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Grey’s Anatomy: The Best General Surgeons, Ranked

When it comes to Grey’s Anatomy, the viewers have seen many talented General surgeons grace the halls of Grey-Sloan Memorial. Not only does this department work well as a team but they also appear to be the most prepared as they seem to rush into the ORs as soon as they have been paged. But if fans had to choose which surgeon is the best, which one would they choose?

It’s quite a hard question to answer when fans consider what makes each General surgeon unique. Where Meredith and Ellis Grey go down in history for award-winning innovations, surgeons like Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber have changed the course of medicine by creating free clinics and publishing groundbreaking articles. However, there may just be a few that have the edge over the others.


“Surgeon Dave,” is an Attending General Surgeon after the merger of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, and while he doesn’t make it to the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital arcs, he assisted in two important surgeries in the show.

When Arizona Robbins and Robert Stark disagreed on whether or not to amputate the patient’s leg, Callie stepped in and had Dave put pressure on the leg of the patient while a decision was made. Dave also got the abdominal bleeding under control while his fellow doctors were arguing. Without Dave’s confidence and care for the patient, that surgery could have gone differently.

Andrew DeLuca

Andrew DeLuca decided to go to medical school after being an EMT and he was quickly a star resident at Grey-Sloan. He became an attending general surgeon, studying under Meredith Grey and Richard Webber (two of the most renowned surgeons in the hospital).

Andrew DeLuca made an impact while at Grey Sloan and was even chosen as Chief Resident after the doctors walked out for Meredith. While the hospital didn’t have many options, DeLuca was knowledgeable about who was where and the needs of his fellow doctors, proving he was worthy of the role for some time. Sadly, fans will never get to see what a fantastic surgeon he would be as he sadly died in one of Grey’s Anatomy’s saddest scenes.

Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson moved to be a resident in obstetrics and gynecology but was originally an attending General surgeon. She graduated cum laude from Princeton University and Harvard Medical School.

Over the 8 seasons, fans have thoroughly enjoyed watching Jo succeed in her class, becoming the Chief Resident before a General attending. She had also worked closely with Meredith Grey on her groundbreaking research and was awarded the Surgical Innovation fellowship by Miranda Bailey, which was specifically created for Jo to study new surgical techniques. With Jo also having one of the best bedside manners, fans would certainly say that Jo makes an exceptional surgeon and doctor.

Miranda Bailey

One of the best doctors to have on-call on Grey’s Anatomy, Miranda Bailey has become one of the best surgeons to walk the halls of Grey-Sloan Memorial. Through the 17 seasons, fans have seen Bailey hold multiple roles – going from being Chief Resident, an attending, to the current Chief of Surgery. Her tough love methods have also turned out some of the best doctors their hospital has ever seen.

While she hasn’t been as innovative as the other surgeons, Bailey was always willing to help those who were. She knew she and her fellow doctors were capable of doing things other hospitals wouldn’t dare try, which was why Bailey always pushed her interns and residents to think outside the box. Bailey may not have any awards (yet) but she has certainly changed the medical by saving thousands of lives with her skills and free clinic.

Meredith Grey

Aside from her stint with some of Grey’s Anatomy’s best neurosurgeons, Meredith Grey has become one of the most talented and passionate General surgeons. Although her mother’s reputation looming over her, Meredith did eventually find her name in medical journals and on surgical innovation projects when she realized she could claim the Grey name in new ways.

Not only is she the winner of the Catherine Fox award, but Meredith has also continued to change the field of medicine by doing pro bono surgeries. Earning the respect of her peers, it’s not totally surprising that Meredith has become the Head of General Surgery. She’s more than earned it.

Richard Webber

Richard Webber is one of the most influential doctors throughout the series. His achievements are everywhere. For instance, on his lab coat, he has M.D., Ph.D., and F.A.C.S. embroidered and was the Chief of Surgery for 11 years.

What makes Richard Webber such an exceptional surgeon is his experience and patience. When he is the lead surgeon on a case, he always takes the time to teach his attendings and residents a new technique or two since he wants them to be prepared for the worst. Richard is also one of the few surgeons who can remain calm under pressure and would instantly step in if he thought a surgeon was struggling. If a fan discovered Richard was their doctor then they would certainly be in the best and safest hands.

Ellis Grey

Meredith and Maggie’s mother as well as a two-time Catherine Fox Award winner, the notorious Ellis Grey was a world-famous general surgeon. She completed her surgical residency at Seattle Grace Hospital and was the first resident to be nominated for the prestigious award.

It wasn’t just that she made a name for herself through fame, she saved lives with the research and surgeries she conducted, with many still talking about the “The Grey Method” long after she retired. Her skills would live on in her journals and videos for her daughter and students to learn from.

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