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Grey’s anatomy season 15 episode 12:” Girlfriend in a Coma”

Over the course of weeks, Garrett Boland visits his comatose wife Natasha Deon in the ICU. Doctors rotate in and out to check on her status.


Meredith invites Amelia and Owen for Christmas presents tomorrow, but Amelia says they are establishing their own traditions with Leo to give him a sense of normalcy. Meredith says kids can make anything normal, so he’ll be fine. Levi has an ICU rotation coming up so he asks Meredith advice on how to deal with Natasha. Meredith says she been here a month and it’s brutal. He has to watch her closely. If there’s any change, he has to page her immediately.

In the ER, Tom finds that Teddy has just taken care of the wife of his patient. Owen comes up to Teddy and says it’s snowing.

As they stand in the snow, Teddy asks Owen about Christmas. Owen says he and Amelia are doing the traditional stuff. And Amelia has to visit Betty in rehab. Owen wants to invite Teddy over, but she’s covering for him in the ER. Owen says they’ll find their own traditions, too, with their baby.

Alex’s Christmas present to the staff is a ham, about which Meredith mocks him. Jo invites her to their navy scrubs-only classy NYE party. Jo suggests she ask Link to be her date. Andrew then runs into Meredith. He asks her to have a drink with her, but she needs to put her kids to bed so Santa can come. However, she does invite him to the Karevs’ NYE party. Jo is upset, but Meredith can handle her own love life. Link, dressed as Santa, comes up and hands Meredith cookies from his bag. He’s spending his Christmas Eve visiting kids with cancer. Jo says Meredith’s in a love triangle, but Meredith says there’s no love.

Ben drops by Bailey’s to drop off presents for Tuck from him. Bailey says she put his name on the presents she got him because she didn’t want to exclude him. Bailey will make sure Tuck gets Ben’s gifts, though. She asks Ben about tomorrow. He’ll be on call since Christmas is a busy day. They might see each other in the pit.

Richard, Catherine, Maggie, and Jackson have just finished their catered dinner. Catherine wants to go to bed. They all agree she can go. Richard offers to help her upstairs, but she rejects the help. She climbs the stairs arduously. Richard tells the others she won’t let him help. Maggie says she’ll get there.

Nico is hanging out with Levi in the ICU. He wishes Levi could come to his family dinner. Andrew comes in to check on Natasha. Garrett comes running out the room asking for help. They rush into her room. Natasha is awake.

All of Natasha’s doctors have gathered in the room. Levi presents the case. Natasha has been hospitalized for 35 days now. She’s still on a ventilator but with a thoracostomy for empyema drainage. She can’t talk yet because of the vent and they need to balance out her nutrition. Maggie says they can close the thoracostomy today. Link promises to get her up and walking as soon as possible. Amelia says they will get her to that planetarium wedding.

Link compliments Meredith on her work. He gives Meredith a fist bump and walks off. Jo whispers “love triangle” as she passes by. Andrew asks Meredith when she’s going to stop stringing Link along. She keeps giving him false hope. Meredith is not sure it’s false. Andrew’s getting tired of wasting time not being with her. He asks her if NYE is a date or if she’s going to ignore him there because she’s not brave enough. She says it’s a date.

Amelia is visiting Betty in rehab. Amelia tells her Leo is teething. Betty misses him a bit, but not as much as drugs. She misses drugs. They make her feel better than anything. She shouldn’t be a mom. She’s a kid. She should give Leo to Owen and Amelia and pretend none of this ever happened. Betty thinks Amelia has somewhere to be for NYE.

Andrew is surprised to see Levi arrive at the Karevs’ party with Nico. Levi tells him Natasha was using the speaking valve for the first time, so Meredith wanted to stay himself.

Maggie notices Jackson is distracted. She suggests they get out of here. The ball can drop in their bed. He gives her a look, and she says she didn’t mean for that to sound so graphic.

Bailey is asking Teddy’s advice on whether or not she can call over Ben. He might think it’s a booty call. Teddy says that might not be a bad thing.

Alex and Jo start handing out mini bottles of champagne for the countdown. Tom arrives just in time. He compliments Teddy’s looks. They count down with the rest of the guests and then kiss. Levi and Nico also kiss, as do Jo and Alex.

Meredith is with Natasha in the ICU. A NYE show is streaming on a laptop. Garrett went to get sparkling water so they could pretend it’s champagne. Natasha says Garrett is a good one, which Meredith agrees with. Garrett talked to her all day, including Meredith and the doctors who like her. Natasha thinks Meredith should be with them. Garrett comes in and rewinds the show so they can count down. Natasha tells Meredith she should kiss someone who turns back time for her.

Link and Andrew talk at the bar at the party. They both got stood up by Meredith.

Levi is presenting Natasha’s case again. It’s day 45 and she’s up and walking with some help. She has tolerated her speaking valve trials with intermittent oxygen. They are removing her chest tube today. She’s made a lot of progress, but they are still not out of the woods. Natasha wants to eat, but they’re not there yet except jello. She asks for watermelon flavor.

Outside of the room, Meredith catches up with Andrew, who gets angry at her for having stood him up. He says it feels awful. She says she had a patient. Andrew snaps that she also has a phone. The game and tension has been fun, but that was just rude. He’s not a doormat.

At home, Catherine lashes out at the physical therapist, whom she claims talks to her like she’s a child. Richard asks her for a minute. Catherine doesn’t want to hear the recovery lecture. She asked the physical therapist for exercises to get her sensual self back, but the therapist told her not to worry about that, like she’s some dried-up mop. She misses her sexual appetite. Richard brings up average recovery time, but Catherine says she’s not average and walks out.

Owen is late for Teddy’s ultrasound and gets upset when he finds they have already started. They start arguing, but they stop when they hear the heartbeat and see they’re having a baby girl. They hug.

Bailey follows Ben out of the ER. She needs to tell him something. Her heart is ready for him to come home. He doesn’t react. Bailey says it’s lonely when Tuck’s not home and her fence needs to be repaired. Ben says she broke his heart. He’s not coming back because her fence needs patching. Bailey admits she’s not been herself. She was working on her physical health so much that she forgot about her mental health. Her meds needed to be adjusted. She’s being treated. Ben is called away for an emergency.

Levi presents Natasha’s case again. They are on day 62. She was placed back on the ventilator two days ago. She has pneumonia. They also won’t be able to reverse her ostomy today because the CT showed fluid in her abdomen. They will clean those out in surgery today. That means they have to re-open the wounds that have been healing.

Tom finds Teddy resting on an empty bed in a trauma room. He knows what she needs; his favorite nail technician Mimi at Pink Bunny, which has the best mani/pedi in Seattle. She should let him know when she wants to experience pure bliss for $29.

Meredith, Jo, Andrew, and Levi are operating. Meredith and Jo have noticed that Levi is less Glasses. Levi says he met someone. He’s hot and confident and he likes him. And he’s gay. He’s never felt more like himself. They’re all happy for him. Andrew says life’s too short not to share it with somebody that lights up your world. Meredith finds necrotic bowel.

Amelia and Owen are at rehab. She tells him Betty talked about Linus a lot last time she was here. Betty enters with a boy. She comes up to them and confirms that’s Linus. Betty says she’s doing the steps and she’s on the one where you apologize and tell the truth. She’s been lying since she met them. Her name is not Betty and her parents don’t know she’s not here. The parents they were talking to on the phone, that was actually her friend Jerry. Her real name is Britney. She should have told them, but she was scared her parents would find out about Leo. She ran away when she was found out she was pregnant. She says they can’t call her parents. She’s scared they’re going to take Leo away.

Levi is presenting Natasha’s case again. It’s day 73. Garrett feels like every step forward means two steps back. Natasha feels like she’s living the same day over and over. As the doctors go to explain what caused the necrotic bowel, Natasha codes. Meredith suspects a PE and asks for an echo.

They are now on day 84. Outside the room, Meredith and Andrew inform Garrett that the PE weakened Natasha’s heart and lungs. Her kidneys have worsened as well. Garrett breaks down and asks why this is happening to them after all they’ve went through. He breaks down and says he’ll die if Natasha dies. Meredith makes him look at her and assures him he won’t die. He has to fight for her. Natasha is fighting, too, so he does not get to give up. He has to take a walk, take a shower, and get a meal. They will be fighting to keep her alive, but he needs to keep himself alive.

Jackson and Maggie are watching Catherine walk on the treadmill with the physical therapist and Richard by her side. Suddenly, Catherine falls down and she breaks down crying. She can’t do this. It pains Jackson to see her like this.

Owen is trying to find Britney’s parents, but Amelia tells him to stop. They don’t even know what to say to them. They take in their daughter without going through the foster system and they are now raising their grandson, whom they don’t know exists. Amelia says it’s Britney’s call to make. Owen says she has been lying to everyone without remorse. Amelia says this is all part of the disease. Owen thinks lying and stealing aren’t part of that. It feels like an excuse to justify poor life choices. Amelia is hurt by his comment. She grabs her coat to leave. Owen apologizes. He can’t deal with the thought of Leo being taken away, so if that’s happening, he needs to know sooner than later.

Maggie follows Jackson into the garden. She wants to do movie night tonight to distract him. She hates Valentine’s Day, but she’s trying new things. She knows he’s hurting but she doesn’t know how to make it better. Neither does he. Maggie says she thought about killing herself on the worst day of her mother’s disease. It was a fleeting thought, but it came. That’s how bad the fear and pain were for her. Then, she shook and her eye started twitching. Jackson recognizes that. He’s also experiencing shortness of breath.

Andrew finds Meredith and questions why she told Garrett not to give up on love while she runs away from it herself. She tells him she has kids and a job. Andrew used to think Meredith’s beyond him, but turns out she’s just a kid hiding behind excuses. Meredith turns around and invites Link to dinner tonight. He’s surprised she’s asking him out on Valentine’s Day, but he accepts.

Bailey arrives home and finds Ben working in the front yard. Ben says this is his turn to talk. He followed his bless like she told him to, but then she turned around and left him over it. She can’t leave him like that ever again. He should have known something wasn’t right with her. He should have recognized it. He promised to build her a treehouse, but he never followed through on that. Until now. She then sees he’s building her a treehouse. He needs to know she won’t ever call time-out on this again. She promises she won’t. She hugs him.

The doctors have gathered in Natasha’s room. They have been in there for over 3 months and since then, Natasha has only gotten worse. She wants to be taken off the vent. She feels she’s dying. Maggie brings up there are other options, but Meredith says they already know. Natasha says they’ve all done everything to give her as much time as possible. She may not have gotten her wedding under the stars, but they gave them the rest of their lives together.

Alex needs verbal consent from Garrett as her power of attorney. He consents. Meredith explains the procedure. They’ll give her meds to keep her comfortable. She checks if they are ready and then turns off the vent. Garrett starts weeping and Natasha comforts him. Jo whispers to Meredith that Alex had an idea.

Owen presents Amelia with a bouquet of flowers. They do Valentine’s since he’s been an ass. Tom says he has a date. Teddy shows up and Amelia and Owen piece things together. Alex comes up and asks Owen and Amelia to come to the ICU and to bring their phones.

The doctors gather in Natasha’s room. Jo lays out Natasha’s blue wedding dress on top of her. Garrett tells Natasha that the doctors wanted to get them their wedding under the stars. They turn off the lights in the room and all doctors lift up their phones with pictures of stars on the screens. Meredith reads the vows Natasha wrote before the accident.

Catherine apologizes to Richard for having been impossible. Richard tells her not to apologize. He can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through, but he promises to be by her side while she does it. He helps her to get up and tells her she couldn’t even be average if she tried. She asks him to take her to the bedroom.

Back in Natasha’s room, a minister officially weds the two of them. Natasha wants to talk, but Garrett doesn’t want her to strain herself. He knows. He thanks her for marrying him. The doctors give them privacy while they say goodbye.

Once she has left the room, Andrew asks Meredith to come with him.

They arrive on the roof of the hospital. She says she’s supposed to be on a date, but he says she already is. He opens a bottle of champagne and proposes a toast to Garrett and Natasha.

Teddy and Tom are enjoying a pedicure. Tom even arranged dinner.

Ben and Bailey are making out in bed.

The waitress asks Link if he wants to keep waiting, but he’s done waiting. He orders a drink.

Andrew gets close to Meredith. They share their first kiss.

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