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Grey’s anatomy Season 11 Episode 3: “Got to Be Real”

Alex is showering as Meredith rants to him about Pierce. She doesn’t believe that Pierce is her half-sister because she believes she would have remembered her mom being pregnant when she was five. When Meredith pulls back the shower curtain, he screams about her seeing him naked. She sarcastically compliments his penis and tries to go back to her rant. Alex says that he’s happy to be her person, but he has a big presentation to make to the board so he can get a job, which he needs because Oliver Lebackes fired him. He was up all night practicing. Meredith continues her rant and Alex admits that Pierce’s story is far-fetched.

Outside the bathroom, Jo is listening through the door and complaining to Stephanie about how Meredith is in the bathroom with Alex while he’s naked in the shower. She says she deserves respect, but Stephanie doubts that. Jo misses Cristina because when Cristina was there, no one stole her Alex. Meredith then emerges from the bathroom and leaves the bedroom. A few moments later, she peeks back in and says to tell Alex that she’ll be downstairs and if anyone asks them, she’s sick.


Callie follows Owen through a Veterans’ rehab facility. She says that she’s there to give a speech on residual limb health and that is it, because she has a child and she and Arizona are trying to have another one and Arizona’s starting a fellowship and she’s stretched too far already. Owen says she’s just going to meet a couple guys. They enter a room where several amputee veterans are gathered. He asks her if she’s too busy to help their nation’s heroes. She tells him she doesn’t like him.

Dr. Herman is describing a surgery to Arizona as they walk together. Herman stops and asks Arizona why she’s not taking notes. Arizona believed they were just chatting, but Herman believed Arizona was her fellow. Arizona says she is and she’s excited about it, but she needs time to get up to speed because she has a lot of peds cases. Herman says that for the purposes of the fellowship, they are not peers and the four weeks she requested are 10% of the average gestational age. Everything in utero happens in hyper-speed and the sooner that Arizona gets up to that speed, the better. She advises Arizona to get a notepad.

Derek comes up and tells Jackson that he has a backlog of cases. He asks Jackson to reschedule that night’s board meeting. Jackson says no, but Arizona asks if they’re re-scheduling, because she and Callie have a meeting and she’s apparently already started her fellowship. Jackson repeats that they’re not re-scheduling, but Derek just asks Arizona if tomorrow works for her. She says tomorrow’s bad, too. Jackson demands their attention and says they’re voting on a new board member, so the meeting has to happen.

Amelia comes up and asks Derek why he changed the order for one of her patients to a different anti-convulsant. She says he can’t go around changing the orders for her patients. He says he’s doing his job, but Amelia corrects that he’s doing HER job. She’s the head of neurosurgery and if he has a problem with that, he should take it up with the board. Until then, she’ll call him when she needs him.

Bailey asks what happened to two of her surgeries she had scheduled for that day. Stephanie replies that she moved them so that Bailey could have an easy day before her board presentation. Bailey says she doesn’t need practice. She needs her schedule back as it was. Stephanie asks if she’s sure, because Alex is close with several board members. She points out that Meredith and Alex are close to the point where she was in the bathroom with him that morning. Bailey acknowledges that she and him aren’t that close. Bailey says she’s going to go in and tell the board the truth: that she deserves the seat. If they don’t believe her, she’ll set them straight. Bailey gets a page to the ER for an incoming trauma and wonders why they’re paging her instead of Meredith. Stephanie tells her that Meredith is sick.

In Alex’s kitchen, Meredith insists that if her mother were pregnant, she would have known. Alex wonders if the adoption agency just made a mistake, but Meredith doesn’t believe it. She thinks Pierce is after something, but the only thing there is to inherit in their family is Alzheimer’s. She again insists that Pierce is not her sister. Alex says she should ask Richard about it, because he’s the only person alive who would know. Meredith says Richard is like a second father to her and if she had a sister, he would tell her.

The elevator doors open and Richard sees Pierce standing there. She enters the elevator. He asks if she was paged to the ER. She says she was and he was also. He makes small talk as they ride. Pierce then confesses that she told Meredith about their relationship. He asks how it went and she says it could have gone better.

The elevator reaches the ER, where a crowd has gathered around Charlie Hays, who rear-ended a lumber truck. April requests that anyone not treating the patient move back. Bailey pushes her way through the crowd and, once she sees the man with a branch impaled through his abdomen, takes a quick selfie, including the patient in the background.

The doctors work quickly to get enough of the branch sawed down that they can lay Charlie down on his back. There’s no fluid around his heart, so they plan to take him into surgery. Pierce starts a chest tube and prepares to intubate, but because he’s not on his back yet, she has to intubate through his nose. The rest of the branch is then cut off so Charlie is able to be rolled onto his back.


At the rehab center, Callie and Owen talk to Jeff, an Army Ranger. He is curious about the leg. He can’t believe they want to give him a free robotic leg. He’s been through three prosthetics, each one that hurt more than the last. He’s even more surprised to find out that Callie’s leg is pain-free. Callie backs up and says they still need to run tests to find out if he’s a candidate.

Callie and Arizona are walking together. Callie says she told Owen that she’s stretched too thin, but he doesn’t care. Arizona says she’s an attending with a service to run and she and Herman have share dozens of patients before. Callie continues that Owen is bringing the guy to her lab, like she’s going to say no to a guy who gaze his leg in the service to their country. Arizona says that Herman has her reviewing journals and doing skills labs. She has a case report due by four, but she also has a neuroblastoma to remove at four. Callie asks if that’s Arizona’s way of saying that she’s canceling their surrogacy meeting that night. Arizona says no, she’s not. She will work it out somehow. She asks Callie to say something to help her. Callie reminds her that she owns a hospital, she’s raising a wonderful kid, she saves babies, and she’s going to save more. She can do this, too. If anyone can, she can. Arizona gets a page. She says she’ll meet Callie at the agency with a smile on her face. Callie says then they’ll get themselves a new baby. They then part ways.

April, Amelia, and Derek are examining Steve Tate, who was ejected from his motorcycle while not wearing a helmet. Derek is taking point, which is frustrating Amelia. Amelia notices that the patient is trying to talk, so she asks him his name. He says it’s Steve and she asks if he forgot his helmet. He says it hurts, so April gives him pain meds, but warns that he’ll get sleepy. Derek says he has a depressed skull fracture and it’s deep. He needs a CT and possibly an angio. Amelia says she’ll make that decision if Derek will give her room to look. As she moves in to look at the patient, Derek pushes her back and says that the patient probably won’t make it and it’ll get ugly, so he suggested that Amelia let him handle it. Amelia refuses and steps in to tend to the patient. April says they can both take it, like a team or like a family, but Amelia says she has it. She asks April to assist and they take him up to CT.

Alex rehearses his speech as Meredith drinks. Alex stops rehearsing and tells Meredith he doesn’t want to screw up especially since he’s up against Bailey. Meredith points out that Bailey delivered her baby. Alex asks why she’s not at her own home, complaining to Derek. Meredith says Derek doesn’t know. Meredith isn’t talking to Derek because he quit the drain mapping initiative and he’s walking around like a martyr. She says her career is just as important as hers. She’s the sun and he can suck it. Alex takes the bottle from her and says they’re going to do something about it.

Jeff holds the robotic leg Callie created and admires it. Callie says before they can get him into the trial, she has to test his nerve response. She asks him to flex, but she doesn’t see any response on the EMG. He wants to know if he’d get to keep the leg at the end. Owen says the trial is fully funded, including followups. Jeff talks about being a Ranger and how it’s all he ever wanted. The trial’s like a dream come true. Jeff has Owen take a picture of him with the leg, saying his mom will love it. Callie goes to tell Jeff that he has no nerve response, but Owen stops her and pulls her out into the hall.

Callie says Owen was inappropriate, but Owen is mad at her for attempting to tell Jeff she can’t help him. He reminds her that he’s a soldier. She says she cares about that, but the leg doesn’t care at all. The leg only cares that the nerves aren’t communicating with his muscle. Owen tells her just to figure it out. She says she can’t, so he orders her to. She says that he can’t order her around in her lab. Owen says she can’t get their hopes up and leave them with nothing. She points out that she didn’t do that — he did.

In the OR, the doctors go to extract the branch. Once it’s out, Richard quickly removes his spleen, so fast that Pierce is impressed and hopes she’s that fast someday.

Callie is working in her lab when Jackson comes in and says he heard about their episode. Callie says he can write her up all he wants, but she stands by not taking orders from Owen in her lab. Jackson says he’s not asking her to take orders in her lab. He’s asking her not to have screaming matches in the hallway, because when she does, he has to stop practicing medicine to play hall monitor, which he hates. He wants to go back to practicing medicine the way he wants. But Arizona’s trying to leave peds surgery on him and the Shepherds are having a pissing contest and Bailey and Alex are competing and he thinks that Richard likes Pierce, which he thinks is gross. Callie says she won’t have screaming matches in the hallway. Jackson asks her what’s wrong. She explains about Jeff and Jackson says that he can fix it with nerve reinnervation. She says he’s wasted as a hall monitor.

Pierce finishing putting in staples and says she’s done. Richard and Bailey prepare to start the diaphragm repair. Pierce says that surgery was the most fun she’d had since she got to GSM. She strips her gown and leaves the OR. Richard quickly leaves to follow her, but she’s gone.

Alex asks Meredith to put in her username and password so that he can access Pierce’s personnel file. Meredith says what they’re doing is illegal. They’re logging in to get Pierce’s date of birth. Alex says they’ll find out when she was born and use pictures or video to prove that she’s lying. Meredith says he’s very different from Cristina. With Cristina, they’d just be dancing by that point. He does the math and figures out she got pregnant around the spring of 1983 and asks Meredith what she was doing at that time. Meredith says that’s when her mom tried to kill herself.

After scrubbing out, Stephanie suggests to Bailey that she can practice her speech with her. Bailey says she would rather focus on making sure her patient is stable. Bailey says she’s afraid of snakes and spiders and sharks in pools, but she’s not afraid of Alex Karev. Stephanie says she should be afraid of everyone else. Meredith is close with Alex. Arizona is close to Alex and Callie is married to her. Jackson and Alex are also friends. and Jackson also has a history of making wrong choices.

Arizona spots Herman and tells her that she doesn’t have the case report ready because she has a neuroblastoma on a baby and the mother was freaking out, so she had to reassure her. Herman says that in fetal surgery, every patient will be encased in a worried mother. If she lacks the skills and Arizona cuts her off, saying she has the skills. Moms are her thing. She even teaches others how to be great with moms. Herman just says she needs Arizona’s start paperwork and leaves. Arizona says she’ll get caught up on that. Once Herman is gone, Arizona tells Jo that she’s great with moms and Jo agrees.

Meredith tells Alex that right after the suicide attempt, Ellis moved them to Boston. She says since she was so young, the memories of that time are hazy. Alex looks through the computerized medical records from that time to find Ellis’s record from her suicide attempt. Meredith’s not sure she’s ready, but Alex says she’s never ready for these things. He opens the file. Meredith skims through it. They find the pregnancy test results. And a note says that the patient was unaware of pregnancy when she was admitted. It’s confirmed.

Owen comes into the scrub room as Callie scrubs and says he owes her an apology. When he doesn’t continue, she asks if he’s going to give her one or if that was just a heads up. He apologies and goes to leave, asking if they’re okay. She says no. She orders him to come back and tell her a bunch of stuff that explains why he was yelling and being an ass. They’re not okay. He says that he needs something to be good and right. He’s not depressed, but Cristina is out there living her life and he’s proud because she’s happy, but it feels unfair to him because she’s living happily without him. He thinks his dreams are over now. Cristina was his family and now she’s gone. It’s better for her, but it sucks for him. He needs a reason to get up in the morning. Cristina saved him. The war made him dark and the darkness is still in him. He thought he could beat it back by doing something good. That’s why he took her to the rehab center and pushed her. He says he won’t talk about it anymore and tells her to say that they’re okay. She says they’re okay, but when he goes to leave, she stops him and asks if he wants to watch Jeff’s surgery. She explains what Jackson is going to do.

Derek asks Amelia how Steve Tate is doing. Amelia says her patient is doing fine. She fixed him. Derek says she’s excellent and has nothing to prove, but if she tries to fight him over leadership of the department, she will lose because his resumé is more impressive and he’s just better. Amelia tells him he’s a narcissist. She scoffs and leaves. April comes up and asks where Amelia went because her post-op scans are back. He has an aneurysm. Derek tells April to book an OR. April is nervous about operating on Amelia’s patent without telling her. Derek tells her just to do it.

Alex asks what Meredith’s going to do now. She called Richard to come over. Alex has to get ready for his meeting and Meredith needs to be there, too. Meredith says his speech is great and wonders why he’s so nervous. Alex says he wants it. He doesn’t just need a job. For the first time, he feels like he can do something bigger. He doesn’t want it to go badly. There’s a knock at the door. Meredith lets Richard in. She asks when Richard knew. He says he found out the night he met Pierce. Meredith is surprised that Ellis didn’t tell him when she was pregnant. He says when he found out, he felt like he was being hit by a car. Meredith is surprised that he’s known for a whole week and didn’t tell her and didn’t tell Pierce. He said he’s been trying to do it all day and he would have liked to have done it 30 years ago. He would have liked to have been her father, to know her, to have had a stay, but Ellis stole that chance from him.

Amelia comes into the OR where Derek and April are operating. She’s mad that Derek stole her patient and yells at him. He says she doesn’t need to scrub in, but Amelia tells April to move so she can step in. April is upset to be put between them. Derek says that Steve never had a good prognosis. His brain starts swelling. He’s in DIC. His pupils are fixed and dilated. He has no gag reflex. He’s probably brain dead.

Richard is explaining his side of the story. Ellis never said anything to him. Meredith apologizes to him. Richard says he had an amazing day with Pierce and he’d like to get to know her. Meredith says Pierce came there to look for answers about her birth mom and he is her answer. She encourages him to tell Pierce. Ellis made the decision for him. She doesn’t want him to do that for Pierce.

Jackson and Callie are operating and Jackson says they could make his process part of the amputation surgery, to avoid having to do it later. Callie says they’re going to start a program with veterans. They’re taking some of her research money to do it. Callie asks Jackson if he wants in. Jackson tries to play it cool, but Callie and Owen call him out on it.

At the surrogacy agency, Arizona is filling out paperwork as Callie describes what happened with Jeff. She could change the way the world does amputations. Arizona says it sounds like she really wants to do it. Callie says she does. Callie knows it’ll take a bunch of time and they’ll be stretched really thin. Arizona asks if that means she wants to wait on the baby. Callie says she doesn’t. Arizona says she just said it would be too much to juggle. Callie says Arizona was supposed to say that she can do it. She’s supposed to support Callie the way Callie has supported her since she decided she needed to start the fellowship. Arizona wonders what if they can’t do it all. Callie asks if she’s saying she doesn’t want a baby. She asks why they’re even there if she doesn’t want a baby. Arizona tells her not to put words in her mouth. Callie says she didn’t want to carry it and then Callie couldn’t and Arizona still didn’t want to and they found surrogacy and she found something else to do and Callie wonders why she didn’t see it before. She then demands that Arizona admit that she doesn’t want a baby. Before Arizona can say anything, the lady from the surrogacy agency comes out and says hi.

Amelia is doing the op note for Steve Tate. Derek comes in and says he’ll do it for her. She doesn’t want him to steal that part, too. Derek says he’s trying to help. Steve was a lost cause. Amelia says whether or not he was a lost cause, he was her responsibility. She doesn’t need Derek’s help or his bullying. Derek says this was the cream of the crop for him. Amelia says then he shouldn’t have given it up and he needs to stop stomping around, punishing others for a choice he made. Derek says Meredith made a choice and backed him into a corner. He wants to give Meredith everything, but nothing like that will come around again. So this is as high as he goes. He’s never taken a step back in his career before and he feels like Meredith forced him. Amelia knows the feeling because he’s doing it to her right now. Amelia says he wants Meredith to have everything, but not if it interferes with him having his everything. Amelia is saying no, too, because he has to live with his choice. Derek says he’s trying. Amelia says they’re all trying.

Callie is by Jeff’s bed as he sleeps with tears in her eyes. Jackson comes to the door with Owen and says it’s time for the board meeting and asks how Jeff is doing. Callie says Jeff is good without turning toward the door. Jackson asks if she’s coming and she says she’ll just be a minute. Owen says he’ll make sure she gets there. Jackson says they need to meet up to talk about timelines and protocols for the veterans. Owen says they’ll figure it out. Once Jackson is gone, Owen asks Callie if she’s okay. Callie says she is, but she needs something to be good, too. He hugs her as she cries. She pulls back and wipes her face. She asks how sobby she looks from 1-10. He says she’s a six.

Jo asks Alex if he rehearsed at all with Meredith. He says not really. She tries to asks about what’s going on with Meredith, but he brushes it off. She says he looks great and sends him off to do his speech. Alex sits on the bench outside the board meeting room next to Bailey. They acknowledge each other.

As Richard and Meredith go to enter the hospital, they spot Pierce digging in her purse out front. Meredith says she’ll tell the others he’s on his way. He approaches Pierce. She asks if he checked in on their patient, who is doing great. He tells her that he and Ellis knew each other well and had a relationship. She stops him. She says she kind of wondered if it was him, but she doesn’t understand why he waited so long to tell her. She believes it’s because he knew about it 30 years ago and he didn’t want her either. He says that’s not true, but she doesn’t believe him. She says it must have been a nightmare for him to have her show up, but it’s worse for her. She says goodnight and walks away.

Derek meets up with Meredith and asks how she’s feeling. She admits that she wasn’t actually sick, but she is a little drunk. He is confused. Meredith says a crazy thing is happening. He’s upset that he gave up the project so that she can sit around and get drunk with her friends. Instead of telling him about Pierce, she just walks away.

In the board room, Arizona and Callie are sitting two seats apart, not looking at each other. The rest of the board files in. Bailey comes in and gives her presentation. Then Alex gives his. Afterward, they both wait outside. Bailey tells Alex she’s sure he did fine. Alex says they’re taking a long time. Arizona peeks out of the room and calls Alex in. He follows her back into the room. A few moments later, he comes back out and tells Bailey congratulations as he walks past her. Arizona then calls Bailey back into the room. The board congratulates her as Alex continues to walk out of the hospital.

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