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Grey’s anatomy season 18 episode 13:” Put the Squeeze On Me”


Bailey spends her morning with Pru as she gets ready for work. Ben arrives home late due to B-shift being late. Pru slept through the night while Bailey herself had a hospital scheduling nightmare. Ben jokes the resident from Minnesota can pick up the slack. Bailey says he has apologized twice. As Bailey heads out the door, Ben jokes he’ll bring her lunch wearing his uniform.

Jo is gathering her things to leave for work. She notices Luna is holding a stuffed toy that belongs to Scout. Jo admits to Luna that she misses Link and Scout.

Richard leaves Levi another message. Catherine is surprised he’s still on that. Richard will call him every morning until he returns to work. Catherine reminds him not everyone belongs in the OR.

As Farouk and Megan are packing up their things at Owen’s house, they push him to finish his physical therapy. Megan shows him how she has converted the dining room into a gym to start his weight-bearing exercises.

At the Clinic, Meredith is giving a presentation on David’s case. Post-op scans have shown no abnormalities nor is there a regression in motor deficits. David steps onto the stage and claims his motor skills have actually improved, even though they can’t say that in medical journals. He played chess without shaking hands. He then surprises Meredith with an offer to join the staff in a permanent position, as Director of the Grey Center and Chief of General Surgery. As the audience applauds, Meredith remains silent.


Amelia catches up with Link at the hospital. Her flight was delayed a couple of times. She e-mailed him a list with preschools for Scout. Link hasn’t had the chance to look at it. He brushes her off and goes to see a patient.

Bailey needs her patient to be taken up to CT. It turns out that Jordan is on her service for the first time since the incident. Bailey asks a nurse to find another resident for the appendicitis patient. A man comes running in screaming for help. His boyfriend is hurt. He is in the car with Gigi. He warned Ivan that it was a bad idea. Bailey and Jordan follow Clark to his car outside. He opens the door, revealing Ivan in the backseat with a Burmese python wrapped around his torso. Her name is Gigi. Bailey closes the door and takes a few steps back.

As they arrive back at the Grey Center, Nick points out Meredith can’t be too surprised about the offer given the success of her current project. He points out she doesn’t have to head every project herself. David and Kai come in. Meredith wonders how David expected her to respond to an offer made out of the blue in front of a staff she doesn’t know. David then hands her documents on the hospital’s new budget for the Center and her proposed salary. He apologizes for ambushing her but he was too excited after the board approved the proposal this morning. He clarifies she can fund whatever project she pleases with the money. David even brings Nick into it, stating he would benefit, too.

Taryn and Richard are on their way to meet Bailey outside, passing by a screaming nurse as they head into the ambulance bay. A small crowd has gathered around the car. Taryn decides she wants no part in this. Bailey informs Richard that the snake is biting Ivan’s upper left arm. Ivan maintains that Gigi is just hugging him. He teaches second grade and they were learning about reptiles. He bought Gigi as a class pet but she kept growing and so he had to bring her home. Ivan’s vitals show that his oxygen is going down. Bailey and Richard request cardio, neuro, and ortho.

Jo finds Link and tells him she put Ribbit with Link’s stuff in the lounge. Jo is surprised to see that he’s checking out preschools. Her plan for Luna was just to copy Link and Amelia’s plan for Scout. As Link is paged to the ambulance bay, Jo tells Link that she misses him. He misses her, too. He has decided everything bad is Amelia’s fault. Jo says they are still best friends. They just were smart enough not to let their friendship be ruined. Jo calls him petty, which reminds him of his father.

Taryn comes to fetch Maggie for the consult as she’s going over patients with Winston. Winston is eager to take the consult since he loves snakes while Maggie’s not a fan.

Amelia backs up into Link as the trunk of the car is opened, revealing the snake situation. Jordan cautiously puts a nasal cannula on Ivan and then quickly backs away. Ivan refuses to have Gigi killed. Winston urges Ivan to remain calm since Gigi is programmed to tighten her grip with every breath that he takes. Winston says they need rubbing alcohol. Taryn begrudgingly agrees to fetch a bottle.

Mabel presents the case of Laura Eames, who is 22 weeks pregnant and scheduled for a mitral valve repair. Todd is freaking out. He’s been keeping a spreadsheet of her weight. He has a PhD in environmental science and likes data. When Maggie says she needs to perform the pre-op cardiac echo, Todd goes to leave. Jo says he can stay with his wife but Laura clarifies he is her brother.

Owen and Teddy say goodbye to Farouk. Megan hands over Owen’s PT routine to Teddy. She encourages Owen to let people help him. Once Farouk has left the house, Megan tells Teddy and Owen that they now have the time and privacy to finally address whatever’s going on between them. She hugs Owen goodbye and leaves.

Winston explains that the alcohol will irritate Gigi, meaning she’ll unclench her jaw. Then they have to uncoil her. He enlists Jordan and Link’s help. Richard hesitates to spray the alcohol onto Gigi so Bailey takes over. She does so from the driver’s seat. Gigi hisses at her so she jumps back, into Jordan’s arms. The doctors succeeded at uncoiling Gigi. They get Ivan on a gurney and rush him inside. Ivan is concerned about Gigi. The doctors quickly shut the trunk and doors, trapping Gigi inside the car.

Jo tells Laura that her labs rook reassuring. Laura explains to her doctors that Todd was the only one who was supportive of her pregnancy. He came to every appointment and has offered to let her live with him while she recovers. Jo shares that she is a single mother, too. Laura questions if she’s open to dating. Todd is great but really shy. Maggie finishes up the echo, meaning they can move her to the OR.

Jo finds Todd in the waiting room to explain that they’ll text him once Laura is in recovery. Todd has a sandwich and five episodes of “Ready, Set, Globe!” to keep him company. Jo loves that show, which she accidentally spoils for him. She tips him about the vending machine with great salt and vinegar chips on the second floor.

Ivan asks the doctors to make sure Clark takes care of Gigi. The chest X-ray reveals a possible hemothorax. Richard orders Taryn to insert a chest tube but Bailey stops her. The air-fluid levels make her think something else is going on. They take Ivan up for a scan.

As they await the scans, Winston shares some facts about Burmese pythons. The scans reveal that the pressure ruptured Ivan’s diaphragm and his abdominal organs have shifted into his thoracic cavity, meaning the chest tube would have done a lot of harm. Richard is taken aback by this.

In the OR, Maggie shares a story about being asked about by a 15-year-old patient. Jo says she is already balancing too much between motherhood and her OB residency to add dating, too. The fetal monitor suddenly shows decels. Laura codes on the table. While Maggie starts CPR, Jo adjusts the baby since she suspect aorta-caval compression syndrome. They rotate Laura onto her side, which brings back her heartbeat. Maggie compliments her.

Winston, Bailey, Jordan, and Taryn are operating. They talk about how a good teacher makes all the difference. Winston reveals he got married to his former mentor. Richard comes in to inform the doctors that animal control has arrived. Ivan’s blood pressure drops as the surgeons find a bleeding.

Owen whines about his PT while Teddy presses him to keep going. In doing so, she tells him not to hold back. He scoffs and says she’s the one who’s been tiptoeing around the house pretending everything is fine. He begs her to finally look him in the eye. She says she doesn’t recognize him anymore and it hurts her.

In her lab, Meredith asks Nick what he would do with this kind of money. He would continue the research into regeneration stem cell therapies and expand his research into xenotransplant. He’s already started his research but not everyone gets surprised with millions of dollars of funding. Meredith thinks their situation just got more complicated, remembering that Hamilton suggested that her funding could benefit him. He checks if she’s actually suggesting that he’s in a relationship with her to get grant funding. She admits she has trust issues. He says he never mentioned his research because it has nothing to do with how he feels about her. What they have is great. He’s in this. It seems to him like she takes things that are great and actively starts looking for problems. He stresses that this is all her choice. It’s her life, no matter how much he’d like to share it with her.

Ivan is bleeding from his liver. He goes into full DIC. They start packing him to move him to the ICU. They can try again tomorrow.

Jo finds Todd and tells him about the complication that arose, meaning they have to reschedule the procedure. She’ll let him know once Laura is awake. She comments on the pile of snacks he got from the vending machine. He actually got two bags of salt and vinegar chips and offers her one. Todd talks about how much he cares about Laura. Jo then invites him for a drink at Joe’s. He would love that. He’ll meet her there after her shift.

Owen reminds Teddy that she has always been supportive of death with dignity. She knows her own stance but this is about how he unilaterally made a decision that puts their family at risk. He didn’t want her to be implicated. He maintains that he was careful. She fires back that he doesn’t even know the soldiers that Heather gave the drugs to. One of their relatives might go to the military and talk. This will follow their family for the rest of their lives. Owen says he wanted to protect her. She never needed protection. All she needs is to not raise their kids alone. She starts walking away, which prompts him to finally get out of the wheelchair and walk a short distance in an attempt to follow her. She is amazed.

Kai finds Meredith and tells her David is a showman, so he has trouble understanding that not everyone responds well to public accolade. Kai does understand. They are sorry for the way David handled all that. They hope it hasn’t scared Meredith away. Meredith deems it unnecessary for them to apologize on David’s behalf. Meredith asks them if they are seeing Amelia. Kai confirms but that is not the main reason they want Meredith to take the job. Meredith says David is exactly like her mother; it’s all about his wants, needs, and demands. It triggers Meredith. It’s the opposite for Kai. David knew them before they changed their name. David got right on board when they changed their pronouns, unlike their parents. David may be demanding but he respects people and talent. David promised them they would change the world and they just put a big dent in Parkinson’s disease, showcasing that David has a great track record of keeping his promises.

Ivan goes into V-fib en route to the ICU. Bailey hops onto the bed to start CPR as they rush to make it to the ICU. Once there, they start defibrillating with a crash cart while Jordan escorts Clark out of the room.

Amelia finds Link and offers to join in for his ORIF on Ivan so she can check for radial nerve damage. He neutrally accepts without looking at her. Amelia tries to make conversation but Link says he can’t do small talk with her. She reminds him that he never wanted for them to become his parents. He needs to hate her for a little while, whether it’s right or wrong, because the alternative is loving her. And that can’t happen. She walks off in silence.

Bailey checks on Ivan and then tells Clark they’ll do everything to make sure he pulls through. Clark thinks he needs to reassess his entire life. The man he loves let his pet snake squeeze the life out of him. Bailey takes him inside Ivan’s room so he can hold Ivan’s hand, to remind himself why he loves him. Bailey leaves him to it. Jordan comes up to inform her that Clark sent Gigi to a rescue organization. Jordan thanks Bailey for educating him today. She stops him before the situation can turn into a bigger problem. He assures her that won’t happen, though he insists that she did send out a signal, whether it was consciously or not. He sees her, truly, and he felt it. However, it will never happen again.

Jo has signed off for the night. Link meets her at the nurses’ station and invites her to Joe’s before they pick up the kids. As she hesitates, Todd comes up and tells Jo how his sister raved about her for 10 minutes. Jo chuckles and turns to Link, who tells her to go. He watches the two as they head out.

Teddy hands Owen an ice pack. She’s exhausted from the entire situation. She loves him and she won’t leave him. She understands his principles and why he did it but she needs to know that their family comes first to him. He needs to trust that she will be there for him and find a way to support him, or talk him out of doing something stupid. They reconcile with a kiss.

Bailey comes home after Ben just got Pru down for the night. She tells Ben about Ivan. Bailey wonders if they have been ignoring a snake in their relationship since apparently they have been sending out mixed signals to other people. Bailey cites his ordeal with Ingrid. She fears they have been feeding a life with so many things going on that it’s squeezing their marriage to death. It’s too important to her for that. Ben agrees they haven’t been spending much time together but she’s never getting rid of me. They hug tightly.

Catherine is surprised to find Richard in the bedroom. He says he made a bad call today that could have killed a man, had the resident implemented it. He’s been thinking about her comment how not everyone belongs in an OR. He pressured people around him to implement his teaching method. It ended the career of a promising resident and now maybe the rest of his class as well. He can’t in good conscience let that happen. He wants an assessment with a physical exam and cognitive review. If his judgment is off, if he doesn’t belong in an OR anymore, he wants to know that.

Meredith comes home to her kids setting the table with Maggie’s help. She hugs her kids and tells them she missed them. Maggie got to taste Ellis’ chocolate pudding surprise, the surprise being gummy worms. Maggie leaves to head to the gym with Winston. Zola thought she was staying for dinner since they set five plates. Meredith announces that she brought her friend Nick from Minnesota. Nick walks in. Zola wonders how they met. Nick says her mother saved his life. Ellis asks Nick if he likes chocolate pudding surprise. Only if the surprise is gummy worms. After he gets a taste, they all sit down at the table for pizza.

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