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Grey’s Anatomy: The Kai Bartley Character Explained (& Where You’ve Seen The Actor)

Kai Bartley is a character new to Grey’s Anatomy in season 18 and keen-eyed viewers may recognize the actor from one of their other notable performances. Over the 20 seasons and counting of Grey’s Anatomy, dozens of new characters have been introduced, some appreciated by fans, others not so beloved. The characters who end up sticking around are those like Bartley, who present fascinating new dynamics with other characters in the series. It’s difficult for a character to be a lone wolf on the show unless their name is Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo).

Kai Bartley fits well in that mold with their own storylines, and connections with other characters that feel authentic and grow those other cast members as well. They are also part of a legacy of exemplary LGBTQ+ representation in Grey’s Anatomy. Shonda Rhimes has always made an effort to have representation be a core tenet of all her shows and Grey’s Anatomy, in particular, frequently features diverse characters in both supporting and major parts, ever since its debut in 2005 when the subject was not as represented on mainstream television.

Kai Bartley Is The First Non-Binary Doctor On Grey’s Anatomy

Bartley Is A Neuroscientist Who Starts A Relationship With Amelia Shepherd

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