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Grey’s anatomy season 4 episode 4:” The Heart of the Matter”

The next morning, Callie is sitting on the bed. George is urging her to say something. She says she forgives him. They took vows, so she forgives him.

George enters the hospital while trying to call Izzie, but she won’t pick up. He passes by the elevator and Meredith reminds him they have rounds in five minutes. He walks off as Derek gets on the elevator. He asks if she wants to away with her this weekend. He kisses her and says they can have 48 uninterrupted hours of this. He wants to go wine country, but they won’t see anything but the bedroom. She’s in, if she can find someone to cover for her.

Meredith walks with Cristina, who complains about her interns. Meredith hopes Lexie is not too bad. She’s come to realize she only hates the idea of Lexie, not Lexie as a person. Cristina is okay with being the new Nazi. Meredith urges her own interns to get charts. She approaches Alex and asks him if he’ll work for her on Saterday. He agrees to, but only if she takes Norman off his hands for the day. She sees George again and tells him she’s gonna have to put him in the clinic if he misses rounds again. He rushes off to the clinic.

In the clinic, Bailey meets with Ruthie Sales. She fell off her Stairmaster yesterday and hurt her foot. She took some ibuprofen and went to bed, but this morning, it looked all huge and hideous. She says she takes ibuprofen daily, and she doubled the dose for the foot. Bailey says they’ll get some X-rays. Ruthie would prefer if they could give her some cortisone because she’s supposed to meet with her trainer at noon, but Bailey can’t treat her until she knows what’s going on. George bursts in and asks Bailey if she’s seen Izzie. She tells him to check the pit. Ruthie asks how late they’ll be done so she can tell her trainer.

In the pit, George asks Lexie if she’s seen Izzie. Lexie hasn’t. She’s waiting for Cristina and she’s determined to be excellent. George tries to call Izzie again. Cristina comes in with the patient.

In a trauma room, Derek, Cristina, and Lexie are examining Adam Singer. He got injured during a football scrimmage. His dad Stanley, who’s also his coach, is with him. Stanley seems to think it’s Adam’s fault he got injured, so Derek asks him to leave the room. Lexie and Derek stabilize Adam’s head while Cristina starts cutting off Adam’s helmet.

George runs across the lobby and crashes into a cart, drawing Richard’s attention. George says he’s looking for Izzie. Richard says she’s at the third floor nurses station. Also, when he sees her, he has to tell her that Callie is looking for her. George, ignoring his pain, runs off.

Izzie is talking to her interns about the importance of charting and penmanship. George finally sees Izzie, but he hides when he sees Callie approaching. She walks up to Izzie. Callie says they have to talk. George told her everything. Callie tells Izzie to meet her in the cafeteria at noon. Izzie’s interns think Callie’s going to kick her ass.

George tells Izzie that Callie forgave. She told him that he’s had a rough year and that people make mistakes. Izzie tells her interns to back off. George was blindsided by Callie’s forgiveness. Izzie says Callie is saving her rage for Izzie, but Izzie says she’s going to put on a fight.

Derek, Cristina, and Lexie are looking at Adam’s scans. Derek notices Cristina calls Lexie “3” and asks her how she’d proceed. Lexie says they have to reallign Adam’s spine before they can operate. Derek is impressed by her and asks about her internship and Meredith. She admits the family thing is weird. Derek is sure Meredith doesn’t sure. Cristina wants to send Lexie to go check on a patient, but Derek asks her to do it instead.

Meredith introduces Mark to Norman. Norman tells Mark it’s seriously true that he’s an intern. Seriously. Mark walks off and Norman asks Meredith which nickname they call Mark. Meredith tells Norman they’re on discharges on labs today. They have to tell someone there’s nothing more they can do. She’ll teach him the protocol. Norman then remembers Mark’s nickname is McSteamy.

Callie was paged by Bailey to look at Ruthie’s scans. She’s surprised to find George there. She looks at the scans and says that foot is crushed. They need to operate right away. Bailey thinks they should run tests first to find out why Ruthie’s bones are so fragile. Callie says she’s osteoporotic, she sees it all the time in older women. Bailey says Ruthie is 28, but Callie doesn’t seem to hear that. She asks Bailey to call her when she gets the results. Bailey looks at George, who says he can’t talk to her about it.

Meredith tells Norman the key to delivering bad news is to be detached without seeming cold. If you get too emotional, the patients will be scared and they’ll get emotional. Also, he has to stop with the “seriously”. She thinks it’ll go smoother if he just focuses on the medicine instead of his age. Cristina comes over and tells Meredith that Derek and Lexie are bonding over her.

Cristina explains to Stanley how they’re using traction to put Adam’s spine back into place. Lexie uses a gym metaphor to make Adam understand it, but Cristina interrupts her and says they have to attach the traction system by screwing two bolts into his skull. Adam says that sounds painful, but Stanley says never walking again is painful. He wants to get on with it.

Meredith and Norman are in a patient’s room. The woman is crying hysterically while Meredith is irritated because Norman got too emotional. He couldn’t help it. She thinks he should apologize one last time. He does so, but it doesn’t help. They slowly back out of the room.

Izzie finds Alex in the pit, looking for a favor. She asks what he’s doing at lunch. He replies that apparently, he’ll be watching Izzie getting her ass kicked by Callie. He found out through his interns. An ER resident shouts for help.

Alex and Izzie go into the trauma room. The patient is Camille Travis, Richard’s niece. Adele is happy to finally see some familiar faces. She wants her husband paged. The ER resident says Camille’s airway is obstructed. Izzie has to perform a crike. She pulls it off. Richard comes in and asks what the hell they’re doing to his niece.

Richard is doing an endoscopy on his niece. The last thing she needed was another surgery. Izzie and Alex did the right thing. Camille was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 14. She’s had both ovaries removed as well as her uterus. They find a mass in her airway. They can take it out, but they’ll have to run tests to find out how many more there are. Richard is convinced Camille will beat the cancer again.

Meredith and Norman walk up to Cristina. They see Lexie and Derek laughing. Meredith can’t believe Lexie is talking about her behind her back after she’s tried to be nice. Lexie comes over and greets them. Meredith walks off with Norman. Lexie tells Cristina that Derek wants to meet in Adam’s room in 10 minutes. Cristina tells her that she gets using the Grey sister angle to get in good with the attendings, but she’s here on Cristina’s license. So, for the rest of the day, she’s going to behave like an intern and keep quiet. “Are we clear, 3?” Cristina asks. Lexie says it’s Lexie, or Grey.

Bailey, Callie, and George are in Ruthie’s room. Her labs revealed that she has low calcium, low vitamin D, and low electrolyte levels, so they wonder if she’s been dieting. Will proudly announces that she lost 40 pounds. Ruthie says that Will promised they’d move in together if she got down to a size 4. He quit smoking for her. Bailey says it doesn’t matter if Callie fixes the fracture unless she starts eating more and exercising less. Callie is distracted, but agrees with Bailey. Will demands they fix Ruthie’s leg.

Mark asks Meredith how the hospice patient took the news. She says there were lots of tears. Mark is surprised, as he thought the patient would take it like a man. Meredith is surprised to hear the patient is a man. Norman misread the room number on the chart.

Cristina and Derek are preparing the traction system. Stanley says Adam has been weight training since he was 8, so it’s nothing to be scared about. Cristina quietly reminds Lexie to stay against the wall. Derek reminds her that it’s a teaching hospital, so he invites Lexie to come closer and learn something. Derek warns Adam as he’s going to start screwing in the bolt.

Alex and Izzie are scrubbing. She can’t imagine what it’s like to be told you have cancer at the age of 14. Alex says you fight, like Izzie will have to do at noon. He wonders who’s going to win. Izzie asks Alex to pull Callie off her if it happens. Alex wants to know what happened. Izzie tells him she slept with George. She knows she’s a terrible person, which is why she’s gonna let Callie get one good punch in. Alex can’t believe she slept with George, because he’s embarrassed for her.

Norman says it’s okay for Meredith to yell at him, because according to Bailey, that’s how interns learn. She says she’s not a good yeller. They enter Mrs. Bitzer’s room, only to a find a nurse changing the sheets. She informs the doctors that Gretchen left an hour ago.

Richard tells Camille that the cancer is back, and that it has spread to her chest, lungs, and throat. He talks about possible treatment options, but Camille just wants to go home. She doesn’t want any treatment. Adele and Camille’s mother are shocked. Camille says she’s 18 now, so she has a choice. Camille recalls all the complications last time. She’s dying and they all know it. She doesn’t want to spend the little time she has left in this hospital. She asks Richard to be her uncle instead of her doctor.

Cristina urges Adam not to move his head. He’s trying, but he’s unsure how long he can take this. Stanley tells his son he can take as much as they give him. Cristina adds another weight. Stanley urges his son not to be quitter. Cristina adds the last plate. Stanley says he knew Adam could do it. Adam yells to get his father out of his room. Lexie takes Adam’s hand to calm him down, but Cristina yells to put it down gently as the slightest movement could disrupt the entire system. Cristina tells Lexie to leave the room. Derek overheard everything and tells Lexie to trade places with Cristina.

Outside the room, Derek tells Cristina that she has to teach interns instead of abusing them. He’ll refuse to let her scrub in with him until she learns to be less competitive and selfish.

Adele tells her sister that Camille is just tired, so she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Arlene thinks Camille won’t get better. Richard says there’s always a chance. Adele asks Richard to convince Camille to accept a treatment. Camille is the closest they have to a child of their own, so he has to save their baby girl.

Meredith is leaving Gretchen another message. Mark comes over and underscores how important it is they find her. Norman says he’s very sorry. Meredith says she should’ve double-checked his work, but she was distracted. Norman says Lexie is very sweet, so she wouldn’t say anything uncool to Derek. Meredith is going to make more calls and finds that Norman has disappeared.

Meredith and Cristina sit down for lunch. They talk about their day. Cristina thinks nothing is wrong with being competitive and selfish. She’s a great resident. They were great interns. Izzie sits down with them and they all talk about Callie. They wonder what they’re fighting about as Alex sits down. He says they don’t wanna know. He thinks it’s not worth it. She thinks some things are worth fighting for.

George asks the lab tech for Ruthie’s labs. She asks who he’s putting his money on. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about as he thinks the fight is just a rumor. She says her buddy in the cafeteria told her otherwise and wonders what they’re fighting over. George runs off and yells he’ll be back for his labs.

Izzie says she’s learned to fight in the trailer park. She’s convinced she can take Callie down. Meanwhile, Callie enters the cafeteria and finds all eyes are on her. She walks up to Izzie. As Callie comes over, Izzie takes off her shoes and earrings while Alex and Cristina give her pointers. Izzie takes a fighting pose and says she’s ready to go. Callie has no idea what this is about. All she wanted to do is talk. Callie looks at the crowd and sighs. She walks out. An intern calls that Torres forfeits. Izzie sits down and feels visibly bad. George comes running in and asks if there was a fight. Alex says no. Apparently, they realized they were fighting over nothing.

Mark finds Derek, who’s deciding on a weekend getaway destination, and complains about having to teach interns. He can’t deal with them screwing up. Derek says Meredith rarely screws up, but Mark says Meredith just as much an intern as the old guy.

Callie joins Bailey in Ruthie’s room as Bailey explains that they’ll use metal plates and screws to hold Ruthie’s ankle together. Ruthie asks about the recovering time. Bailey says she’ll be in a cast for three months. Callie says it’ll be longer if she doesn’t eat. Will says she eats. Callie points out not enough to keep her bones from snapping, but he doesn’t seem too concerned about that. Will asks what her problem is, but before Callie can properly reply, Ruthie throws up blood.

George joins Callie and Bailey in the OR, where they’re fixing Ruthie’s bleeding duodenal ulcer, which was caused by the malnutrition and the ibuprofen. Ruthie’s lucky to be alive. George wonders why she’d do this to herself. Bailey says people are stupid and just want to be loved. Ruthie becomes asystolic and they start CPR.

Lexie and Derek are operating. He asks her to cauterize a vein to stop a bleeding, but she can’t see where it starts. The blood is coming too fast. Cristina tells her to suction around it so she can locate the source, which helps Lexie to pull it off. Derek compliments Lexie and allows Cristina to step in.

Norman finds Meredith. She wonders why he disappeared in the middle of a shift. He went to Gretchen’s apartment, which he found because of a bill, and he found her. She’s behind him. She says she didn’t mean to cut the bill, but she’s got a lot of living to do and not a lot of time to do it. She quit her job, dumped her loser boyfriend, and told her boss where he could shove it. She bought a one-way ticket to Iceland, where the sun never sets, which is fine by her. Meredith announces that she’s a got a full life to live. Gretchen starts crying. She destroyed her life! Now she’s gonna have to find a new apartment with parking, which is hard.

Callie finds Will smoking outside the hospital. She thought the deal was that he’d stop smoking. He thinks Ruthie will forgive him after her emergency surgery. Callie says she won’t, because she’s dead. Her heart couldn’t take the strain because of her starving herself and her training. Will says Ruthie wanted to lose weight, he just wanted her to be healthy. Callie says she was healthy 20 pounds ago. She thinks Will wanted her to be hot. Will says he loved her. As George comes outside, Callie says he didn’t. Maybe he didn’t like to be alone, or maybe she made him feel better about his miserable life, but he sure didn’t love her because you don’t destroy the person that you love. As George pulls Callie back, Callie yells she’d love for him to hit her so she can kick his ass. Bailey comes outside, too, and helps George to pull Callie away. Bailey apologizes to Will and George takes him inside. Once they’re gone, Bailey asks Callie again if she’s all right. Callie says it’s nothing. Bailey says nothing almost cost her her career just now.

Richard sits down in Camille’s room. He says the mass was so big she couldn’t breathe. He wonders what took her so long to come in. She knew the cancer wasn’t gone, nor will it ever be. She was hoping the cancer would kill her before she’d have to come back here. She’s so tired. Richard says he has a plan to keep her alive, which contains a lot of oncologists, drugs, and experimental procedures. He has no idea if it’ll work, but as her uncle, he’s begging her to take it. He knows his world is a better place with her in it. However, as her doctor, he promises to do whatever she wants. She says she wants to go home. “Then let’s get you home,” he says.

Callie runs into Izzie in a hallway. Izzie stops her and apologizes for the thing in the cafeteria. She’s sorry about everything. She feels terrible. Callie says Izzie took advantage of George. She trusted Izzie, so much so that she convinced herself she was crazy, but turns out she wasn’t. Then Izzie humiliated her in the cafeteria. George may be the one who broke his vows, but Izzie stole something from her. She’s the one who should be humiliated. “How dare you come to me for forgiveness, you traitorous bitch,” Callie says.

Izzie is sitting in a hallway and Alex passes her by. He ignores her and she asks if she’s invisible now. He can’t believe she slept with O’Malley. Izzie says she fell in love, like he fell in love with Rebecca or Ava, who’s also married. He has no right to judge what she does. She wonders why he even cares. Alex says that Izzie told him she wasn’t ready to be with anyone yet after Denny, and then she went and slept with O’Malley of all people. Then she goes and tells him like he’s one of her chick friends.

Meredith apologizes to Gretchen again, but she hugs and thanks Meredith and Norman. She walks off and Mark tells them she’s not going to sue, because the hospital just bought her a house in Reykjavík. Mark is gonna write the both of them up to the Chief, though. Meredith says it should be just her as Norman is her responsibility. Mark says that is stupid, but noble. He walks off and Norman tells Meredith he finds her quite smart.

Adele finds Richard and asks him what he said to Camille. Now she has to lose Camille. Richard says he won’t use Camille to make up for the fact that he never gave her children. Adele never asked him to. She only asked him to convince Camille. Richard says he can’t make Camille do what he wants her to do. He’s a doctor. She thought being a doctor meant saving lives. After all these years of choosing his job over his family, the one time she asks him to do his job and save this family, he can’t do it. Richard says he’s truly sorry. Adele says she is, too.

George finds Callie standing outside in the rain. He says she can’t just forgive him. What he did to her is unforgivable. Callie says that’s how forgiveness works. George says she hasn’t forgiven him, because she can’t look at him or talk to him. She’s so angry that the only way she can deal with it is by forgiving him and pretending it didn’t happen, but it did happen and she doesn’t forgive him. “You’re right. I don’t,” she says.

Meredith tells Derek that she got Alex to cover, so they can leave for their 48 uninterrupted hours right after she checks on her patients. Derek says this may not be a good idea. Meredith thinks Lexie said something, but Derek says he did all the talking. Derek says he talked to Lexie about all the things that Meredith won’t let him say. Meredith says he can tell her anything. He says he wants to marry her. He wants to have kids with her and build her a house. He wants to settle down and grow old with her. He wants to die in her arms when he’s 110 years old. He doesn’t want 48 uninterrupted hours. He wants a lifetime. He notices she backs away. He knows things like that make her want to run away. He understands that now. She’s just getting started and he’s been doing this for a long time. Deep down, she’s still an intern and she’s not ready. She says she’s not ready now, but things can stay the way they are and she can get ready. He says things can’t stay like they are now, but he’s willing to wait for her until she’s ready. However, he’s not sure what he’s gonna do if he meets someone who’s willing to give him what he wants before she’s ready.

Stanley is with his son. Cristina is watching them from outside the room. Lexie comes over and thanks her for saving her ass in surgery today. Cristina says that’s her job and orders 3 to get Adam’s post-op labs.

Izzie is crying on her bed. There’s a knock and Alex comes in with a box of tissues. He asks her to keep it down.

Callie is sitting on the bed in her hotel room. She turns off the light and just keeps staring in front of her.

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