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Grey’s anatomy season 9 episode 24:”Perfect Storm”


As the storm continues to rage over Seattle, Derek and Cristina are running down a completely dark hallway at the hospital. Meanwhile, Meredith’s voice over talks about the “perfect storm” in medicine, which is when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. “Funny. I never thought it would happen to me,” she says.

Five hours earlier…

In the elevator to the roof, Owen explains to Ethan that he and his dad are going to be moved to a safer hospital as Cristina looks on. Ethan asks him to come too, but Owen says he’s needed here. The elevator arrives. As the dad’s wheeled to the helicopter, the medivac guy tells them to wait for the gurney. As Ethan is taken to the helicopter, Cristina addresses the elephant in the room and asks Owen if he was planning on telling her he wanted to adopt Ethan. She knows he wants kids while Owen claims it was about Ethan in particular. She calls him out for lying to himself. He says he’s not lying about loving her and wanting to spend his life with her. Cristina thinks he’ll one day look at her and only see the things she couldn’t give him. As the medivac guy brings back the gurney, Cristina gets a worrying page.


In Meredith’s room, Derek is comforting her as she’s in labor. Cristina comes in to check on her. The lights flicker. Cristina can’t help but repeat everything Meredith says back to Derek, who leaves to get ice chips and find out what’s holding up their OB. Meredith asks Cristina to tell her about Owen to distract her from the pain.

Shane and Ben are in the OR, waiting for Bailey to get ready to operate on a man who was cleaning his gutters during hurricane-force winds. It will be the first time for her to operate since the infection. After getting gowned and gloved, Bailey says she can’t do this and leaves.

In the ER, Jackson and Owen are worried about the building and the power. Frank, the hospital maintenance guy, tested the generators lasted month. He will treat this hospital as his patient so they can focus on their real patients. The beds are filling up quickly, which Richard attributes to scared people looking for a safe place to ride out the storm. At the nurses’ station, Callie advises April to pin her engagement ring to her scrub top as she keeps running it into stuff. Bailey comes up and asks Owen if there’s a general surgeon available for an ex lap on a patient who’s already under. She can’t do it herself. Mr. Strickland recognizes her as his son’s doctor and asks if they are done operating. Richard steps in and says he’ll perform the surgery. He has Mr. Strickland fill him in on what happened. Bailey wants to help but Owen says that’s hard if she won’t touch patients. Callie assigns her to make sure there is enough surplus blood in the ORs. Once Bailey’s gone, Callie tells Owen to cut her some slack. Owen then sees Alex and Jo, including her bruised face, as they walk in. Alex claims a tree happened to them. Jackson passes by with an incubator and tells Alex they need help moving the babies to another hospital. Callie thought Arizona was overseeing this and asks if anyone has seen her.

A seemingly regretful Arizona is getting dressed in the on-call room. Lauren, who’s still lying in bed, asks her if she’s okay. Arizona says the NICU is understaffed and that she should be there already. Lauren proposes to help out but Arizona declines her offer and quickly leaves.

She arrives in the NICU as Alex explains to a father that they are moving the highest-risk babies first. She assures the dad that it’s perfectly safe here. Stephanie, who’s on the phone with the ER, tells them that the evacuations have to stop due to the weather. When the lights flicker, Arizona eases the worried parents. Only two nurses made it in for their shift. She tells Alex, Jo, and Stephanie to make sure that the parents are happy and remain calm. Lauren arrives and again offers her help. Alex gladly accepts while Arizona turns her down again. Lauren refuses to just sit around and accepts Alex’s assignment.

Connie, the OB, enters Meredith’s room. Meredith has refused drugs but Dr. Knox is on standby. Meredith wants to push. Connie examines her and says there’s face presentation, which means they need to do a C-section. Meredith did not plan on having surgery but Cristina comforts her by saying a C-section is barely surgery. Moments later, there is a power outage. They wait for the generators to kick in, which doesn’t happen.

Richard is operating on Bailey’s patient in a dark OR with Ben as the anesthesiologist. Richard tells the nurse to get him a head lamp. The monitors have switched to battery power but the echo hasn’t. Richard instructs Shane to look into it. Owen comes in with Frank to check if Webber needs anything. Frank has no clue why the emergency lights haven’t kicked in. Richard recalls a generator malfunction in ’06 due to air in the fuel system, which Frank assured him would never happen again. He better get his ass to the generator to check it out. Owen and Frank leave. Shane manages to turn the echo on, which reveals pericardial effusion. Since Russell didn’t make it in, Shane runs out to get Cristina.

Cristina asks Connie if she can’t just reposition the baby, but Connie says that’s risky for both Meredith and the baby. Shane comes in to fetch Cristina. Cristina wonders why since they can’t operate in the dark, which applies to Connie as well. Cristina orders Shane to keep her updated on Meredith and then leaves. Connie explains that a vaginal delivery can be fatal due to the baby’s position. Meredith decides to have a C-section in the dark.

In the NICU, Jo informs Alex that the vents are working on battery power. He tries to get back to the conversation he had with Jo before the tree crashed into his house. Arizona comes up and asks Alex to discretely check the monitor behind her. The low-battery light is on. Arizona urges them to keep smiling as she instructs Jo to casually check a drawer for spare batteries. There are none. Lauren figures out something is wrong, which Arizona denies. She leaves to go find batteries.

Richard thanks the nurse who brings in blood for the patient, only to realize it is Bailey. He apologizes. She says she’s just trying to help and leaves. Richard tells Ben he gave Bailey some tough love to get her to operate again. Ben got himself assigned to the surgery to make it easier for her, but turns out neither of their approaches were effective. Cristina has taken a look at the echo. She needs to open up the patient to find out where the blood is leaking out of the heart, but she refuses to operate in the dark. Richard reminds her of the Syrian doctors they taught and tells her about the patient’s family. James’s father is too stubborn to move into assisted living, which is why James was cleaning the gutters when the storm hit. James will die if Cristina does not operate. She budges.

Connie is performing the C-section as Shane and a nurse hold up the flashlights they managed to find. As Meredith and Derek discuss names, Heather comes in to inform them Frank is working on the emergency lights. Shane asks her to help out and hands her his phone with the flashlight turned on. Before Connie makes the cut, Derek assures Meredith they will be fine. He tells Connie not to mess up. She tells Derek to let her work and makes the cut.

“You two own the hospital. Can I request that ORs will be stocked with more than one flashlight in the future?” Dr. Ryan asks. “Get this baby out of me safely and you can have whatever you want,” Meredith replies. While Meredith and Derek are talking baby names, Heather comes in. She says she was asked by Owen to go to the ORs to tell the staff that Frank is trying to fix the emergency lights. Shane tells her they need help with the flashlights they’re using to light Meredith’s belly and gives one to Heather. Derek, who’s sitting next to Meredith to calm her down, tells Connie not to mess up. She tells him to sit down and let her work, and starts cutting.

The main hall is filled with patients. Leah is handing out blankets. Matthew enters and finds April. His rig stranded so he walked all the way over to help out. There’s a sudden loud clattering noise outside and the doctors see a runaway bus flip over and catch fire in the parking lot. Callie, Bailey, April, Owen, Matthew, Jackson, and Leah run out into the rain.

Everyone works together to get all the passengers out and into the hospital. There’s a fuel leak somewhere. A passenger explains to Jackson that they were waiting out the storm at the church but the roof caved in on them. They had nowhere else to go. Owen instructs Bailey to set up an emergency triage post inside. She recruits Leah to get meds. Owen and Jackson climb into the bus to free the last passenger, who is stuck between two seats.

Connie delivers Meredith and Derek’s baby. Meredith worries when she doesn’t hear him crying. Derek quietly converses with the nurses. Soon enough, the baby starts crying and Derek shows Meredith their perfect son. He then hands his son back to the nurses because his sats are low. They can’t figure out why in the dark. Connie assures the parents it’s not uncommon. The baby will be checked out in the NICU. Meredith instructs Derek not to leave their baby’s side. Derek gives Heather and Shane the same instructions for Meredith.

Alex finds Arizona in the supply closet and says another battery light went on. Arizona has not found any batteries. She blames herself for not stockpiling batteries. Arizona then blurts out that she is a horrible person because she cheated on Callie with Lauren. Alex says he’s in love with Jo. He keeps telling himself he’s not telling her because something’s been wrong with all the women he has ever loved. But the truth is they were all fine before they met him. He is damaged goods and he’s worse than Arizona. They have no clue how to fix the battery situation.

Bailey and Leah are looking for meds, but they can’t open the electronic locks without electricity.

Connie is closing up Meredith, who asks Shane and Heather about her son. They didn’t get a good look. Connie teaches them to tell mothers of newborns positive things. An OB nurse comes in to get Dr. Ryan for a placental abruption. Connie asks Meredith if she trusts the interns to finish suturing the incision. Heather volunteers but Shane won’t let her steal this from him. Meredith allows Shane to close and thanks Connie.

In the other OR, Cristina struggles to find the source of the bleed with all the shadows. Richard has everyone turn off their lights and instructs Cristina to listen to the heart. Cristina does so and locates the leak in the ventricle. The staff turns their lights back on as she starts to repair the leak.

In the NICU, Arizona instructs the doctors to manually ventilate the babies when the batteries die. Derek comes in with his son, whose sats are still low. Alex congratulates Derek and goes to examine the boy. The first ventilator dies and Jo quickly goes over to begin manual ventilation. She keeps the mother calm by talking about the baby. Stephanie and Lauren each found another red battery light. Lauren calmly says they can each bag their baby, all night long if they have to. Arizona thanks her. As she once again stresses the importance of remaining calm, a father calls out to Arizona and asks if the red light is the battery light, alarming all parents.

Callie worries about Jackson and Owen, who are still in the bus as the fire grows bigger. April needs pain meds for her patient. Bailey says she couldn’t get the meds. Callie wants her to jump in and help out with the patients but Bailey can’t bring herself to do so. She leaves with Leah to figure out the meds situation, much to Callie’s disappointment.

Inside the bus, Jackson smells gas everywhere as he rips up his scrub top to bandage up the passenger’s bleeding arm. The woman asks about her three-year-old daughter Evie. Owen is sure she’s safely inside. He and Jackson rush to free the woman.

Shane finds that there is still a lot of bleeding but it is not coming from her uterus. Meredith feels something on her hand and finds that there is blood coming out around her IV. She realizes she is in DIC and brings up her fall from yesterday, which likely caused an internal bleeding. Heather runs out to get help while Meredith instructs Shane to open her back up and find the source. He is hesitant but she pushes him until he makes the cut.

Jackson and Owen free up the woman. Her leg hurts too much to walk out on her own. Jackson breaks a window above them while Owen shields her from the glass.

In the NICU, Arizona is struggling to keep the parents calm while more ventilators die. Stephanie and Lauren spring into action to manually ventilate. Tim points out that Arizona is the only doctor left not manually ventilating babies while there are a dozen babies left. Chaos ensues until Derek shuts everyone up. The doctors decide to teach the parents how to ventilate their babies. Alex looks at Jo with admiration as she teaches Crystal. Derek holds his son, who is breathing fine now.

Shane finds that Meredith’s spleen is the source of the bleed. Meredith explains to him how to stop the hemorrhage. She assures him he can do it on his own. She will lose consciousness soon. Meredith tells him to let her go when she arrests for more than nine minutes. She forces him to respond. She tries to tell him the baby name that she wants but passes out before she can do so.

In the scrub room, Cristina thanks Webber for making her a better doctor. Cristina leaves to go check on Meredith while Richard plans to check in on Frank. Ben comes in and tells Richard he understands now what Miranda meant when she told him Webber can pull greatness right out of people. Richard regrets he couldn’t pull it out of Bailey.

Leah and Bailey are trying to get the meds cabinet open with the emergency key but it doesn’t work. Heather comes to fetch Bailey for Dr. Grey, saying she’s in surgery and in bad shape. Bailey says Meredith is capable enough to figure it out on her own but Heather clarifies she is the one on the table. Bailey grabs an IV stand and wrecks the medicine cabinet until it breaks open. Heather and Leah are shocked. She tells Leah to grab the meds and then accompanies Heather back to the OR.

Jackson, Owen, and Callie put the woman on a gurney and move her into the hospital. Jackson stays behind when he sees a small shoe. As April notices that he’s staying behind, he lies down and finds Evie hiding inside the bus. He tries to talk the scared girl into coming out but she won’t move.

Bailey scrubs in while trying to keep herself together.

In the OR, Shane tells her he cannot control the bleeding. Bailey asks for an extra set of gloves. She steps up to the table and then confidently reaches into Meredith’s abdominal cavity.

Cristina finds Connie and asks where Meredith is, as she isn’t in recovery. Connie is confused.

Jackson keeps trying to get the girl out of the bus.

Bailey realizes she’ll need to do a complete splenectomy. Cristina comes in and asks what happened.

April is trying to find Jackson. Callie thinks she sees him behind the bus, now almost completely engulfed by flames. The doctors yell at him to get away. April runs toward the bus but Matthew chases her and pulls her back, right when the bus explodes.

Derek is with his son in the calm NICU when Cristina knocks on the window. By the look on her face, Derek realizes something’s wrong.

The two of them run down the dark hallway to the OR.

April frees herself from Matthew’s arms and gets up, hysterically screaming for Jackson. He emerges from the smoke with Evie in his arms. He walks past April and reunites the girl with her mother. Matthew comforts April.

Richard finds Frank slumped on the ground in the basement next to the circuit box. Richard starts CPR with the sounds of electricity crackling around him.

Callie is checking out Jackson for injuries in a trauma room when April storms in and hits him, screaming that he could’ve died. Callie pulls her off of Jackson tells her to take a walk. She runs off, leaving behind a confused Matthew.

A worried Derek and Cristina are sitting on a gurney outside the OR. He says the baby looks like Meredith. Cristina reminds Derek of everything that Meredith has survived. She won’t die today. Cristina holds his hand. Meredith has to be fine. She is their person.

Bailey exits the OR and tells Derek and Cristina that Meredith had a massive bleed in her spleen, which she removed. She breaks down in tears. Fearing the worst, Derek and Cristina rush into the OR, where Shane tells them Meredith is fine. Bailey decided to keep her in the OR, where she’ll be safest given the power outage. Bailey enters and apologizes for crying and scaring them, but Derek gives her a big hug.

Richard has called help to have Frank sent up for an MI work-up. Frank tells Richard he was right about the air in the fuel system. Solenoid stopped the injector from firing. Richard apologizes for yelling. Frank tells him he fixed the problem, saying Richard only needs to flip the transfer switch to get the electricity back on. Frank is taken upstairs and Richard starts looking for the switch.

Arizona notices Alex is looking at Jo and says she believes Jo had a great teacher. She thinks that if he’s going to blame himself for what happened to his past lovers, he should also take credit for helping to make them great. Lauren comes over and asks Arizona to talk. Arizona says she made a mistake. Lauren refuses to leave things like this because she likes Arizona a lot. She is interrupted mid-sentence by Callie, who mentions she had an eventful night. Suddenly, the power goes back on. Everyone is relieved. In the light, Callie sees Arizona’s ring pinned to Lauren’s scrub top. Lauren tries to make an excuse but Callie doesn’t buy into it. She looks at Arizona, who realizes she has been caught.

Alex finds Jo staring out a window and they start talking about what happened with the tree. He says he has to tell her something but Jo knows what he’s going to say and stops him. She messes everything good in her life up and she doesn’t want to mess up their friendship. Alex assures her she won’t mess anything up. He recalls the question she asked before the tree. After a little hesitation, Alex finally says the words she wanted to hear him say last night: “I love you”. Jo smiles and they share their first kiss.

April finds Jackson in his ER bed. Jackson tells her to keep whatever’s bugging her to herself. She closes the curtains behind her and tells him she wants him. She knows she hasn’t been fair to him and that she’s hurt him. She thought he was gone when that bus exploded. Jackson repeatedly reminds a crying April that she is getting married. “Unless you can give me a reason not to,” she says.

Cristina finds Owen in an on-call room, where Owen proposes to visit Meredith together. Cristina starts talking about the joy she felt in that dark OR. She realized after that she feels joy all the time in the OR, even with boring procedures. She then asks him if he feels that with just her. He tries to dodge the question. She tells him about how enchanted Derek is when Zola puts apple sauce in her ear and compares it to Owen’s feelings for Ethan. He says she doesn’t know what he wants in life. She asks him if he really believes she’ll be enough for him. He stays silent for a couple of seconds, which tells her everything she needs to know. She wishes it were different. Owen resists but Cristina tells him it already happened. She walks out with tears in her eyes. Owen doesn’t come after her.

Callie is yelling at Arizona, saying she thought they were past the hard stuff. Callie starts crying and asks her how she could do this after everything they’ve been through that year, including the plane crash. Arizona suddenly screams that Callie wasn’t on plane even though she keeps acting like she was. Callie utters that she lost Mark and nearly lost Arizona. Arizona yells that she can go grab a bone saw if Callie so badly wants the warrior wounds that come with surviving a plane crash. As Arizona starts sobbing, Callie is in disbelief that it always comes back to the leg. Arizona trusted Callie more than anyone in her life and then she broke her promise not to cut off Arizona’s leg. Callie screams that she did so to save Arizona’s life. Arizona ignores that and screams that Callie didn’t lose anything, unlike Arizona. Callie says she apparently lost Arizona.

Meredith is holding her newborn son with Derek and Zola by her bedside. She then proposes to name their son Bailey. Derek loves it. From outside the room, Cristina briefly looks at the family with a faint smile on her face without them noticing. She then walks away while Meredith looks up mere seconds later.

Ben finds Bailey walking around in the hospital. He is impressed with what she did. She is agitated because she can’t find Richard. He tried to help her and she blamed him and called him a drunk. Ben says Richard knows her better than she thinks. She says she owes Richard everything and asks if Ben knows where he is.

While Meredith’s voice over says that only in the quiet moments after the storm we learn who was strong enough to survive it, Richard’s motionless body lies on the wet floor next to the sparking circuit box, his lab coat burned and smoldering.

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