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Grey’s anatomy season 01 episode 04:” No Man’s Land”

Izzie, Meredith and George are getting ready for the day. Izzie is walking around in her underwear and George is mortified by her lack of personal boundaries. He continues to complain all the way to the hospital but Meredith and Izzie laugh him off. Derek wants to take Meredith out for breakfast and flirts with her, much to her annoyance.

One of Seattle Grace’s veteran scrub nurses Elizabeth “Liz” Fallon is admitted and it causes a stir. Cristina is on Burke’s service and is assigned to Liz, who mocks her about intentionally taking her chart only to impress Burke. Izzie’s prostate cancer patient Mr. Humphrey refuses to allow her near him for his biopsy, causing her to be scolded by Bailey. George catches up with Izzie and Meredith to complain about this morning. Alex and Meredith get called to assist Derek in trauma.

Derek’s patient Jorge Cruz injured himself falling down the stairs with a nail gun in his hand. Sixteen nails are embedded in his head and he is progressively getting worse. It is revealed that Liz is Ellis Grey’s former scrub nurse and learns from Richard that Meredith is working at Seattle Grace. Izzie tries to go back to Mr. Humphrey but he adamantly insists that she get out. She realizes that he had seen a photoshoot that she did last year and was only just published. Jorge’s wife Zona is forced to make a decision as the surgery to extract the nails is very risky and may be fatal. George helps out by researching on cases involving nail guns and discovers that there have been twenty three cases and one of them was a suicide. Mr. Humphrey’s surgeon turns out to be Dr. Harry Victor, known as “Limp Harry” for his aggressive approach (“he never spares the nerves”). Dr. Victor intends to cut out the entire prostate, including the nerves, which would mean that Mr. Humphrey will no longer be able to have an erection.

George still won’t let off about this morning. Izzie dismisses him by telling him to go buy her tampons during his grocery run later. Meredith visits her mother and is stricken that Ellis remembers Liz, her scrub nurse, but not her own daughter. Izzie and Meredith are furious that George didn’t buy the tampons but he argues that “men don’t buy tampons”.

Cristina returns to take Liz’s vitals. Liz asks Cristina if she has anyone (a loved one or a pet) waiting at home for her. Izzie enters the locker room and is horrified to find out that her past as a model has been discovered. Alex printed out large glossy prints of her photoshoots and taped it all over the locker room and on the doors. She confronts him and angrily tells him that he can continue mocking her with “Dr. Model” but she graduated from medical debt free unlike him and most of her peers.

Izzie goes back to Mr. Humphrey to call him out on his supposed chauvinism. He explains that it wasn’t chauvinism but that he had been fantasizing about her since seeing the photo and didn’t want her to see him “emasculated”. Cristina confronts Burke about sending her to pointless tests on Liz. He finally tells her that she was terminal and had been admitted at Seattle Grace with the intention of dying here. Meredith visits with Liz and they reminisce about Ellis. Liz codes and dies later in the evening (she signed a DNR). Meredith learns that Jorge and Zona wanted to go through with surgery. She tries to dissuade Zona and asks her if five good years better than ten bad ones. Zona tells her she’d rather have more time with her husband even if it meant having to care for him. Derek pulls Meredith away and reminds her that this was their decision. Izzie advocates for Mr. Humphrey and tells Dr. Victor to not cut the nerves. Bailey backs her up.

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