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What Station 19 Ending Means For The Grey’s Anatomy Universe

It was recently announced that Station 19, the latest Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, will end with season 7, which will certainly impact the larger universe that the series is a part of. Why Station 19 is ending with season 7 hasn’t been officially disclosed by ABC, but the early announcement allows the show to end on its own terms. Station 19 first premiered in 2018, with Grey’s Anatomy character Ben Warren expanding the universe from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to Seattle Fire Department Station 19. After years of Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 crossing over, the connection between them appears to be ending along with the spinoff.

Station 19 has had a strong increase in viewership lately, having found its footing outside its parent show while remaining connected enough for seamless crossover episodes. Though Station 19 season 7 can offer the most fitting end to the series, it will nonetheless have larger consequences on Grey’s AnatomyThe Grey’s Anatomy universe has undergone great change lately, with main characters Meredith Grey and Maggie Pierce leaving in the latest season. With Station 19 season 7 marking its end, the universe will take another major hit that could leave viewers wondering whether Grey’s Anatomy should end as well.

Station 19 Is The Only Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff Currently Airing

This puts an end to crossover episodes

Grey’s Anatomy has had three spinoffs, with Station 19 being the last one standing. Private Practice was canceled after six seasons and Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team was a shortlived web series, making Station 19 the longest-running of the three spinoffs to date. However, with it coming to an end, that means that the Grey’s Anatomy universe is shrinking back down to just the original series. Perhaps the biggest change that Station 19’s ending will have in the Grey’s Anatomy universe is that it takes away the opportunity for the crossover episodes between the two series that have become familiar to viewers.

Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice had nine crossover episodes and there have been over twice as many with Station 19, reminding viewers of their shared universe and allowing the characters to interact occasionally. Though the shows can exist without each other, and it can be assumed that Grey’s Anatomy will continue even when Station 19 ends, having a larger universe is indicative of the original show’s success and long history. Due to the double strikes in 2023, the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 seasons will only have 10 episodes. Fortunately, there will be one final crossover before Station 19 ends and exits the Grey’s Anatomy universe.

Station 19 Characters Could Rejoin The Grey’s Anatomy Cast

Ben & Carina started on Grey’s Anatomy

While Andy is the clear protagonist of Station 19, the spinoff was created when Ben decided he wanted to leave his days at Grey Sloan behind to become a firefighter in Grey’s Anatomy season 14. As such, he became the main connective tissue between the series, and, throughout the seasons, the characters on both shows got to know each other better through relationships and friendships. With Ben still being married to Bailey–who is one of the main characters on Grey’s Anatomy–it wouldn’t be surprising if he returned to the series he started on when Station 19 ends next season, even if just through occasional appearances.

Before Carina became a series regular on Station 19 in season 4, she recurred on Grey’s Anatomy. Unlike Ben, she still works at Grey Sloan, which would make her return to her original series an easy transition. Carina only transitioned to Station 19 after a planned Grey’s Anatomy relationship fell through, which led to her becoming Maya’s love interest. While she’s been a great addition to Station 19, Carina’s role as a doctor isn’t explored nearly as much as it would be if she had stayed on Grey’s Anatomy. If Carina were to return to Grey’s, her fan-favorite relationship with Maya could continue in the universe as well.

Station 19 Ending Opens Up Room For A Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff

The series has teased numerous spinoffs

Grey’s Anatomy is known for having open-door exits that allow characters to return, and hopefully, some Station 19 characters will be making appearances once the series ends. With so many characters having left over the years, the physical Grey’s Anatomy universe has spread far beyond Seattle. Currently, Maggie is in Chicago, though she is still tied to Seattle through her relationship with Winston. Additionally, Meredith, Jackson, and April are in Boston working at the Catherine Fox Foundation, though they’ve all returned as guest stars since leaving Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy has teased multiple spinoffs in past seasons, especially as of late, with major characters like Addison and Jackson appearing in important season 19 episodes. Station 19 ending opens the door for Grey’s Anatomy to create yet another spinoff, whether it be with Addison and her journey to helping women achieve reproductive freedom, the characters and their work at the Catherine Fox Foundation in Boston, Maggie in Chicago, or someone else. Grey’s Anatomy seems as though it’s never-ending, and hopefully, the universe can continue far beyond Station 19’s ending.

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