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Grey’s anatomy season 14 episode 22: ” Fight For Your Mind”

Amelia holds Betty’s hair back as she vomits, going through the worst of the detox.

Bailey finds Webber when Roy and his lawyer show up at the hospital. Webber doesn’t want to be part of it, but he’s the one who fired Roy. She asks him to think of other reasons that could have lead to Roy being fired, but there isn’t anything that wouldn’t make the attendings look bad.

Arizona brings Sofia to the hospital daycare after Sofia gets suspended from school for stealing the field trip money. She tells this to Owen and April, who are shocked. Arizona says that Sofia is acting out because she’s bad mother and because Sofia is sad.

Jo and Alex drive to see if Alex’s mom is still alive. He approaches her house, worried. He knocks on the door with no answer. He starts peeking through the window when a man approaches him. He asks the man if he knows Helen Karev, and the man tells him that she’s at work.

alex knocking

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Meredith talks to reporters, giving positive answers to questions asked with a negative edge. She’s pulling it off extremely well until she sees Marie Cerone. Meredith immediately excuses herself and gets back to work.

Maggie includes DeLuca on a ‘golden ticket’ surgery. A spina bifida neonatal surgery on an exteriorized uterus. Their patient, however, has a surgery phobia, due to her father dying in surgery when she was five. Maggie and Arizona try to reassure her, and she’s mostly calm, albeit a little anxious. Arizona says that she will need to make a tiny incision to sedate her, and the thought of any needle immediately freaks out Teresa.


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Alex walks into the library and sees his mother working the circulation desk. She recognizes him right away and hugs her son.

helen karev

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Meredith goes to Joe’s bar for a cup of coffee. A patron suggests she add cream to it, and she soon agrees. He asks if she’s here for the Meredith Grey presentation, and she just says yes.

Roy’s lawyer presents Roy’s offer to settle. He wants to be rehired and paid for the weeks of work he missed out on, as well as compensation for medical expenses. And a formal apology. Webber is ready to accept, but Bailey says they’ll need time to review.

Betty is being extra rude from withdrawal. She asks Amelia why she’s ignoring her, and Amelia says she is ignoring the demon that is Betty’s last high that is dying.

betty withdrawl

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Alex’s mother, Helen, tells him that doctors say that sometimes schizophrenia dies down with age. Medications help her better now, and she follows the same routine daily to help keep herself grounded to reality. Alex asks why she didn’t tell him and he starts getting angry. She says she needs him to leave and not yell at her at work to keep herself sane. Alex storms out and tells Jo that his presence is upsetting his mother.


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Arizona tells Carina about Sofia stealing the $1,200. Carina says that all kids steal something sometime, and that she herself stole lipstick from a store.

Teresa checks herself out of the hospital. Arizona reminds her that her baby may be paralyzed if she doesn’t go through with this operation. Teresa leaves anyway, scared of sedation and surgery.

Webber thinks that he should apologize to Roy, and that he might have overreacted by firing him. Bailey still thinks the apology shouldn’t be necessary when Roy deserved what he got. Webber says that he himself has knowingly operated under the influence before, and that he would deserve to be fired more than Roy, who didn’t even operate, would. Bailey doesn’t think it’s fair to point that out.

April finds Arizona crying into a cup of ice cream. She found out (by picking the lock of her diary) that Sofia stole that money to buy a ticket to go back to New York.

arizona ice cream cry

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Meredith plays darts with the reporter. The bartender asks if they want more drinks, and when Meredith says no, he offers to put on a pot of coffee for ‘Dr. Grey.’ The man, obviously, realizes that he’s been talking to Meredith Grey this entire time. He’s disappointed that he’s met and likes Meredith because that makes it hard to keep hating her. He says that she wasted a year of her life.


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Arizona goes to Teresa’s house to ask her if she would let her daughter have surgery if it wasn’t her. Teresa says she knows she won’t wake up from the surgery. Arizona tells Teresa about how she used to roller skate all the time, and it made her feel safe because it was a thing she did with her dad. But when she got into an accident (the plane crash), there was the possibility that she would lose her leg, and not being able to roller skate again made it feel like her entire life was being taken away from her. Arizona made Callie promise to not let them take her leg, but it came down to Arizona’s life or her leg. She says that she’s lucky that her wife and her doctors could see things more clearly than she had. She tells Teresa that she’s skated again and has so much joy in her life.

teresa door

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Jo takes Alex to the batting cages. He hits balls while venting about all of his anger he has towards his mom. Jo asks why he’s angry that she’s better when he complains about how hard it was to have a mother with schizophrenia. He’s angry because she got better now that no one is there depending on her. After he calms down, Jo says that he may never get an apology or acknowledgement, but he has the chance to have a real mom now who can be present.

alex batting cage

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Jackson has spent his morning writing checks from the foundation and answering questions from the press.

Amelia checks on Betty, but Betty is gone.

betty escape

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Meredith continues talking to the guy, and finds out that what he meant by ‘you wasted a year of my life’ is that he also was working on the abdominal wall transplant when Meredith had pulled it off and won an award. She says that she’s sure he’ll help perfect the procedure, but he mentions Pete Conrad, the first astronaut to walk on the moon during the second moon landing. His point is that no one cares about the second person to do something.

mer man

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Teresa shows up to the hospital with Arizona, whose husband meets them there. Teresa is petrified and taking the tiniest steps. Arizona is encouraging that every little step is a good step.

Arizona promises her patient that she will wake up post-op, something a surgeon is never supposed to say. The promise isn’t dramatic irony, and Teresa makes it through the surgery just fine. Teresa feels silly for being scared at all.

teresa surgery

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Bailey and Webber call Schmidt into Bailey’s office to ask about his experience working with Roy. Schmidt says that he thinks Webber made the right choice firing Roy. He says that since Bailey, chief of surgery, was able to admit that she was high, Roy should have been honest about it too. This argument would not look good in court, and you can see that they want him to stop talking.

schmidt honest

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Jackson shows April how much money he was able to set aside for Harriet. Since the foundation needs to be able to use their finances to keep their hospitals afloat, Jackson is paying the personal settlements out of his inheritance and his own earnings.

harriet fund

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Meredith tells the man about her mother stabbing Marie Cerone in the back. Meredith thinks that her mother should have chosen her friendship over medical fame. Talking to him makes her realize just how awful it is that her mother stole Marie’s dream of making history.

mer man chat

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Alex returns to the library to speak with his mother. He says he wants a library card and fills out an application. He apologizes to his mother for his anger and for not staying in touch. He says he’s really happy for her. She asks if he’d like to change the due date stamp like he would when he was little.

Meredith walks out for her speech. She makes a statement immediately, giving Marie Cerone credit. She explains how Harper Avery had blacklisted Marie, and Ellis Grey submitted the work as her own. She says that she wants the Grey Method to hereby be known as the Grey-Cerone Method. She goes on to give her mini-liver presentation. After the presentation, Marie tries to speak to ‘Mer Mer,’ but Meredith says that she’s said all there is to say.

mer presentation

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Realizing there is no alternative, Bailey tries to apologize to Roy. It’s hard for her to get out, and instead she tells Roy that he is lucky to be learning from such good doctors. She says that she will rehire him with a one year probationary period. She will be watching his relentlessly, and if he doesn’t mess up, she’ll shape him into an amazing surgeon. Roy, a little shook, accepts her terms.

baileys proposals

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Amelia goes to AA and talks about Betty and how Betty’s addiction started. She’s angry about doctors who don’t understand addiction and write these prescriptions.

amelia aa

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Alex introduces Jo to his mom. Jo is so nervous, but invites her to the wedding. Helen says that traveling is hard for her because it throws off her routine, but they leave things on good terms this time.

helen bus

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Arizona and Carina kiss each other goodbye after Arizona decides to move to New York with Sofia. Carina is angered and hurt by the decision, but Arizona needs to do what’s best for Sofia. Arizona calls Callie and says that they’ll be moving out there.

arizona calls callie

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Only two episodes left. Arizona is set to go. If you didn’t know, the actresses who play Arizona and April did not receive renewed contracts for Grey’s Anatomy and are being written off of the show. Arizona seems to be leaving in a safe way that could be undone in the future (aka not death), and we can only hope the same for April.

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