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Why Dr. Miranda Bailey is Grey’s Anatomy’s Best Asset?

When Grey’s Anatomy first aired on screens back in 2005, we were introduced to the iconic Miranda Bailey. Known best for her no-nonsense attitude and incredible problem-solving skills, Dr. Bailey was welcomed as a resident in general surgery and was responsible for training a group of fresh-faced interns. As the years went by, fans were privileged enough to see Dr. Bailey climb up the ranks until she was crowned the Chief of Surgery in Season 12.

But fans do not love Dr. Bailey simply because she has been in the show from the start. Viewers are captivated by her passionate heart as well as her relationship with her teammates. Thus, it could be argued that Dr. Bailey’s characteristics helped make Grey’s Anatomy the primetime hit it is today.

Who Is Miranda Bailey?

Chandra Wilson’s Awards:

Awarding Body Title Work
The Theater World Awards Performance as Bonna Wills (1991) The Good Times Are Killing Me
Image Awards Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (2007) Grey’s Anatomy
Screen Actors Guild Awards Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series (2007) Grey’s Anatomy
Screen Actors Guild Awards Outstanding Cast in a Drama Series (2007) Grey’s Anatomy
Image Awards Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (2008) Grey’s Anatomy
People’s Choice Awards Favorite Scene Stealing Star (2008) Grey’s Anatomy
Satellite Awards Best Ensemble Cast in a Series (2008) Grey’s Anatomy
Image Awards Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series (2009) Grey’s Anatomy
Image Awards Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series (2010) “Give Peace a Chance” (Grey’s Anatomy)


Dr. Miranda Bailey, depicted by Chandra Wilson, has taken on an abundance of roles at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and shows no signs of slowing down as the hit medical drama enters its 20th season on air. As both a general surgeon and Director of the Residency Program, Bailey is forced to carry a lot of pressure on her shoulders, which ultimately means that she is seen as overly strict and sassy. Though her interns may find these quirks slightly overbearing, many fans would agree that it’s all just part of her charm. Though she now has a very comfortable and secure position at the hospital, things weren’t always this easy, and she had to show a ton of grit and determination in order to see progress in her career. Over the years, Bailey has also worked as a pediatric surgeon and a genome mapper and opened a separate clinic named The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic. As such, fans have stood beside Bailey through all of her trials and successes, making her a fantastic driving force for the show’s key plot points and developments.

Aside from being one of the longest-running characters on the show, Wilson has also directed a number of popular episodes, including Season 11, Episode 10, “The Bed’s Too Big Without You,” as well as Season 15, Episode 15, “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Thus, it seems that Miranda Bailey’s influence is paramount to Grey’s Anatomy both on-screen and off-screen.

Dr. Bailey Is a Controversial Figure Which Only Adds to Her Success

  • Chandra Wilson has to stand on a stool during surgical scenes because she is significantly shorter than her cast mates.
  • Dr. Bailey was written as a white woman, but Shonda Rhimes knew that no one else could play her after Wilson auditioned for the role.
  • She was the first character to appear in every show within the Grey’s Anatomy universe.
  • Miranda Bailey is loosely based on Shonda Rhimes’ mother.

There’s no denying that Miranda Bailey is a very divisive character and doesn’t shy away from saying what’s on her mind. She is often labeled by fans and peers as controversial, particularly due to her poor decisions and hypocritical actions. Yet, all of these contradictions help to make Bailey more three-dimensional, giving fans the chance to fall in love with her all over again. A prime example of Dr. Bailey’s wrongdoings is in Season 9, Episode 21, “Sleeping Monster,” where she inadvertently spreads MRSA to a number of her patients. This episode is particularly hard-hitting as it showcases a completely different side of Bailey, one that is stricken with guilt and deeply sensitive. After this event, Bailey spends countless hours scrubbing her hands and struggles to leave a pit of anxiety and depression. However, Dr. Bailey redeems herself once again by leaping into action to operate on Meredith during her emergency surgery in the finale of Season 9. Though fans are forced to view this powerhouse as an ultimately flawed person, Dr. Bailey’s strength helps her come out on top every time, as this example highlights that she will never shrink away from a challenge and will always support her interns.

In Season 5, Episode 24, “Now or Never,” Bailey responds immaturely to the news that George O’Malley is moving to the Middle East to become a trauma surgeon and tries everything in her power to get him to stay. Fans may see this as a bit hypocritical, as Bailey has always been stand-offish with her interns and acts as if they’re a bit of a burden to her. Plus, by trying to control a grown man, Bailey comes across as selfish and outright rude. In contrast, Bailey’s defiance only shows how much she cares about O’Malley and how she would prefer to watch him blossom first-hand than be under threat in a war zone. Bailey also shows her devotion to George by naming her son after him, elucidating that Bailey may come across as a harsh teacher figure, but she is really a Mother Hen to her developing interns.

She Recently Received the Respect She Deserves

5 of the Best Miranda Bailey Episodes:

  • Season 6, Episode 17, “Push”
  • Season 2, Episode 3, “Make Me Lose Control”
  • Season 6, Episode 24, “Death And All His Friends”
  • Season 10, Episode 17, “Do You Know?”
  • Season 8, Episode 7, “Put Me In, Coach”

Dr. Miranda Bailey is considered to be part of the furniture when it comes to the history of Grey’s Anatomy, but fans are now reveling in the fact that she is finally receiving the recognition she deserves from critics and her peers alike. Even when she tries to call it quits, as she did at the end of Season 18, the hospital just cannot function without her, and she is forced to return to her roots. This is particularly important to the lore of the show since Bailey had been struggling with the stress of her role since Season 14 after she suffered an immense heart attack. Thus, it just goes to show that even though Grey Sloane pushes her to her absolute limit, she isn’t ready to give up her crown just yet.

In Season 19, Episode 20, “Happily Ever After,” Bailey hits a momentous milestone by securing the Catherine Fox Award. This title was awarded to her for her admirable teaching skills and her impact on abortion-centered care in hospitals. Not only does this award symbolize Bailey’s incredible talents, but it also highlights the contemporary issues that many Americans face when trying to access good-quality healthcare. Therefore, by offering this storyline to Miranda Bailey, it seems that the writers view her as the only vehicle that could make this topic digestible and emotive for viewers.

The latest season of Grey’s Anatomytakes fans back to its roots by allowing Bailey to guide a new assortment of interns through the highs and lows of the OR. Though this trope has been showcased many times throughout the show, it also shows the consistency of Bailey’s character and status. She is the only character who can handle this momentous task and does so with the level of grace and professionalism that viewers would expect. Bailey also gave her new interns the five rules speech, offering die-hard fans a charming hit of nostalgia. In turn, though Bailey has experienced almost every development in the Grey’s Anatomy universe, she is still able to captivate fans with her iconic demeanor.

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