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Grey’s anatomy season 14 episode 20: “JUDGMENT DAY”

All of the Innovation Contest participants prepare for their presentations. From these presentations, five projects will be given a $1 million grant. As everyone gathers in the presentation room, Arizona passes out cookies that had been given to her by a patient. Catherine tries to write their speech last minute, as she’s been busy cleaning up the mess that was made when Jackson waived Dr. Rebecca Froy’s agreement with the Harper Avery Foundation. It turns out that it was for sexual harassment. The patient who gave Arizona the cookies pages her, realizing that the cookies were made with cannabis peanut butter from when she was going through chemo.

Meredith walks to the front of the room and postpones the presentations. She asks everyone who ate one of Arizona’s cookies to raise their hand, and says that they were tainted with rat poison. Once everyone is in a secluded area, Meredith tells them the truth: the cookies had marijuana in them. None of the doctors are allowed to do anything medical or even leave the room until they are sober. Jo takes their phones.

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Owen calls Amelia, freaking out that he’s receiving a baby to foster today. He realizes that he doesn’t have anything for a baby, and Amelia says she’ll come over to help.

Alex decides the thing missing from their ultrasound project is a waterfall of beakers. Amelia asks him if he ate any of Arizona’s cookies, to which he asks if there are more.

alexs waterfall

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Catherine tells Jackson that Rebecca Froy isn’t the only woman this has happened with. There are thirteen women. Jackson’s in shock about his grandfather being a sexual predator. April overhears the two of them talking.

Meredith tells the interns that some of the residents are unavailable today, and the interns really need to step up. She tells them to keep track of everything they do, and the intern that accomplishes the most will get the opportunity to scrub in with her on a whipple. Before they all take off, Meredith and Jo ask if any of them ate the weed cookies from that morning. Everyone says no.


Image Source: Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Meredith gets a page from Bailey, who is operating in the OR. She feels dizzy and lightheaded, and all around weird. She thinks she’s having an issue with her heart, but Meredith informs her that this is from the cookies. Meredith is going to take over the surgery, and asks Jo to take Bailey to the lecture hall. As they’re leaving, Bailey accidentally slams the door open on Meredith’s hand. Meredith doesn’t think her hand or fingers are broken, but they’re still too injured and swollen to do the intricate suturing. Jo scrubs in instead. Meredith says it’s the only option right now, though Jo has never done a solo gastrectomy before.

high bailey in surgery

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Amelia brings a high Alex to Owen’s house. Owen is worried that Alex’s state could leave a bad impression on the social worker. Alex raids the kitchen for a bag of chips.

Arizona is in an isolated room with Maggie and DeLuca. DeLuca is lying on the floor, hallucinating. Maggie talks about all of the types of cheese that she wants, while Arizona talks about how she asked Carina to stay in America with her.

secluded docs

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April tells Bailey that she overheard something she shouldn’t have. When Bailey asks what that certain thing was, April doesn’t tell her. She just says that it’s ‘end of an era’ bad. Bailey responds by saying that “I thought marijuana made people peaceful, but I don’t think I’ve ever hated you more.”

high april and bailey

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Jo tells Meredith everything she’s doing as she does it. She’s confused about why Bailey is doing a total gastrectomy when she could save part of the stomach. Jo asks if they could do a subtotal gastrectomy, but Meredith wants Jo to make her own decisions. Total gastrectomy would leave the patient with a feeding tube for the rest of his life, but if she misses any cancerous cells behind during a subtotal gastrectomy, the patient could end up dying of cancer. She wants to do the subtotal, but is afraid she won’t get all of the cancer. She remembers that Webber has a working prototype for his Path Pen.

Jackson suspects that his mother is just pulling a prank on him, but she assures him that this is serious. He asks why no one tried to stop Harper. Catherine says that that’s not how it worked back then. The foundation’s hope was that if the settlement was a big enough financial hit, Harper would stop his behavior. Jackson realizes that Catherine was involved in the coverup.

Owen panics as the social worker rings the doorbell. Amelia reassures him that he is ready for this. In the middle of her pep talk, Alex opens the door and greets the social worker with his bag of chips. Alex tells her that he’s chief of pediatric surgery at Grey Sloan, and he just came by to give the baby a quick check up.

Webber asks Quadri why the surgery board is so empty. She tells him that Meredith canceled everything. Carina, standing nearby, says that Meredith had also postponed the contest. Carina doesn’t know why Meredith postponed, and Quadri tells Webber that there was a situation with some cookies.

cleared board

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A patient goes into septic shock, and Roy is excited to be the first doctor there. He tells the nurse that the patient needs a central line. When she tells him to put it in, he freaks out and backs out of the room. He stumbles backwards onto a cart, and gets a deep stab by a scalpel.

roys stab

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Maggie asks Arizona if things with Carina feel right, even if there are anxieties. Arizona says “Callie is fun and funny and the sex is really great.” Maggie corrects her name mix up, and Arizona is confused on why she did that. She babbles to herself about how Callie got on a plane and left, and Eliza got on a plane and left, and eventually everyone gets on planes and leaves her.

April tells Bailey about Harper Avery, and talks to herself about how the Averys can’t keep a secret, and that she also knows that Jackson is seeing Maggie now. Bailey says that she doesn’t need the medical innovation contest because she just signed a contract with a sex toy manufacturer.

Schmidt finds Webber, who is tending to Roy, and asks him for his Path Pen. He gets nervous when Jo says that the pen is still in the testing stages. She tries it out, and it identifies the cancerous part of the stomach as cancerous, and the normal part as normal. She decides that they are going to save half of this man’s stomach.

path pen

Image Source: Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Webber is going to give Roy a light sedation, but Roy stops him to ask if it will interact with ‘other drugs,’ making it clear that he lied about not having any of the cookies.

Amelia takes Owen, Alex, and Liam (the baby) to raid Meredith’s old baby supplies. Owen stresses when Liam won’t stop crying. He asks Amelia if this is a bad idea. He’s worried that he’ll mess up this baby’s life. She reminds him that he’s doing a good thing by fostering. This baby had nowhere to go. Alex says that most of his foster parents didn’t care about the kids and only wanted the money. He says that Owen ‘gives so many craps’ and actually cares about this kid, so he’s already a better foster parent than the ones he had.

alex baby stuff

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Jackson judges Catherine’s decision to cover up all of the sexual harassment allegations, but Catherine won’t stand for it. She tells him that things were different thirty years ago. You couldn’t just protest if someone groped you at work. If women spoke up about something, people thought they were overreacting, and often they’d lose their job and reputation. She made sure that these women at least got money out of the situation.

catherine avery

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After Jo finishes the surgery, Meredith tells her that she agrees with the choices Jo made. Jo wishes Meredith had said something sooner, so she’d have that reassurance, but Meredith says that’s not how people learn.

jo wraps up surgery

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Meredith walks into the room with April and Bailey, who are vocally replicating a funeral march for the Harper Avery Foundation.

Jackson apologizes to his mom. Catherine decides they should get in touch with the affected women to make this right. Meredith asks what Harper Avery did. Catherine tells her they were given money in exchange for silence, and the promise of never working for a Harper Avery hospital or entering the Harper Avery Awards. Meredith asks if Catherine knows Marie Cerone. Catherine says that Marie was one of the women. Meredith realizes that that was why Ellis took Marie’s name off of their project when she submitted it for the award.

Roy asks Webber if he’ll be able to perform surgery again. Webber says he will not. Roy was asking about his arm, but Webber fires him for lying about eating a cookie.

roy post op

Image Source: Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Jackson and Catherine were hoping to get ahead of the scandal by reaching out to the women to make things right, but Rebecca already reached out to the media.

harper news

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Amelia gets ready to leave Owen’s once he puts Liam to bed. Right before walking out, she decides to stay, laying a blanket down on the couch.

amelia owen liam

Image Source: Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

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