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Why I Friend(Ship) Arizona Robbins and Mark Sloan

I have to admit, I totally hated the idea of Mark being so involved in the Calzona relationship. It still bothers me to an extent, however the relationship that has developed between Mark and Arizona has really gotten to me. I love how at the beginning, Arizona could barely tolerate Mark with his staring at her boobs and sexist remarks but, for Callie, she decided to get to know him better to keep the peace.

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After she returned from Africa, I am sure she was looking for the biggest brick she could find to throw at Mark. He had slept with her Calliope and gotten her pregnant… but she fought to get Callie back and dealt with her rage towards Mark. After the accident and with the super-hurtful words Mark threw at her, she decided to forgive him. After this point they began to develop a friendship that no longer involved Callie. It was the two of them. Mark became the brother she lost and Arizona became the kid sister he didn’t have. They parent together, care for Callie together and have fun teasing each other. They truly have come together to be one of the more awkward and interesting friendships on Grey’s Anatomy and I can’t wait to see what happens next! He just better not sleep with Callie again or call Arizona nothing… just saying.

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