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This Grey’s Anatomy Moment Perfectly Describes Cristina Yang (& Even She Agrees)

One key Grey’s Anatomy moment manages to perfectly assess and summarize Cristina Yang’s character throughout the show. Cristina Yang remains one of the most beloved characters in Grey’s Anatomy history, even years after the character’s departure. Grey’s Anatomy threw horrible situations at Cristina throughout the show, but she managed to hold on to her laser focus and undeniable brilliance. These characteristics made her a stand out in the hospital and an enjoyable character to watch on-screen.

Throughout Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina evolved in many ways. She became a better, more sympathetic version of herself as she developed stronger relationships with her coworkers and established her footing in her career. While some things about Cristina changed as the show went on, there is one central part of her character that remained constant and one scene perfectly summarized it.

Cristina Yang Agreed With Chief Webber Calling Her A “Surgical Junkie”

In Grey’s Anatomy, season 2, episode 27, “Losing My Religion”, Chief Webber is determined to find out who cut the Denny’s LVAD wire. In order to try to convince Cristina to give up the information she has on who was responsible for what happened, Chief Webber reminds her of how much she loves surgery and how refusing to share what happened could put her career on the line. He calls her a “surgical junkie“, which for many would be offensive.

Rather than feeling hurt by the comment that compared her to a drug addict, Cristina responds “yes sir. She did not bother to try to defend herself or argue that it wasn’t true and quickly, politely, and affirmatively responded to his statement. This confirms that Cristina agrees with Chief Webber’s analysis of her relationship with her career.

Cristina Yang Has Never Been Apologetic About Her Ambitions

This Grey’s Anatomy scene proves Cristina owns how ambitious she is and is unapologetic for wanting to be the best in her field. Her ambition is one of Cristina’s best qualities and has served as an example for many. Cristina left Grey’s Anatomy and her entire life behind to go to Switzerland to follow her career aspirations.

She was willing to give up Owen to have a good mentor, she would not succumb to pressure to have a child who would take her away from her career, etc. Many shamed Cristina for her refusal to start a family or divert her focus on other things, but that did not change who she was. Throughout Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina has remained a strong and career-minded woman who is unashamed of her priorities, even if others try to suggest that they are wrong.

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