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Grey’s Anatomy: Season 20, Episode 6, “The Marathon Continues,” Recap & Spoilers


As the sun rises over Seattle, the doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital are each kicking off their day. Winston Ndugu has run to work, reaching the parking lot just as Atticus “Link” Lincoln and Jo Wilson finish loading their kids into strollers and head into the building. Both Scout, Link’s son with Amelia Shepherd, and Luna, Jo’s daughter, are watching tablets, much to Amelia’s annoyance. When she comes up behind Link to say hi to Scout, she discovers that Link has labeled the tablet with Scout’s name on it and begins to argue with Link about screen time, only to be cut off by a consult. It’s a conversation Link can tell isn’t over, though.

Mika Yasuda and Simone Griffith run into Taryn Helm on the way to the intern locker room, and Yasuda reveals that she’s still mad at Helm for not putting her on a case where the patient had an impalement. Helm tries to tell her that she put Yasuda on cardio for the day, but Yasuda isn’t interested in listening.

Upstairs, Richard Webber and Catherine Fox are together in his office. Catherine tells Richard that an important benefactor is coming to Peds. Richard asks her if she wants him to go get lunch from somewhere since she’ll be busy, and she asks him why he’s not doing surgery. Richard tells her that he’s a very important man and has a lot of administrative work to do. While she agrees with him, it’s clear that something else is going on with Webber.

Levi Schmitt finds Monica Beltran to tell her that a patient is ready to go home and to ask her if she’ll put in a good word for him with the pediatric fellowship he has applied to at Grey-Sloan. When Beltran asks Schmitt why he wants to be in Peds, he tells her that Dr. Webber suggested it, he is good with kids, and Peds surgeons are always in demand. Beltran is disappointed with his answer and tells him that no, she won’t make a call on his behalf, surprising Schmitt.

In the skills lab, the interns are studying for their upcoming exam, and Griffith asks Lucas Adams if he wants to study together at the house. When he tells her that he doesn’t know if that’s a good idea, she looks hurt. Before he can say anything else, Bailey comes into the skills lab with wellness kits. She wants them to take better care of themselves and hands one out to each intern. Jules Millin asks how the bags are supposed to help them finish their procedure logs, and Bailey says, “It’s hard to finish anything if you’re unwell, Millin.”

Bailey explains the bags, including that they contain recipes for good home cooked food, but the interns don’t seem to care much. When Teddy Altman pages Yasuda, she asks, “If I already care about myself, can I start my service?” As other pagers begin to go off, Bailey dismisses the interns, but she’s clearly frustrated with their response to the wellness kits.

Yasuda meets Altman outside a patient’s room and discovers that they are seeing a patient from the state prison. Yasuda seems nervous at first, especially as Altman explains how the room he’s in is different because of his status as a prisoner. They don gowns and masks to protect themselves from the man’s potential TB. The prisoner, introduced as Mr. Jimenez, is handcuffed to the bed and clearly quite sick.

In another patient’s room, Millin is introducing Misty Valentine, a 15-year-old whose leg had to be amputated above the knee after a bad car accident when she was 13. Misty is in a lot of pain and obviously frustrated about the loss of her leg and the fact that it’s been difficult to do the things she loves, like cycling. Catherine comes in, as Misty’s parents are big donors to the hospital, and is there when Link, Beltran, Schmitt, and Millin discuss their plan for treating Misty. Link plans to do a limb revision to make the prosthesis fit better, but Misty seems skeptical about the treatment.

Outside Misty’s room, Catherine tells Link and Beltran that she is not impressed with their plan, and when Link tells her that it’s the standard of care, she tells him that “this family flies first class, and you just gave them coach.” Catherine wants them to come up with something better, and if they can’t and it leads to Valentine’s pulling their support from the hospital, she’ll be making up the difference in funding by pulling it from their salaries. After she leaves, Beltran asks what happened, and Link tells her they call it “the Catherine Fox effect.”

Dorian Cardenas, who was shot and brought to the hospital in Season 20, Episode 2, “Keep the Family Close,” is still at Grey-Sloan Memorial and is struggling with being there. He tells his mother, Valeria, that he wants a cheeseburger, and Webber and Adams have to tell him that he can’t have one. He asks to leave instead, and they say no to that, too, but that they do need to run some additional tests because his hemoglobin is low. Dorian isn’t interested in any more tests, and when Adams tries to draw blood, Dorian tells Adams not to touch him and then yells at everyone to get out.

Outside Dorian’s room, Valeria asks about the hemoglobin, and Adams promises to keep an eye on him. After she leaves, Adams asks Webber what they should do, and Webber tells him that this is pretty standard with long-term ICU patients. They’re experiencing a loss of control, and all the doctors can do is be patient.

In another part of the hospital, Bailey runs into Owen Hunt and begins talking to him about her wellness kits and how much time she spent on them. Frustrated that the interns didn’t seem to appreciate them, she gave him a bag.

Benson Kwan, concerned about something he said in Season 20, Episode 5, “Never Felt So Alone,” getting out to others, confronts Griffith in the pit and accuses her of telling Bailey about what he said on the roof about his experience with mental health issues. Griffith insists that she didn’t say anything, but Kwan is certain she did — why else would Bailey suddenly be talking to them about wellness?

Link finds Beltran on the Peds floor because he has an idea — osseointegration, where a titanium rod is implanted into the remaining bone. Beltran likes the concept but is nervous about doing it in a kid who might still be growing, and Link tells her that it would have been the first procedure he offered if Misty was 21 and that, for all intents and purposes, Misty was an adult. Link tells her that he’s one of four surgeons trained to do the procedure and has done it twice, though he admits that he has never done it on a kid. He just wants to give her what she wants, which is the ability to cycle again. Beltran tells him that he can’t just give the kid what she wants just because she wants it, that sometimes they have to make a harder decision for her health and safety. Shepherd, who is on a computer down the hall, begins agreeing with Beltran, though it becomes clear that Shepherd is referring to the iPad Link had given Scout. When Schmitt asks if Shepherd and Link want to be alone, Shepherd leaves.

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