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Grey’s anatomy season 13 episode 17:” Till I Hear It From You”


Meredith and Alex are in the car. Meredith tells Alex about Nathan asking her out. Alex’s phone buzzes and he says Maggie found her mom at baggage claim. Meredith says Nathan’s an ass and Maggie has terrible taste in men. Alex seconds that he doesn’t like him. Meredith says the sex was great and maybe she shouldn’t be picky. Alex tells Meredith she should be picky because she’s hot. Meredith says he has to say that because she lets him eat her food and live in her house. He says it’s still true. Maggie puts her mom’s suitcase in the trunk and gets in the car, saying her mother immediately started talking about her breasts. Her breasts are perfectly fine. Maggie tells Alex to check them out when she gets in the car. Diane comes out of the airport and Alex gets out to open her door for her. After she gets in the car, Diane asks Maggie what she told them.

Arizona is upset because Bailey has said she doesn’t have the budget for tiny baby hearts. Bailey says every time she wants something, she plays the tiny baby card. Richard comes by and Bailey wants him to tell Arizona that she doesn’t need the new wireless fetal monitors, but he mumbles an excuse and walks away. Bailey thinks it’s because he’s still mad at her, but Arizona says she pissed him off. Bailey wants to know what she did, but she says she has a patient and leaves.

Owen and Stephanie prepare for an incoming trauma.

Outside, Owen waits for the ambulance. He’s surprised to see Amelia come out and wait with him. She says the patient had a syncopal episode. He didn’t know she was back. She’s glad to be back at work, but it’s a busy day, so she’s hoping this case will be quick and easy. Paramedic Grace unloads Elsie Clatch, who fainted while hiking. Her husband, Lewis, is with her. She insists she’s fine. Andrew notices that Lewis’s wrist is injured. He fell, too, because he wouldn’t let go of Elsie’s hand.



As they get Elsie into the ER, Lewis tells them the syncopal episode lasted at least a minute. They think he’s been watching medical shows, but he tells them he’s a cardiothoracic surgeon. Elsie says he was a surgeon. So was she. But now he needs to let the current doctors be doctors. Lewis continues to try to suggest treatment for Elsie. Elsie doesn’t think it’s a big deal. She’s old. She’s allowed to fall. Lewis says they need an EKG and cardiac labs with enzymes. Owen sends Andrew to get those.


As Meredith finishes a class, Nathan comes in to teach one. He says Maggie asked about discharging a patient she shared with Meredith. Meredith says it’s fine to discharge the patient. He then asks her if she thought about it more. She says she doesn’t need to think about it. He can discharge the patient. But he meant him asking her on a date. She hasn’t. She has three kids and a job. As she leaves, he tells her to take her time.

Jackson prepares the room for Diane’s exam. He asks how she’s feeling. She tells him she’s a little tired, but good. Her chemo is hard, but giving good results. Her prize is a mastectomy. Jackson promises that her reconstruction will be his best work. Today, they’re getting pre-op finished and getting the oncologist up to speed. He asks if she wants Maggie there, but then realize she hasn’t told Maggie. Diane says it’s too much stress for Maggie. They’re already fighting. He tells her that as her doctor, he can’t let that continue because it’s bad for both of them. Diane wants to tell Maggie after, so she can tell Maggie she had cancer. Jackson says that’s not the best idea, but it’s how Diane wants to do it.

Maggie asks her mom if Jackson answered all her questions. Diane says he did. Maggie asks what size she chose. She wants to know because she’s been hugging the same woman for 30 years. Diane doesn’t want to discuss it. Maggie says she hopes her mom will enjoy being a selfish person with a great rack.

Lynne Cohen and Jackson go over Diane’s surgical plan. Jackson sees Jo in the room and asks if she needs something. She’s his resident. Minnick assigned her to him. He says he doesn’t need a resident. Maggie comes in wondering why she is locked out of her mother’s chart. Maggie wants to try to make things right with her mother, but she can’t get her mother to open up. Once Maggie is gone, Jackson agrees to keep Jo, but only if she can work on the case and not tell Maggie.

Elsie says they do the hike every other day. She’s not sure why today went wrong. Andrew tests her strength. Stephanie asks if Lewis is the Dr. Clatch. He says he’s one of two. She knows him as a doctor who worked on the development of the cardiopulmonary bypass machine with Dr. Raven. He says Dr. Raven is grabass and a blowhard. Lewis says he did most of the work the first time they used the machine. Amelia tells Andrew to take Elsie to CT and page her when she’s done. Lewis wants to go with Elsie to CT, but Elsie tells him he doesn’t know brains. He says he knows enough, but allows himself to be led to the waiting room.


After Elsie’s gone, Amelia asks Owen to page her when Elsie’s studies are back. Owen follows Amelia out of the room and tells her to stop pretending like they’re just doctors. She can’t just pretend everything’s okay. She ran away from her husband. They took vows and this is not how a marriage works. He asks her if she’s ever coming home so they can work it out or not. She doesn’t answer, so he leaves, saying she needs to decide what she wants, because he knows what he wants and at some point, she needs to figure it out, too.

Elsie and Lewis talk about Elsie’s decision to become a doctor. He tried to get her to do something else. He says he was trying to take care of her. Amelia comes in and asks the residents to give the Clatches some air, but Elsie invites them to stay, so they can learn. Elsie sees their faces and knows the news is bad. She has a brain bleed, which will only get worse. She could do a craniotomy. Lewis figures out that Amelia doesn’t think it’s a good idea, because she said could, not need to. Lewis asks the residents to leave.

Meredith finds Maggie in a lounge and asks her how it’s going. She just says “boobs,” and Meredith tells her she needs to let that go. Amelia comes in and knows immediately what they’re talking about. Maggie asks what reason her mom has to defile her body like that. She’s a very conservative woman. Meredith then tells her the reason is sex. Meredith thinks Maggie needs to go to her mom and demand an answer. After Meredith leaves, Amelia says that’s terrible advice. Maggie needs to be supportive because it’s Diane’s body.

Bailey finds Arizona in the NICU and asks what Arizona did to Richard. Arizona reluctantly admits that she kissed Eliza and Richard caught them. Bailey gets why Richard is mad. That’s worse than what Bailey did. Arizona asks how it’s worse. Bailey gave away his job. Bailey says Arizona put her mouth on the person who took it. Hers was a business decision. Arizona made it personal. Bros before potential love interests. Arizona says Bailey just feels guilty. She knows she just wrong and she’s trying to make herself feel better. As Arizona walks away, Bailey tells her she can think whatever helps her sleep at night.

Lewis doesn’t want Elsie to have the craniotomy. It’ll buy her more time, but the surgery has high risks. She’ll die if she doesn’t have it. Elsie asks to talk to her doctor alone and wants Lewis to leave. Owen takes him to get a cup of coffee.

Lewis thinks Elsie will talk Amelia into the surgery. He wants to talk to Amelia’s boss, so he can back Amelia up. Owen says she’s the head of the department. She is the boss. And she’s stubborn, too. No one will talk her into a surgery she doesn’t want to do.

Amelia’s worried Elsie won’t survive the surgery. Elsie tells Amelia she needs more time with Lewis, to be with him and to help him to learn how to be alone. Even after sixty years, it’s not enough time.

Meredith is getting ready to leave. Nathan finds her and tells her he and take no for an answer. He prefers it to no answer. She asks why he has to make a joke of everything. He says he’s serious. It’s not a joke to her. She’s serious. He keeps pushing, but he’s not giving her anything to go on. He says they’ve been going around and around for months. She doesn’t know him and everyone she knows who does doesn’t like him. He makes jokes like that doesn’t matter to her. It’s up to him to give her a reason. He tries to give her a reasons, but stalls. She asks him to give her one reason to like him. When he can’t, she leaves.

Amelia scrubs in to operate on Elsie. Owen’s upset that she’s operating because he assured Lewis she wouldn’t. Amelia tells him to stop and goes into the OR.

Diane’s pre-op tests looked good, so she’s almost ready to go home and rest before her surgery. She can’t eat after midnight and they need to tell Maggie. He won’t do the surgery until she tells Maggie. It’s irresponsible. Jackson says she doesn’t have to be scared for Maggie, because Maggie will want to fight it with her. Maggie comes in and asks if she’s ready to go home. Maggie then says it’s fine and wishes them good luck on the surgery. Diane interrupts and tells Maggie she has breast cancer and she’s having a mastectomy. Maggie is shocked. Jackson shows her the scans and she starts to cry and then walks out of the room alone.

As Amelia operates, they talk about Elsie saying she hadn’t had enough time. Stephanie says it’s never enough time, whether it’s six weeks or sixty years. Amelia thinks they’re an anomaly. It’s an unrealistic view of marriage. Nothing’s wrong with wanting that, though.

In the gallery, Ben and Bailey talk about Richard being mad. She wonders when it ends. It doesn’t solve anything. Ben says he’ll come around. Bailey asks if he has sixty years in him. He says when he said, “I do,” he meant it. Even though he knows what she’ll be like in sixty years. She’ll be bossy. She’ll be retired and jonesing for the days when she ran a whole hospital. Bossing around Tuck and Tuck’s poor wife. She says he’ll still tell the same stories, embellishing the details every time. She says she’s in if the stories come with foot rubs. he says it’s a deal.

Bailey and Zola play with Meredith and Diane.

Maggie goes over her mother’s paperwork and takes notes.

Owen is in bed alone. He looks over at the empty pillow.


Lewis sits by Elsie’s bedside as the sun rises.

In the morning, Lewis takes Elsie’s vitals. She’s been stable overnight. Lewis asks if Owen wants to know the secret. Lewis says there isn’t one. Just stay married. Without her, he’d have never had the life he did. If there’s another secret, she’s the one who knows it. He doesn’t know a thing. Elsie wakes up and says it’s because he never stops yapping. He leans down to kiss her.

Jackson scrubs in for Diane’s surgery. Maggie comes in and says no more locking her out. She wants to know everything. Jackson says he wanted to tell her, but she leaves. She comes back in and asks how he could have let her talk to her mother like that. They’re supposed to be friends. He’s her friend, but he’s also Diane’s doctor. Maggie tells him to go fix her.

Amelia orders two-hour neuro checks and to be paged for any signs of ICP increasing. Owen tells her nice job. She thanks him. He was against it, but she was right. She gave them more time together. She doesn’t care what he thinks. He has no right to an opinion and he doesn’t get to bully her. She says he can’t give her ultimatums. This is the for worse that he promised. He’s at least as messed up as she is and he’s suffocating her. He doesn’t think he is, but she wants to ask Cristina how suffocated she felt by his needs and wants. Bailey interrupts and tells them no to get into it there.

Owen and Amelia go into the stairwell and he says she wanted a baby. She asks why he wants a baby. What does he need that he thinks a baby will bring him. He says he wants a family, but she says he has one. The two of them are a family. She asks what else. He says it’s normal, but she tells him he doesn’t get to say what’s normal. He doesn’t know. He wants a dream, but he might not get what he asked for. He gets what he’s given. It might be wonderful, but it might be painful. Or it might be both. He says she’d be an amazing mom. She says she already was, for better and for worse. She asks if he’s there for that. He doesn’t answer. She asks if they just play by his normal rules, because that’s not life and that’s not a marriage, not one that’s going to last.

Maggie waits in the hallway.

Diane is put under for surgery.

They make the first incision. Dr. Cohen slowly removes Diane’s breast tissue. They notice something they didn’t expect. It’s 10:35.

Maggie continues to wait.

They keep working on Diane.

Jackson exits the OR.

Amelia comes in to check on Elsie. Lewis tells her 16:22. That’s the time of death so she can write it down. He leans over and kisses Elsie’s hand.

Arizona sees Richard in the surgical prep area. She wants to talk about what he saw with her and Eliza. Richard says she’s always had an active love life and if he worries about everyone she’s kissing, he wouldn’t have time for anything else. She tells him he’s mad and he didn’t mean that. He insists that he does, but then admits that he doesn’t. This is what he is now. He takes sides and counts votes. It’s ugly, bitter, and small. Arizona apologizes. Richard feels like Arizona betrayed him because she said she was with him. She says she is. She didn’t expect to feel like this. He tells her he needs time. He’ll come around, but he needs time. She tells him to take all the time he needs.

Andrew leaves Elsie’s room and finds Stephanie crying at the nurses’ station. He offers to call the morgue and do the paperwork. He reminds Stephanie that she was 95. They had way more time than most. The only reason to do the surgery was to give them more time and they ended up taking away what little time they had left together. Stephanie’s not sure why they do it at all. If they can do what they say they’ll do, why do they tell people they can? Andrew says he thinks he’s in love with Jo. He’s pretty sure he is. Stephanie tells him to stop talking. She wants more. Andrew tries to console her. She tells him to go away, but he hugs her and tells her it’s okay.

Meredith is in a scan room when Nathan says over the intercom that he doesn’t have a good reason. He tried to come up with one and then thought about why he likes Meredith. He says the first time he saw her, she was at the OR board and Maggie said something that made her laugh and he couldn’t move. Then he had to wait for her to write her name so he would know who she was. He doesn’t have a good reason for her to like him. He didn’t try or want to like her. He doesn’t want to think about her all the time. He doesn’t have a good reason and wishes he did. He looks up and sees that Meredith isn’t there anymore. She’s looking at him and tells him to ask her out to dinner. He asks if she does and she says yes. Just then, Jackson comes and tells her Maggie needs her. Meredith apologizes to Nathan and leaves.


Owen talks Lewis through Elsie’s paperwork. He doesn’t know what funeral home Elsie wanted. Their church might know. He then asks if he has to do all the paperwork now. Owen says it can wait for tomorrow. Lewis says he doesn’t have a car because he came in the ambulance with Elsie and needs to get a cab. Owen offers to call one for him, but he says he needs to learn to do things for himself now.

Owen sees Amelia getting on the elevator. They make eye contact.

Meredith goes to Maggie, who is looking at her mother’s scans and crying. She says her mom is really sick.

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