling, not cancelling. Arizona says they’re bad ladies for doing this. “Maybe very bad,” Callie whispers in a sensual way.

Meredith and Bailey remove all Neil’s bad organs as Richard brings over the new healthy organs. It’s a whole lot of organs. They carefully lay them down in Neil’s body cavity. Neil meanwhile is already looking less yellow.

Derek presents his solution in the OR: a bean bag. It stabilizes Jason’s cervical spine, but yet gives enough flexibility for intubation and possible repositioning. He admits his inspiration came from daycare. Mark says he planted a seed of inspiration and nurtured it, and Derek rose because of it. “Am I a fantastic leader or what?” Mark asks. “All hail the Chief,” Ben jokes, asking when Owen will be back. Not soon enough, Derek replies.

Arizona finds Teddy, who seemed to have fallen asleep while charting. She needs more coffee. Arizona says that if she’s too tired for ladies’ night, they don’t have to go out. Teddy thinks she doesn’t want to go out. She asks herself when she will stop freaking people out and tells Arizona she doesn’t want to be the big sad widow who brings the entire room down and ruins other people’s fun. Arizona says she just thought Teddy was tired and that they’re all excited for ladies’ night. It’s gonna be fun.

Arizona finds Callie and Bailey, who are ready to go out, and says that they are bad, selfish people. Teddy is counting on them and leaning on them when she is feeling vulnerable and alone, and they are talking about dancing and getting it on and not even being halfway decent friends to Teddy in her time of need. Bailey says she only cancelled because she knew the two of them would be there and asks what their excuse it. Callie wanted to salsa. Arizona says nobody is going to salsa. They’re having ladies’ night, and the two of them will be there too. She won’t accept excuses.

An overwhelmed Lexie tells Meredith she read so much she thinks things are falling out. Meredith takes her into a conference room and places her on a seat. “There’s nothing in my brain,” Lexie says as April comes in, asking why she isn’t in the reading room. Lexie wants to say she’ll get back there, but Meredith says there’s no more using her sister like a database. They broke her, so it’s over. Done.

Owen has packed some of his stuff in a bag. He’ll come back to pack the rest of his stuff another time. Cristina nods. After a short goodbye, he says he’ll always be in love with her. She’s the love of his life and he’ll never love another woman. “You don’t even remember her name,” Cristina says. He tells her to take care of herself and leaves.

In the ICU, Neil wakes up after surgery. Meredith says he’s alive. He asks where everybody is. Meredith reminds him he didn’t tell anybody he was having surgery, but he thought they’d call to check up on him. Meredith reminds him he declined the offer multiple times, but he says his family should know not to listen to him. He can’t believe they didn’t come, as he could’ve died. Meredith says they can call them now. He agrees to that.

At Callie and Arizona’s apartment, Callie says she got ginger cookies for dessert, but Bailey doesn’t want dessert. Plate of food, glass of wine, then everybody on their way, she says. The doorbell rings and Callie lets Teddy in. She apologizes for being late, but she couldn’t choose what type of wine, but then she realized they have the entire night, so she brought them all. She also brought DVDs! While the others do their best to act enthusiastically, Teddy sits down on the sofa.

An emotional Cristina is sitting in bed, alone. She picks up the phone as Meredith calls, but doesn’t say anything. Meredith says she can hear her breathing and asks if she’s okay. Meredith asks if she’s feeling better. Cristina replies she is, but breaks down crying then. Meredith sits down while listening to her crying person. She says she knows Cristina doesn’t want to talk about it, but she wants Cristina to know she’s there, so she’ll stay on the phone with her until she wants to hang up. Cristina appreciates this, but hangs up after a couple of seconds.

Derek finds Owen golfing up on the hospital’s roof. He asks if he’s feeling better. Owen doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so Derek reminds him about the flu. “Ah, yeah,” Owen says softly. Derek asks if Owen minds if he’d join him. Not at all. Derek takes a club and says Sloan turned out to be a good Chief. Owen says he asked for him or Webber. He can’t believe Mark Sloan was Chief. It wasn’t bad, Derek says, but asks Owen not to let Mark know he said that. They hit the balls.

Jason’s wife is holding a cup with a straw so he can drink.

Neil is surrounded by his family, who brought him gifts.

April, Jackson, and Alex have gathered in Meredith’s living room. She brought them together, because even though the boards are individual, they can work together to make sure they all pass. She tells them that as of now, when they’re not at the hospital, they will be here. They’ll eat and sleep here, no breaks, no distractions. It’s the Grey method and it starts now. She gives each of them a marker and writes their names on a huge paper on the wall. The doorbell rings. It’s Cristina, who says she’s gonna fail her boards. She needs to study. Meredith invites her in and gives her a marker too, closing the door after her.

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