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Grey’s anatomy season 09 episode 18:” Idle Hands”


Down in the ER, Owen and Cristina admire the new LODOX, which will allow them to do a full-body scan in just 13 seconds and get more exposure than with traditional x-rays. The ER will be re-opening tomorrow and their new machine will save time and lives. Cristina asks Owen to repeat the last thing he said and he does. She asks if he likes his new toy. He says he does, so she says to shut up and thank her for it. They share a kiss.

Callie is waiting on the couch. She asks if Arizona needs any help. Arizona says she doesn’t, that it’s on and asks if Callie’s ready. She is, so Arizona steps out of their bedroom in her new high-heel prosthetic, panties, and a t-shirt. She says she obviously won’t be wearing it with a t-shirt and underwear, but Callie says she should only wear it with a t-shirt and underwear. Or nothing would be even better. Callie walks toward her, but Arizona says she needs to practice walking on it so she can wear it to work.

Meredith is reading a pamphlet on neonatal care as Derek tells their baby about the first time he went fly-fishing. Meredith says the baby has stopped kicking and her eyesight is developing that week. Unless it’s not and she’s blind. Derek says that he or she is not blind and if he or she is, that’s okay. Meredith asks what to call it. It? Derek suggests that one of them use he and one she. Meredith says it’ll grow up thinking one of them is always wrong. Then she says maybe it can’t hear anyway. Maybe it’s deaf. Derek says deaf is fine and points out that Helen Keller went to Harvard. Meredith continues to posit terrible scenarios, but Derek tells her just to go to sleep.

Meredith and Derek walk into the newly re-modeled Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and Meredith remarks that they own a hospital. Derek says they have for a few weeks, but she says that now it has an ER and coffee sleeves with a new logo. She asks Cristina if they really needed the coffee sleeves and Cristina says they needed them for branding. They had a 17-hour meeting about it.

They meet up with Jackson and Richard and Richard says that the new logo catches the eye. Derek sees a sheet over the new GSM sign. Jackson says he thought they put it there for an unveiling. Richard says someone should say a few words. Callie and Arizona walk up and ask why they’re staring at the wall. Cristina says they’re waiting for the unveiling. Callie says they should be staring at Arizona. Meredith asks if she got a haircut, but Callie says she got a new high-heeled leg that makes her ass go pow! Callie says it’s the one time the guys can comment on it and not be gross, but when Richard tries, Arizona cuts him off and says they should just do the unveiling. Jackson says that he thinks the sheet was just left by the painters and he pulls it down. They look at the sign for a moment before he sends them all back to work.


Cristina is holding a magazine and says they’re awesome. She asks if Meredith saw their picture in the magazine. Meredith says she’s at 28 weeks and is worried about DiGeorge Syndrome. Alex is sitting at the desk and points out how rare that is. He says a cleft palate or heart defect is more likely. Cristina says if the baby has a heart defect, she will fix it. Meredith keeps asking about other options. Cristina says they own a hospital, a great hospital, and whatever’s wrong with the baby, they will fix it. Meredith asks if she agrees that there’s definitely something wrong. Cristina sees a picture of Marcus Cho in the magazine she’s reading. She says he was a moron who was a year-behind her at Stanford. He got published with his attending for robot-assisted surgery. Meredith says he looks smart, but Cristina insists that he’s a moron. Alex tells Meredith about an OB who was delivering a baby using forceps and popped the baby’s head off. Meredith says that’s what she’s talking about.

Alex is explaining to Pablo they they’re giving him fluids in preparation for his chemo. Pablo asks if Alex is going to set up his chemo or if Dr. Wilson is going to do it. Alex says Dr. Wilson is going to do it because she’s been begging for more time with him. Pablo asks if she cried because he has that effect on the ladies. Jason comes in looking for Jo. He asks her to scrub in with him. Jo asks Alex if it’s okay and he says that it is. While they’re talking, Pablo detaches his IV and sprays Jason’s pants with his IV fluids. He plays it off as a mistake and apologizes. Jason tells him not to sweat it and calls him “little man.” Pablo corrects that he’s not little. He’s 12, but his growth was stunted by a lifetime of cancer. Jo and Jason leave. Alex asks Pablo if he did it on purpose. Pablo calls Jason a nozzle and asks if Jo is going out with Jason, saying he hates Jason. Alex says that guy’s a doctor, so Pablo can’t hate him. Pablo proposes that they do something else.


Owen and April are introducing the interns and other hospital staff to the new ER. Then they lead the group to the LODOX. Leah asks when they can use it and Heather volunteers, saying that when she was six, she shoved a marble up her nose and it never came out. Owen says the LODOX is not a toy. It’s exciting, but they have to be patient. The nurse at the desk then alerts them to an incoming ATV accident trauma.

Bailey follows Jackson down the hallway, trying to approach him with an idea, but he brushes her off, saying he’s going to the ER to find something to operate on. She continues to talk about how she has an idea for a genome lab. He says they spent all their money on a new ER. She tries to hand him her proposal, but he walks away, saying he’s a doctor today.

Paramedics bring in Susie Kramer, who was in an ATV accident. Owen takes her to use the LODOX, but before they can get the scan, he sees that she’s bleeding through the bandages and she needs to be taken directly to the OR. They don’t have 13 seconds to spare. After they have left, Heather asks if they want to look for her marble.

Shane comes out to the waiting room to talk to Susie’s father. Shane says there was a lot of damage because she wasn’t wearing a helmet. Jim Kramer corrects that she was wearing a helmet. He’d never let her near one without it. She took her helmet off to take a picture and was hit. Shane says they’ll do everything they can and Jim questions why he’s still standing there.

Bailey approaches Cristina, who doesn’t have a sec because she’s looking for Dr. Russell. Bailey tries to pitch her, but Cristina says she’s been postponing research to write policy while idiots like Marcus Cho are getting published. Bailey then says she has an idea and presents her genome project. Cristina says she needs cutting-edge cardio research to get on. Dr. Russell pops out and says he’s happy to hear that. Cristina tells him that she needs to be put to work. He asks what she’s doing that afternoon and she walks off with him, leaving Bailey behind.

Jason enters the ER looking for the person who paged him. He asks around, but can’t find anyone.

Meredith is doing an ultrasound on Madeleine Skurski. Owen and Jackson come up next to the bed and they try to get Meredith to put her through the LODOX. Madeleine asks if she needs one. Meredith says she doesn’t. She sends Owen and Jackson away. Madeleine says that the pain recently got worse. She thought she had a stomach bug. She works with kids, so she drowns herself in hand sanitizer. She’s been out of work for a week, the first time she’s called in sick in 28 years. There are a lot of cooking shows now and it turns out that she loves watching people cook. But she woke up that morning and couldn’t move because the pain was so bad, so she called an ambulance. Meredith tells Madeleine that it looks like gallstones. That means surgery, but it can be done laparoscopically. She leaves to have Madeleine admitted.

As Meredith walks up to the desk, April asks if she just updated a patient file and they watch the ER patient tracking board update. Meredith says April gets excited about things when she cheers as the board updates. April asks about Meredith’s baby and she responds pessimistically and asks about Matthew. April says it’s going terribly and she will probably have to break up with him. Meredith asks why and April asks if she’s really asking, because she really needs to talk about it. Meredith’s not sure she’s asking, but April tells her anyway. She says Matthew’s never been to the carnival and thinks April hasn’t either because that’s what she told him, but she has and she rode the rides. Meredith pieces together that she went to the carnival with Jackson. April says she enjoyed it and she wants Matthew to go with her, but he wants to wait, which is why he’s perfect, because that’s what she wanted, but she didn’t wait. She’s worried that she’ll push him closer and closer and eventually, she’ll buy him a ticket and shove him on the tilt-a-whirl and he’ll love it and she’ll have corrupted him. Meredith isn’t sure why April’s talking to her about it because she loves the carnival and goes every chance she gets. Meredith says April’s whole thing is that God has a plan, right? So maybe God plans for her to take Matthew to the carnival. April says Meredith’s right and she should not be talking to her about it.

Callie walks into an x-ray viewing room where Arizona is looking at a scan. She says they have a fancy new ER and all she’s done is splint a pinky. Arizona says that if they get off a decent time, they can put Sofia down early, she can make dinner, and they can … Callie asks, “Really?” Arizona says yes. She thinks tonight is definitely the night. Callie clarifies that they’re talking about sex. Bailey comes into the room to talk about her project, but Callie cuts her off. Bailey says she was fed some kind of crap about how the door’s always open, but Callie says right now, it’s closed. Bailey just wants one minute. Bailey asks what happened to the new hospital, run by doctors? Callie then tells her that what happened is her wife’s new leg is making her feel sexy, so they’re going to have sex for the first time in a long time. Bailey then walks out of the room.

Bailey comes in to the OR while Meredith is operating on Madeleine. She wants to talk about her project while Meredith is cornered and can’t walk away. She starts talking, but Meredith sees something concerning on the monitor, so she asks Bailey about it. It’s not gallstones. Her gallbladder is calcified. Bailey tells her not to think the worst, but Meredith says it’s a hard mass. It’s cancer.

Bailey and Meredith have Madeleine open on the table and Meredith says it has spread to the liver. Bailey says she was teaching until last week, so it can’t be that bad. She suggests that they resect part of the liver in an attempt to get it all. However, it was encasing the hepatic artery and the bile duct, so they were forced to close. Her cancer was deemed un-resectable.

Derek opens Susie’s skull cap. He sends Shane out to update her father, but Shane warns that he’s very angry. Derek says he can handle it, to start with the positive news and be confident. Don’t make any promises he can’t keep. Shane says he’ll channel Derek and it’ll be fine.

Cristina is doing a lotus valve replacement with Russell. He’s explaining the procedure to her, but she knows all about it. She’s been dying to get in on it since he started to work on it. He allows her to place the valve.

Callie finds April staring at the LODOX. She’s surprised no one has used it yet. April starts to compare it to a carnival ride and why would God put something like that in front of them if they weren’t meant to use it. Callie says she doesn’t think God was involved. The board paid for it and they definitely want it to be used. Jason comes up and asks if either of them paged him.

Alex and Pablo flip through pictures of Jason going all over the hospital following pages. They listen as he gets paged to proctology. Alex says he needs to get back to work, but Pablo says he has a great idea for the next one.

Madeleine asks if Meredith if she’s going to die. Meredith says that chemo might give her more time, but it’s not a cure. Just then, three of her students come to her hospital room door. They’re supposed to be at their after-school study session, but they don’t like their substitute, so they came to see her. They asks if she’s coming back soon. She tells them not to worry, that she’ll be good as new really soon. She gets Meredith to back her up.

Shane is updating Jim Kramer. He’s upset when he learns that Susie could be paralyzed. He becomes aggressive toward Shane when Shane doesn’t have the information he wants.

Madeleine says she knows she shouldn’t have lied to the kids. She prides herself in being truthful. She just couldn’t tell them. Meredith says there might be a way to help prepare them and it might help. Madeleine says that she teaches them science and math, things that make sense. Yesterday, she was watching TV, happy to have a little break from school. Now she probably won’t even make it to finals. Their parents or Mr. Arnold will have to tell them, because she doesn’t know what to say. This sucks. They don’t say sucks, but this sucks.

Leah and Jackson are leaning on the ER desk, talking about patients. Heather comes up and says she has a sprained ankle. Leah wants to put the patient in the LODOX, but Owen won’t allow it. Jackson says he has a stomachache because they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the LODOX and it’s just sitting there. Owen asks how bad the sprain is.

Arizona is in a conference room stretching out her leg. Callie comes in and tells her that her ass doesn’t quit. Arizona says the heels are killing her. She doesn’t know what she was thinking because heels were a pain before she had a plastic leg. Why would it be better now? Callie ask if she can take a look, but Arizona says no. Callie thinks she might be able to help, but Arizona says Callie’s her wife, not her doctor. Callie says they’re not going to have sex tonight. Arizona says no one has said that. Callie says she just told her her leg hurts. Tonight, when she puts on her drop-dead gorgeous underwear, Arizona will tell her to change into her sweats and when she gets disappointed, Arizona will tell her not to make that face because her leg had been bothering her. Arizona asks what kind of manipulative bitch Callie thinks she is. Callie says Arizona’s not the bitch, she’s the bitch. Arizona’s uncomfortable, like she has been for a long time, and if she were a good person, she’d continue to be patient, but she’s not. She leaves the room.

Jason goes to the ER desk, this time with a name: Talia. The nurse says that if he can find her, he can treat her. He calls out for Jenny Talia. The people nearby start to laugh and he realizes what he’s said. Alex and Pablo, watching from afar, bump fists. Webber confronts them and says he expected better from Alex. He says Alex needs to up his game.

Shane is critical of what Derek is doing in surgery. Derek interrupts to tell him about the first time he went fly fishing. He tried to cast like he had practiced, but he realized that if you overtry, you’ll miss it. He needed to relax. Shane asks why he told that story. Shane admits when asks that it calmed him down. Derek says that there’s a lot to be afraid of, but to get through it, you need to stay calm. Susie’s brain starts swelling and Derek asks Shane what they’ll do about it. Shane suggests more mannitol, which Derek approves.

Cristina and Russell come out of the lotus valve surgery, which Cristina says was awesome. Russell says phase two has gone really well. Cristina asks when phase three starts. He says it’s up to her. She thinks for a moment that he’s giving the project to her, but really, he needs more funding to make it happen. She thought he was bringing her onto the project, but he was just pitching her.

Cristina tells Meredith that this is what she was afraid of. Administrative crap is taking over her career. Russell doesn’t see her as a surgeon anymore. Meredith tells her baby to stop kicking. She asks Cristina to talk to the baby, to calm the baby down. Cristina says she’ll talk to it once it’s born. Or when she gets her first period, she’ll take that off Meredith’s hands. Or if it has a penis, she’ll tell him not to think with it. Meredith asks again and Cristina relents. She starts to speak to the baby. She doesn’t know what to say. Bailey comes in and shoos Cristina away. She starts to give her pitch to the baby. Meredith says to keep talking because it’s working. Cristina begins to suspect that she’s actually talking to them. Bailey gives each of them a copy of the proposal. She thinks it’s messed up that they’re in charge, but she’s not going to go there because she wants their money. She leaves and Cristina realizes that being in charge is a good thing. She leaves, but Meredith tries to stop her so she can talk to the baby more.

A nurse at the desk finishes a phone call and Jackson and Owen look at her expectantly. She says that an ambulance that was there earlier thought they left one of their backboards at the hospital, but they found it. Owen, frustrated, calls Heather and tells her to hop into the LODOX. They’ll at least figure out how to work it. Just then, April says there’s a motorcycle crash incoming, so Owen tells Heather to get out.

Jason approaches Bailey and gives her a urine sample. She asks why he did that. He got a memo that said she was in charge of the random drug testing program. She just tells him to stop doing whatever drugs he’s doing. They see Alex and Richard off to the side laughing and Jason takes the urine cup and leaves.

Callie walks up to Bailey and asks what it was about. Bailey says that’s what happens when the hospital is slow. Doctors start punking each other. Callie says they found funding for her project. Bailey thinks they’re punking her, but they had a quick board meeting and they found the money by cutting the budget of another department.

Russell is upset that the board cut his budget. He’ll have to lose a resident and a research assistant. Cristina says it’ll actually probably be two of each. It leaves him just with her. To do the work of four people, but she says she’s the best four people he’ll ever have. She says he can pile it on.

Callie finds Arizona looking at scans. She tells her about Bailey. Arizona says it’s fantastic, but Callie sees that she’s crying. She asks if she’s okay. Arizona says she is, but Callie knows she’s in pain because she’s been standing all day. She pulls a chair over and tells Arizona to sit down. As Callie goes to lock the door, Arizona says she doesn’t want to keep saying yes and then backing out. Callie says she’s a jerk for putting pressure on Arizona. Arizona says she can try, but she needs to adjust her leg. Callie wants to help because she’s an orthopedic surgeon. Arizona relents. Callie asks Arizona to remove her pants, which she does after a moment’s hesitation. Callie helps her get them off and then moves to touch her leg. Arizona quickly realizes that she’s not adjusting it. She’s taking it off. Callie puts her prosthetic down on the floor and asks Arizona to look at her. She says she’s going to put her hand on Arizona’s leg. Arizona tells her not to, but after a moment, she nods. Callie touches the end of her residual limb and Arizona gasps in pain. Callie tells her the problem is not the prosthetic, but her leg. Residual limbs get sore. She starts to massage the area. Arizona says it feels better and says she could give Callie a massage, too. Callie says, “With your girlie hands? Forget it.” which makes Arizona laugh. She thanks Callie, but Callie says that she’s Dr. Torres.

Madeleine is watching American Bake-Off when Meredith brings in a card from her class. Madeleine knows the kids are there. Meredith says they’re in the lobby and wants to know what to say to them, if they should come in or if she should tell them Madeleine can’t have visitors. Madeleine gestures for Meredith to bring her the card.

In the ER, they put the motorcycle crash victim in the LODOX and start the scan. They count as it works. They’re amazed at the results. It would have taken 15 scans to get that amount of information before. It’s magical. Owen says it was definitely worth waiting to see that, while April looks on in wonder.


Derek prepares Shane to go talk to Susie’s father. Shane tells him that she’s alive and until she wakes up, they won’t know more. Jim grabs at Shane, but Derek grabs him and pushes him back. He tells him again that his daughter is alive. Jim starts to calm down. Derek says they don’t know what’s going to happen yet, but it doesn’t do anyone any good to be afraid of what they don’t know. He tells him to get cleaned up so he can go see her. Jim says she always wears a helmet. He makes sure. He starts to cry on Derek.

Madeleine is talking to her students. They don’t like their substitute, so she gives them suggestions for how to deal with him. Then she asks what else they could do if he’ll be their teacher for the rest of the year. One of the kids asks if that’s going to happen. Madeleine doesn’t respond, but they know the answer. She asks them what would happen if she didn’t come back. One of the kids says it would suck, but then apologizes for saying that. She says that’s right; it’d suck. She then asks what else they can do to help their new teacher.

Derek comes back to Shane and Shane asks what happened to cool and calm. Derek says that never would have worked with this guy. Sometimes, you just have to shake the hell out of them. Meredith comes and asks Derek if he’s ready. He tells Shane to page him with updates and goes with Meredith. They both had rough cases. She says the baby’s quiet now, probably because it’s dead. He tells her to stop and she says she’s just kidding … mostly. He really wants her to stop. She says bad things happen and it makes her feel better to be prepared for that. Derek says they own a hospital full of machines, so they should go find out everything they can.

Richard and Alex discuss their pranks as they watch Jo examine Pablo. Jason comes up to Alex and Richard flees. Jason says it was pretty funny. Alex says it was about Pablo, but Jason doesn’t believe that. He says they can have fun about that later while he nails Jo in the bathroom at the bar. He goes into the room with Jo.

Callie comes into the bedroom telling Arizona that Sofia is asleep. She stops when she sees Arizona on the bed in sexy red lingerie. Arizona sits up and asks Callie to massage her leg again. She keeps asking Callie to get higher and higher. Then they start kissing and fall back onto the bed.

Meredith is getting an ultrasound. She asks if there’s a huge teratoma growing out of its head. The tech tells them to see for themselves. They see their baby’s face on the monitor.

Bailey finds Jackson and tells Bailey she believed he didn’t have any business running a hospital, but admits she was wrong and that they made a smart decision and she won’t disappoint them.

Cristina approaches Owen with a stack of folders. Owen asks what it is and Cristina says Russell put her on the lotus valve trial and she has to get through the material. She asks if Owen’s going to stay late to play with her new toy as they watch Leah putting Heather through the scanner. He says they aren’t toys, but they are pretty fun just as Leah tells Heather that she sees the marble.

Derek and Meredith count the baby’s fingers. She thinks she sees an 11th, but he says it’s not a finger. The baby is male. They share a kiss.

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